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Back in chorus

back in the capital of tortall all those who were locked in the room reading the books decided to take a meal and drinks break. AlAnna sat in the corner and tried to get out of the Great mother goddess what exactly was happening.

Jonathan was watching as everyone made their ways off in pairs or small groups to discuss what was really so important about Keladry of Mindalan, but knowing that the gods themselves were now involving themselves in the affairs then he knew she really must have been important for tortall but just how he was still waiting to see.

Daine and Numair were talking quietly between themselves with sky song chirping away as they talked. If the young dragonet had been able to communicate via mind speak she would have been able to tell the humans what was in the books, but she could not mind speak yet so she had to wait patiently not a strong point of hers.

Raoul, Buri, and Neal were in a group discussing the book while having a drink and some pastries Thayet joined them still not really talking to her husband, "she was better then all us boys, no matter what the stump says, she could out best any of us at any weapon" Neal was telling them hearing this Wyldon turned away and walked over to the king.

looking around the room George noticed the groups and knew that many were all talking about how good the young girl really was.

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