Caged Desires

Hello, this is a request story for a regular reader of mine, Murasakiiro no Ran, who wanted a KyuuNaru story. I'll admit this isn't my usual pairing, but I hope it is to your liking Murasakirro!

Pairing: KyuuNaru

Dedicated to: Murasakiiro no Ran

Rating: M

Plot Bunny: Cheyenne

Plot: Naruto has been sentenced to life in isolation. Plagued with memories of the night that put him there he has constant nightmares. One night a voice calls out to him from the other side of the wall. Can you fall in love when all you can hear is the person's voice? Naruto doesn't know but he seems to be doing just that.

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Part 1: Hidden Voice

The sound of the hammer falling resounded in the blonde's ears. The judge's voice rang out and declared his fate, "Guilty." A blonde head ducked his bangs covering his deep blue eyes. Eyes filled with shadows. He had known this was going to be the end result. After all there was no way they could come to a different conclusion. He was covered in their blood, had the weapon in his hand, it was only logical to come to this decision. Naruto waited patiently for the judge to read his sentence, "The accused, Uzumaki Naruto, shall spend life in isolation in the maximum security prison Konohagakure."

Naruto eyes turned up and glared at the old man sitting on the podium. "You're enjoying this aren't you Danzo?"

"The court has not given you permission to speak," the officer standing beside Naruto scolded.

Naruto's eyes darted to the masked man standing beside him. "Surely you will give this condemned soul some final words." Naruto's gaze turned to Danzo, "Tell me how much longer do you have to live?" As soon as the words left his mouth his jaw exploded in pain.

"Take him away," Danzo ordered glaring at the blonde. Naruto smirked as they dragged him out of the courtroom. He had known this was going to happen the second he took up that blade. As Naruto gave the judge, Danzo the man who had sentenced him to isolation, one final look he allowed triumph to seep into his gaze. Danzo felt a spike of fear rise up but didn't allow it to show. Those eyes were cold, so endlessly cold. It was like looking into the depths of a glacier and becoming trapped there.

xXx Caged Desires xXx

Naruto sat in the back of an armored truck, chained to his seat, and dressed in an orange jumpsuit with a number on both the left hand chest pocket and the right sleeve. It was his registration number; the number he would be called for the remainder of his life. Naruto was no longer a person; he no longer had a name. He was merely prisoner 012607. Lifting his gaze Naruto looked out the narrow and bared window of the truck as it moved across the barren landscape.

He found it funny that the translation of the place he was headed was 'Village Hidden by the Leaves' when it was in the middle of a barren wasteland. But he understood the reason for the name. At one time this area had been a lush forest. Now it was hardly suited for the toughest desert plant and animal species.

Dropping his gaze he stared at the hard steel floor of the truck. It was blank and devoid of anything identifying, including scrapes and scratches. Naruto couldn't help but think of it in a similar manner to himself. He was devoid of anything now to. No emotion, no home, no friends, and no family it was all gone. A sad yet pleased smile crept onto his face. They were all gone all because of "him".

xXx Caged Desires xXx

It was late when the truck finally came to a stop. The full moon was high bathing the desert in an eerie and desolate light. The cold night air nipped at Naruto's sun kissed skin causing him to shiver. The guards tugged on his chains forcing him to move into the only building. The building was surrounded by a twenty foot chain link fence rimmed with barbwire. Six watch towers were situated in a hexagon around the lone building. Naruto looked around wondering where the actual prison was. As he walked into the one story building he found his answer. There was an elevator leading down into the earth.

"This the kid?" a man asked from behind a desk with several monitors. He was wearing the usual prison guard gear. Blue pants, blue button up shirt, heavy jacket, clip on tie, and a name tag. His hair was silver and he had a mask that covered half of his face. "He doesn't look like much. Could he really have done all they say he did?"

"Don't think about it too much Kakashi," the driver of the truck said as he signed several papers. "The brat's a lot more dangerous then you could imagine."

"Well we'll see how long his fight holds up here," Kakashi remarked. "Thanks Yamato," he took the papers and led the way towards the elevator. "Come on boy." Naruto followed after him not saying a word. It wouldn't do him any good to say anything anyways. This place was going to be his final resting place. He would remain here until he breathed his last breath. There was no reason to dignify such a place with words.

The elevator doors opened and Kakashi and Naruto stepped in. Naruto watched as the silver haired guard pressed the button for the seventh level. Looking at the buttons Naruto realized there were twenty levels. As they passed the first level the elevator doors turned transparent and Naruto could clearly see the entire prison's design. It was, like the fence outside, hexagonal in shape. There were no stairs connecting the levels, meaning the only way to get to each one was through the single elevator. About ten cells sat on each level, Naruto figured the elevator took up the sixth side so cells couldn't be place there.

As the elevator continued to descend Naruto tried to look into the cells. He quickly realized it wasn't possible as the front was made of frosted glass. Soon the elevator came to stop at the seventh level. The doors opened and Kakashi shoved Naruto out. Naruto glared at the other man, who merely ignored him and led the way to a cell five cells away from the elevator. This placed it directly opposite of the only entrance and exit to the place.

"Here we are," Kakashi said. He typed in an access code on a keypad on the side of the wall and the frosted glass covering slid upward revealing a plain white room. There was the usual necessities a bed, a toilet, and a sink. But there was also a desk, a chair, and shower head in the far right corner near the sink. As Naruto walked into the room that was to be his residence he realized there were small, two inch circles along the top of the walls near the roof. "I hope you like it 012607," Kakashi removed Naruto's cuffs and chains then keyed in the code for the wall to close.

Naruto turned and watched as the glass wall slid closed. Once it was fully shut he realized the wall also had the same two inch wholes near the top and bottom of the door. As Naruto looked around more he realized there was a vent in the ceiling, which was a good ten feet tall. Even with a chair there was no way he could reach that.

Sighing Naruto laid on the bed and looked up at the blank ceiling above him. He realized that the only source of light was coming from carefully placed UVA bulbs in the four corners of the room. But no matter where he looked he couldn't find a camera. He wondered what the monitors upstairs were for if there were no cameras in the cells.

What did he care? It didn't matter to him if they watched his every move. All that matter was the nothingness that awaited him in his existence. He was finally alone, finally freed of the life he had known outside. Now he was no one. He was nothing. He was just a number on a piece of paper. "If only I could now erase the memories," Naruto whispered into the white room. Closing his eyes he allowed the world of his subconscious to envelope and embrace him.

He was in that room again. That dark, cold, bare room where he spent most of his time. The lights were out and shadows danced along the walls. His blue eyes were locked onto the door. He knew they were coming for him soon. Soon they would reach in for him and pull him into that room he truly dreaded.

The door swung inward letting the false light spill in and illuminating his tanned skin. "Time to work boy," the shadowed figure said as he walked into the room. His hand stretched out and Naruto could feel his skin grow cold. He had to do something, he had to get away.

Blood rained around him, bathing him in the ruby liquid. Screams could be heard all around him but they were distant as if from some far off place. Bodies fell and soon the screams died away to gurgles as "his" victims choked on their own blood.

"Hey kid wake up!"

Naruto shot out of bed looking around with wide and startled eyes. He saw nothing, just the white walls of his cell. Who was that? Who had called out to him? Why? Ignoring the voice as merely a part of the dream Naruto laid back down. This time his eyes didn't drift close. He remained looking up at the ceiling thinking about that voice that had called him out of those memories. It had been deep, holding a hint of deadly intent. Naruto thought it sounded like something a demon would possess rich, seductive, and smooth like silk, but sharp and dangerous.

xXx Caged Desires xXx

Water cascaded down from the showerhead traveling down smooth naturally tan skin. Blonde locks clung to his face. Naruto soaped his body down then rinsed off. Shutting off the water he grabbed a towel and started to dry himself. As he toweled down he glanced around the white cell, sitting on the desk was a fresh jumpsuit. Tossing the towel onto the chair he sat on the bed naked thinking over all that had transpired over the past couple days.

By his count he had been in captivity for a week. Meals were given to him via a slot in the door. The same slot provided fresh clothes. Writing material and books were also given to keep the inmates occupied. Isolation wasn't a lie either; Naruto hadn't seen a single person other than the guards. Twice a week he was taken up to the surface to spend thirty minutes outside. The entire time he was out three guards kept watch on him, along with the guards on the watchtowers.

"Funny, it's like they expect me to try to escape," Naruto sneered into the empty space. "Where would I go if I did?"

There was no answer to his question, like usual. Sighing he stood up, walked across the room, and grabbed the orange jumpsuit. Slipping the piece of clothing on, he sat down, picked up a pencil, and started to sketch. He had gotten a couple guide books on how to draw, a template, and several sketch pencils three days ago and decided it wouldn't hurt to learn how to draw. At least then he would have something to put on the walls.

Time passed as he drew an oriental dragon winding through the clouds. A soft ping at the door told him lunch had arrived. Scooting the chair back he went and retrieved the tray. Taking it back to his bed he sat cross legged. He frowned down at the food wondering if by chance the prison had opted to use old military rations instead of actual food to cut down on costs.

"How can this stuff be edible?" Naruto asked as he poked at the strange substances. Of course he already knew it was edible, as he had been eating it for a week now.

"Do you normally talk to yourself so much?" asked a voice.

Naruto dropped his fork and looked around the cell startled. "I'm hearing things," Naruto said after making sure he was alone and not hearing anything else. As Naruto dug into the food, opting to eat it fast so he wouldn't taste it, he remembered the sound of that voice. It was the same as the one that had called out to him his first night.

"I'm delusional," Naruto muttered taking a swig of water. He could almost swear he heard a deep chuckle answer his comment but he passed it off as nothing. After all he hadn't heard so much as a peep from his neighbors, no reason to believe he even had any.

xXx Caged Desires xXx

Hands reached for his body, cold and clammy as they touched him. Lips pressed to his steeling what little oxygen his lungs had been able to pull in. He cried out, begging them to stop. Of course they didn't, they would never stop. Not unless he did something about it himself.

Red, the room was bathed in red. There was a blade in his hand. They had stopped. He had finally made them stop.

"Hey kid wake up," the voice called out again. "Wake up!" Naruto sprung awake with a scream, sweat beading his brow. "You awake?" the voice asked.

"Am I still dreaming?" Naruto asked looking around the dark room, expecting to see a ghost or mirage.

"No, you're not dreaming brat," the voice answered. "I've been trying to wake you up for the past hour. You've been moaning and crying in your sleep."

Naruto blushed and hid his face. Then remembering he was at least alone in his cell he sat up and said, "Sorry about that. Hey who are you?"

"My name's Kyuubi Kurama, my number is 034751," Kyuubi answered. "What's yours?"

"Uzumaki Naruto, or 012607," Naruto provided leaning against the wall at the head of his bed. "So how long have you been here?"

A deep laugh greeted his ears, and Naruto recognized it as the one he had heard earlier that day. "I don't count the days anymore, but I've been here for about five years now," Kyuubi said. "You should go back to sleep, the guards will be making their rounds here soon to make sure we're sleeping. Don't worry if you have another nightmare I'll wake you up."

He couldn't help it, Naruto blushed again. "You don't have too!" he growled lying back down and pulling the covers over him.

"No, but I don't want to listen to a brat cry all night so I will," Kyuubi laughed.

Naruto frowned at the wall separating him and the owner of the voice, Kyuubi. As he slipped back into unconsciousness he wondered what the owner of that deep, soothing voice looked like. If his appearance matched his voice he was probably an imposing beauty.

xXx Caged Desires xXx

"So what are you in here for?" Kyuubi asked as Naruto sat on his bed sketching a pack of wolves.

"Several counts of first degree murder," Naruto answered without blinking. It wasn't like he had anything to hide, after all it was what he was in there for. He felt no remorse for the deaths of those people so he saw no reason to hide it.

"Did you do it?" Naruto's pencil stilled at Kyuubi's question.

Naruto frowned at the paper as he thought about the night of the murder, about everything that had lead up to that moment. "Does it matter?" Naruto finally asked resuming shading the side of one wolf to make it look like it was appearing from the shadows.

There was a pause and Naruto thought Kyuubi was done talking. "No, I guess it doesn't," Kyuubi said after the brief moment of intermission. "But it should matter to you, especially if you didn't do it."

Sighing Naruto set his artwork aside and rested his head against the wall. "I guess I did it," Naruto admitted.

"You guess?"

"Well everything from that night is a blur. There was screaming, blood, the feel of the knife in my hand, but I don't actually remember doing it," Naruto said his eyes hazing over with distant memories. He had not thought about how the events had lead up to the entire house being mutilated. He had just come to his senses standing in the center of a room filled with bodies holding a bloody knife.

"Sounds like you lost it," Kyuubi offered.

A bitter laugh escaped Naruto's lips at Kyuubi's words. "You think?" he asked in a sarcastic tone. He smiled as Kyuubi's laughter filtered through the wall to him. It was strange how they had begun to talk to each other suddenly. Kyuubi was bright and had a lot of insight, but he also didn't say much. He mostly let Naruto do the talking, which helped the blonde greatly in getting things off his mind. Naruto also liked the sound of Kyuubi's voice. It was soothing despite its malicious overtures.

"Hey brat, you still there?"

"Yeah," Naruto answered his eyes drifting shut. "What got you lock up?" Naruto asked wanting to hear about the other man.

"Same thing, murder," Kyuubi answered. "Though I can say I definitely did commit it, and I would do it again if I thought it would help."

Naruto's interest was peek by Kyuubi's phrasing. "Why did you do it?"

He heard what he thought might have been a sigh, "People do strange things for the ones they care for. Let's just say the guy deserved it for everything he put her through."

"Sounds good," Naruto said with a slight frown. He wanted to ask more, he wanted to know more but knew it wasn't his place to delve into these matters. Just like he didn't want to let anyone in he doubted Kyuubi wanted anyone to pry open his past and examine it. It was just not something that should be done by an outsider, at least not right now.

xXx Caged Desires xXx

The frosted safety glass wall that made up the entrance to his single cell opened and Naruto walked into the room. He was returning from his "recreation time", aka walking around outside for half an hour. He spent more time exercising in his room then outside in the blistering sun of the desert. Sighing he stripped out of his jumpsuit, turned on the shower, and climbed under the cool spray of water. As the water cascaded down his body he felt a slight stirring that he normally ignored.

"Well it has been a while," Naruto frowned as his hand reached for his member. Grasping himself in a firm yet gentle hold he started to stroke his length in a rhythm he had memorized since he hit puberty. His breathing accelerated as he got closer and closer to his release and he tried to picture something that would bring him to his climax.

"Hey brat, what are you doing?" Naruto came with the memory of Kyuubi's voice.

Standing in horror as the water washed away the evidence of what he just did Naruto tried to come to grips with the reality of the situation he was now faced with. 'Did I just jack off to a stranger's voice? What the fuck is wrong with me?' Naruto cursed mentally.

Deciding he was in fact just tired and a little confused because he hadn't really spoken to anyone beside Kyuubi, and in that sense Kyuubi was the only person he could say he was having a "relationship" with. Washing off quickly he turned off the water and crawled into bed. There were still hours before lights out but he suddenly found he had absolutely no energy. It was one thing to talk to a person at random times to pass the time. It was one thing to think about that person's voice as slightly alluring and maybe a little sexy. It was something entirely different to actually masturbate to said voice! 'I don't even know what he looks like!' Naruto groaned as he rolled onto his side and glared at the wall that separated him and the owner of said voice.

"I'm so fucked up," Naruto mumbled hiding under the blankets as if he was trying to hide from his own acts and thoughts.


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