Ok so I was thinking of a story and thought I would try it out and see how it goes…. It is a lot like reading POTS but instead Kel is kicked out after her first year and has disappeared so there will be one chapter from first test and one from where she is now and what she is doing. I will post the first two chapters up now and see how I go. Goddess bless! Ok normal writing is what is happening to Kel now and bold writing is directly quote from the Tamora Pierce book also there will be comments as the people who need to read the books in Tortall comment. Disclaimer I do not own the characters or land they all belong to Tamora Pierce.

Kel on her way

Kel looked back at the palace as she left if they didn't want her well, she would still find away to help and protect those that needed protecting what Kel didn't know was right at this moment, In the divine realms the great mother goddess was watching the lone figure on horseback leaving the capital of Tortall.

The goddess smiled at the stubborn girl and whispered "you my daughter shall still become what you are needed to become".

Kel unaware of what was about to befall her in her new life knew that she could not return to Mindelan as her parents would just send her the convent which as far as she was concerned was not going to happen while she was alive.

As the young girl and horse slowly made the way from Corus to Port Caynn the goddess turned her eyes and focus back to Tortall where she will show those who were supposed to show chivalry and honesty what they have now done with their future.

~~Back in Corus~~

"Kel, Kel you in there, by Mithros open this door before I break it down" Neal of Queens cove yelled at his friend Kel's door.
Just as he started to use his gift to unlock his door the palace suddenly disappeared and before him sat the most beautiful woman he had even seen with emerald green eyes and hair as black as night and on her lap sat a black cat with purple eyes.

"My son you will not find Keladry at the palace she has left but you my son I have a job for I shall return you in a moment to the palace, where you shall ask for an audience with King Jonathan, Lord Wyldon, Lady Alanna, Queen Thayet, Sir Myles Numair and Lord Raoul. When all of them are there you are then to tell them it was I who sent you and that I have sent you with a gift of hindsight for them in the form of four small books. You Neal are not to let those books out of your sight until all seven of those people are in the room. Do you understand?" the goddess asked Neal

Neal looked up at the goddess and gulped "ye… ye… yes great mother."

"Good now here and go with my blessing and know that one day soon you shall she Keladry again, tho not until she is back on her correct path in life." The goddess smiled the Neal and sent him back to the palace.

Neal feeling very odd once again found himself outside Kel's door but now holding four books in his hand the first being called First Test.

Neal ran for the king's rooms as fast as he could at the doors he spoke to the severing man "I am Page Nealan of Queens cove, I require an audience with the king immediately."

The serving man looked at Neal and went to talk to the king a few moments later he came back out "the king will see you as you say this is so important."

Neal walked in and bowed to the King "Your Majesty"

The king looked at Neal "What may I do for you page Nealan?"

Neal looking at the King replied "I went to visit Kel….. page Keladry but she did not answer her door highness I was yelling at her to do so and threating to unlock her door with my gift when suddenly I wasn't in the palace any more I was in front of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen highness. Emerald green eyes and black hair with a black cat on her lap and the black cat had purple eyes." At this the king stared at the page even more carefully for that description was of the great mother goddess and the cat that was Alanna's cat.

"Continue Page" the king ordered.

"Well highness she then informed me that I would not find page Keladry in her rooms but that she had left, so I am guessing that Lord Wyldon would not allow her to stay. The goddess then went on to inform me that I was to come straight to you when she sent me back and to ask you for an audience with you highness, Queen Thayet, Lord Wyldon, Lady Alanna, Sir Myles Numair and Lord Raoul and the she had sent me with a gift of hindsight for you" at this he showed the king the four books in his hands. "Also that I was not to hand the books over until all seven of you were here together. Also highness the goddess said something I could not work out she said I would see Keladry again once she was back on her correct path in life." Neal stopped at this and looked at Jonathan.

Jonathan realising that something very important was to happen called for a serving man and demanded that Thayet, Alanna Wyldon, Myles, Numair and Raoul are to be brought to his library immediately.

A few hours later all seven were present where Neal explained again to all what he had already told the king. As the other six sat there and started at him suddenly three jumped from their seats and ran to the door where now a silver veil hung over the door none could enter and none could exit Jonathan, Alanna and Numair looked at each other wondering how this had happened.

Suddenly a beautiful woman was sitting in Jonathans chair Alanna and Neal seeing her both dropped in to bows murming "Great mother"

Jonathan Thayet, Myles, Wyldon and Numair followed moments later

The goddess looked at the eight in the room as Neal was still there.

"Neal you may stay and listen to this or you may leave it is your choice the goddess spoke gently to him."

Neal hearing this thought I want to be in on this one and laughed to himself at how Kel would react if she knew. "I would like to stay goddess if I may."

The goddess smiled and nodded to Neal while this interchange was taking place the black cat on the goddess lap had gone to purr and smooch Alanna, it then turned and hissed at Jonathan and Lord Wyldon .

Alanna grinned at Jonathan and asked in the sweetest voice "Majesty what have you done to make faithful hiss at you so?"

Jonathan just glared at Alanna.

"My children I have summoned you all hear together as Neal has brought you a gift from me this is what the Gods Had planned for Lady Keladry, until you changed it and have very likely Sealed the down fall of Tortall, the only way it can be saved now is if Keladry follows the new path we have laid for her. For now tho until you have finished all four books you cannot leave these rooms. Food and other things may pass My barrier but a human or Immortal may not."

With that the goddess left.

Jon looked at Neal who held the first book out to him. He took it and asked who would like to read it first.