Caged Desires

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Part 3: Open Skies

Naruto sat in the chair looking across to the large busted blonde woman before him. He had been called out of his cell twenty minutes ago and brought up. Arriving at the top level he was directed to a room in the corner, one he didn't know was there, and placed in one of the two seats at a table. Two minutes later the woman before him had walked in.

"Hello, my name is Tsunade, and I'm your lawyer," she said sitting down and pulling out several papers.

"What is this about?" Naruto asked. His previous lawyer had been a man called Mizuki and wasn't all that good.

Tsunade smiled at him and handed him a document. Naruto read through it his eyes widening at the contents. Looking back up he stared at her in disbelief. Still smiling she said, "Danzo was arrested for accepting bribes. After that your case was reviewed along with many others. One interesting fact came to light during the review," she pulled out another document and pointed to a highlighted line. "According to the evidence inventory there were several security tapes confiscated during the investigation. As you know, no such videos were mentioned during your trial."

"What does this mean?" Naruto asked growing more and more confused.

"It means evidence was withheld during your trial," Tsunade answered. "I was hired to look into your case and represent you. During my research I found those tapes. Congratulations Uzumaki Naruto, you aren't guilty of manslaughter."

This brought Naruto to the point of shock and as such he was staring at the woman in complete awe. "But I killed those people," Naruto muttered.

"Oh without a doubt," Tsunade said. Naruto looked at her even more confused now. "But it was in self defense," she continued. "From the tapes it is clear to see that your life had been threatened first and you reacted accordingly. There is also clear evidence on the tapes that you were not in your right mind due to the victims drugging you several minutes prior without your knowledge."

"How could it have been done without my knowledge?" Naruto asked. He was having a hard time coming to grips with everything this woman was saying. He hadn't committed manslaughter? It was self defense?

"Your food," Tsunade answered pulling out a still image photo and showing it to him. "They drugged your food."

After several minutes of Naruto trying to come to grips with the reality placed before him he looked over to her and asked, "So what? What happens to me now?"

"Now we go back to court and get you released," Tsunade smiled at the surprise in Naruto's blue eyes. "Listen kid you aren't guilty of anything. Those people forced your hand. And I think you know why Danzo would want you locked up."

"He was a client," Naruto answered.

"Right," Tsunade beamed. "A high ranking judge visiting a sex house, that isn't something he would want made public knowledge. So he had you locked up in here. It will take a couple weeks to get your court date settled but once it is you can bet you're getting out of here."

xXx Caged Desires xXx

Back in his cell Naruto was lying on his bed and staring up at the ceiling. His mind kept playing the information over and over again. Still despite the continued query he couldn't seem to think of it as real. He had convinced himself that he had killed those people in cold blood, despite not remembering anything, and resigned himself to a life in solitude. Now he was being told it was all in self defense and triggered by a forced drugging. He just didn't know who to believe anymore.

"Hey Naruto, what was that all about?" Kyuubi asked from the other side of the wall.

Naruto turned his head and peered at the solid surface that separated them. "It seems I might be getting out of here," Naruto said. Silence, dead tangible silence, greeted Naruto's words. Sitting up Naruto called out, "Kyuubi? Hey Kyuubi you still there?"

"Yeah," Kyuubi answered, except his voice sounded off. "I'm glad for you."

Blue eyes narrowed at the wall. "What the hell does that mean?" he demanded.

"It means just what it seems," Kyuubi answered. "I'm glad."

Naruto opened his mouth to retort but realized he would merely be beating at the wall, so to speak. Closing his eyes he laid back down. This was just plain hilarious. Now that he was offered freedom he wanted to stay. And for what? To remain close to the voice he had fallen in love with. It was practically comical how much he hated the idea of leaving this place. How he hated the idea of leaving Kyuubi.

xXx Caged Desires xXx

A small smile played across Kyuubi's lips as he gazed at the picture on the wall. To think such perfect timing existed in the world, he didn't know whether to pray and thank god or to laugh and thank the devil. To think Naruto was going to be released, going to be freed from this life of loneliness at such a time was definitely something he had never expected.

xXx Caged Desires xXx

Three weeks passed without much event. Tsunade would come visit Naruto and inform him about the proceedings on the case. Naruto would continue his normal schedule. It was all rather normal and drawl. Now he was standing in front of another judge, people sitting behind him, and the jury looking at him with doubting eyes. It was all so familiar, and it was a scene he had hoped to never to see again. He knew that just outside those doors reporters were waiting for the verdict.

The fall of a hammer, the same sound that had condemned him to his fate in Konohagakure, resounded in the room. A clear strong voice spoke, "In light of new evidence this court finds the accused, Uzumaki Naruto, not guilty. Release him."

The officer walked over to Naruto and un-cuffed him. Naruto rubbed his wrists as he looked at the judge in complete bafflement. He was really free. He was no longer bound by the walls of a plain white cell, or locked away by a vast desert. Still despite the cheers and congratulations he was receiving from Tsunade and her staff he couldn't help but feel that he was empty. What he wanted most wasn't there and it never would be. Kyuubi was back in that place, alone.

"Come on Naruto," Tsunade said grabbing Naruto's arm. "We're taking you out the back so that you won't get bombarded."

Naruto followed after her silently, unable to express so much as a thank you. It was weird, he was finally free to walk around beneath the blue sky again but all he wanted was to be back in that dismal cell listening to Kyuubi's voice.

Tsunade studied the youth as they walked. Reaching out she patted his shoulder. Blue eyes turned and met her honey brown. Smiling she said, "You'll get use to it. And who knows, maybe something great will happen."

"Yeah," Naruto managed to say before they reached the door and got into a waiting car. Tsunade gave the driver an address and they quickly sped away before the flock of reporters could catch them.

xXx Caged Desires xXx

"You're finally leaving this place huh?" Kakashi asked as he handed the now free man his personal items. "Have any plans?"

Soft colored lips curved up and red eyes shined, "Yeah I'm going to go see my lover."

Kakashi blinked several times before looking at a sheet of paper. "Oh, well that's good. Just make sure you check in with your parole officer next week," he instructed handing the last item over to him.

"Yes sir," the redhead said as he stepped out of the building and walked over to the gate where a car was waiting to pick him up and take him to the nearest bus station. Turning around Kyuubi took one last look at the prison that had been his home for so long before he got into the car and headed off towards the one person he wanted to see no matter what.

xXx Caged Desires xXx

An old turn of the century building came into view and the car came to a stop just in front of it. "Here we are," Tsunade said opening the door. Naruto looked at the building in confusion then turned to her with the same look. "This will be your new place. It's a converted office building. The rent is cheap and I think you should be able to find work easily in the neighborhood."

"Um, how am I going to pay for this?" Naruto asked looking up at the building.

Tsunade laughed as if what he had said was the funniest thing ever. When Naruto continued to look at her with that quizzical yet serious look she stopped laughing and straightened up. "Just because you were incarcerated doesn't mean your account was closed. As a matter of fact it has been gaining interest, so you do have some money to live off of for a while," she said handing him a bank statement. "You signed the release earlier so I could get your bank records and look into a place for you. Don't you remember?"

Naruto frowned as he looked at the document then he did remember two weeks ago Tsunade had asked him to sign something so she could look into his financial situation. "Oh, thanks," Naruto said putting the statement into his pocket.

"Don't mention it," Tsunade smiled. "And remember to remove my name from your account as soon as you can."

"Okay," Naruto said turning back to the building and looking at it. "So which apartment is mine?"

"Oh right," Tsunade walked around the car and handed Naruto a set of keys. "This one will get you into the building and this one is for your apartment. Your new place is on the third floor, apartment number 305. It's already furnished."

Naruto looked at the keys he was now holding than looked back to the building. This just all seemed like one big dream he could hardly believe it was happening. "Thanks again," Naruto said as he walked away from the car and towards the building.

"Don't mention it," Tsunade said as she watched him unlock the front door and walk inside. "Really don't mention it. It's the least I could do for Jiraiya's god son." Turning around she got into the car a tear trailing down her cheek at the memory of her lost friend and the child he had been unable to safe from a cruel life.

"Where to ma'am?" the driver asked.

"The office Shizune," Tsunade answered. The woman nodded and the car left.

xXx Caged Desires xXx

Two days, it had been two days since Naruto was released and move into his new place. The apartment was nice enough. White walls, soft cream carpet, tile in the kitchen, and large windows looking out at the building across the way. The furniture was rather generic, a soft tan sofa, love seat, and recliner. A sixty inch television sat in a light colored wood entertainment center. The bedroom set was made from a darker wood, probably a cedar or something, and the bedding was average quality. All in all it was a bit better than what he was use to.

Still despite how open and warm the room was, thanks to the central heating and cooling, he felt cramped and frozen in it. He had been out looking for a job, and had several applications in, and he even had an interview set up for next week. His life was falling into place nicely but still he was feeling a sense of detachment, and he knew why. Kyuubi wasn't there. There was no voice to call out to him in the middle of the night and keep the haunting images away.

Because of that he was once again plagued by nightmares. Except now they were only intensified thanks to the video tapes he had seen. Now it was like watching himself kill half a dozen people as a detached viewer instead of being the actual killer. It was more frightening to see the scene in that way to Naruto because even if he could see it, he couldn't stop it.

Presently he was sitting on his couch watching a movie that he had rented. It was some animated film about ninjas and going back in time; he really wasn't paying much attention to it though. Sighing he got up and went into his kitchen to grab something to drink. The kitchen wasn't small but it wasn't large either. It was perfect for one or two people. The cabinets were a soft oak that matched the entertainment system in the living room and the counters were a foe marble. Opening the fridge he grabbed a beer, snapped the cap off, and the intercom buzzed.

Frowning Naruto made his way to the small box and pressed the button. "Yes?"

"Hello Brat," Naruto's heart stopped at the sound of that voice. That deep smooth voice that sounded like it belonged to a devil. That voice that had seduced him over and over. "Can you let me in?"

Without thinking Naruto pressed the button that would allow the person to enter. He waited by his door his heart beating faster than it ever had before. Was he imagining things? Had he finally completely lost it? There was no way Kyuubi could be here, was there? A soft knock on the door signaled the arrival of the owner of that voice. With shaking hands Naruto opened the door and for the first time laid eyes on the man who had captured his heart with his voice alone.

He was everything Naruto thought he would be, and more. Long red hair, red eyes, strong features, and a body built for trouble he was gorgeous. "Hey Naruto," Kyuubi said reaching out and running the back of his fingers along Naruto's jaw. "I've wanted to touch you for so long now."

"You're…here…how?" Naruto managed to say as he stared into dark red eyes that were holding his captive.

"I never said I had gotten life," Kyuubi smiled. Naruto couldn't help it, he laughed as tears spilled forth. Kyuubi reach out with his other hand and drew Naruto into his arms and held him as he cried and clung to him.

"You're real," Naruto whispered holding onto him.

"You didn't think I was?" Kyuubi asked.

"I didn't know," Naruto answered looking up at the older male. He was a good head taller than Naruto. "For all I knew you could have been a figment of my mind."

"You thought you fell for a person of your own creation?" Kyuubi asked with a mocking tone.

Naruto pouted and pushed at Kyuubi's shoulder. "Shut up. You can't blame me for that," he mumbled.

"You're right," Kyuubi said grabbing Naruto's chin and tilting his head back, "I can't." Naruto watched as Kyuubi closed the distance between their mouths, his eyes drifting shut as their lips brushed. Each let out a small sigh as they deepened the kiss their arms wrapping tighter around each other. Soon the kiss transformed from something tender to something hungry and desperate. Kyuubi started backing Naruto into the apartment and closed the door behind them. "Bedroom?" Kyuubi asked breaking away from Naruto for a moment.

"Second door to the right," Naruto said pulling Kyuubi back down for another breath stealing kiss. The two stumbled backwards until Naruto's back was pinned to the door of his bedroom. Kyuubi's hands went from around Naruto's waist to his ass kneading the round globes. "Nnm," Naruto moaned into the kiss and reached back to fumble for the door handle.

The door opened and the two fell into the room. "Ouch," Naruto cursed as his hip hit his dresser.

"You okay?" Kyuubi asked reaching for the hem of Naruto's shirt.

"Yeah," Naruto answered unbuttoning Kyuubi's pants. The two made it to Naruto's bed and Kyuubi pushed the blonde down onto the unmade surface. The redhead's hands worked at Naruto's pant's button and zipper then removed them and his boxers. Frowning Naruto reached up and removed Kyuubi's shirt then pulled the taller man back down for another kiss.

Their lips met and their tongues danced in the other's mouth. Soon their lungs burned with the need for air and Kyuubi pulled away. "Lube?" he asked.

"Why would I have some?" Naruto answered with a question.

"Well then," Kyuubi smirked. Naruto tilted his head to the side in query as to what it was the taller man was thinking when Kyuubi turned Naruto around and raised his hips.

"Ah!" Naruto moaned when he felt a hand wrap around his hardened cock and Kyuubi's tongue teasing the tight ring of muscles around his entrance. "Kyu," Naruto gasped arching into the ministrations of his older lover. "Nn, ahn," moans and gasps were all Naruto was able to produce as sounds of encouragement as Kyuubi slowly prepped him.

Once Kyuubi deemed Naruto wet enough he pulled away from the twitching entrance and nipped at Naruto's backside causing a surprised whip to leave Naruto's parted and kissed bruised lips. Kissing and licking his way up Naruto's back he brought his free hand to Naruto's ass and pressed a finger inside. "Mm, you're just as hot as I thought you would be," Kyuubi purred into Naruto's ear.

"Kyu-ah," Naruto moaned and pushed back on Kyuubi's hand.

Retracting his finger and releasing Naruto's leaking cock he flipped Naruto over again. He returned his fingers to stretching and thrusting into Naruto. Leaning down he kissed the tip of Naruto's erection then licked his lips. Humming softly he looked up into Naruto's eyes, "You have no idea how badly I've wanted to taste you."

"Nn," Naruto whined at the erotic way Kyuubi's voice tumbled from his lips and seemingly caressed him and the hungry look in Kyuubi's eyes.

Still keeping eye contact Kyuubi licked up the underside of Naruto's shaft, swirled it along the head, and delved into the slit. Red eyes held blue captive as Kyuubi took Naruto completely into his mouth and started to suck him off. Naruto didn't know what to concentrate on Kyuubi's eyes, his mouth giving him the best damn blow job ever, or his fingers playing against his prostate. Finally Naruto broke eyes contact, threw his head back, and called out Kyuubi's name over and over as the sensations became too much.

As Naruto came Kyuubi swallowed every last drop. Removing his fingers from Naruto's ass he slowly kissed his way up Naruto's front, lingering on his navel for a moment, and captured him in yet another kiss. Naruto's arms came up and wrapped around Kyuubi's shoulders as his legs wrapped around his waist directing him to his entrance.

Wanting nothing more than to be encased in Naruto's heat Kyuubi freed his member from his jeans, and thrust into the silken walls of the blond youth. "Ah, Kyu," Naruto called into the kiss clinging to the redhead tighter. "Nn." The older male was big, and after only having fingers for so long it stung even after preparation to have another inside him.

"When you're ready," Kyuubi said kissing Naruto's closed eyes.

Several moments passed of Kyuubi raining soft kisses onto Naruto's face as the blonde breathed deeply to relax his muscles. When he felt he was ready Naruto opened his eyes and nodded his head, "Move." Kyuubi latched onto Naruto's lips again as he pulled out then drove back in. "AH! Nnm gah, Kyuubi," Naruto screamed into their adjoined mouths.

Their pace was slow at first but it quickly picked up. One of Kyuubi's hands traveled to Naruto's re-hardened member and start to pump it in time with his thrusts. "Kyu, so good… coming, close… Kyu!" Naruto moaned as he drew closer and closer to his end.

"I know," Kyuubi answered moving to Naruto's ear and nibbling on the shell of it. "Come for me Naruto."

"Hhnn," Naruto gasped as he felt the heat coiling in the pit of his stomach then released. "Kyuubi!" he came, his essence coating their chests as he clung onto the man driving into him.

"Nn," Kyuubi grunted as Naruto's hot walls clamped down on him causing him to follow right after the blonde. "Naruto," Kyuubi groaned as he spilled his seed deep within Naruto. The arm supporting Kyuubi collapsed and he fell on top of Naruto. "Still think I'm only a figment of your mind?" Kyuubi joked.

"If you are," Naruto said snuggling into the crook of Kyuubi's neck and shoulder, "Then you're the best figment of my imagination ever."

"Brat," Kyuubi mumbled as he wrapped his arms around the smaller male and held him close.

xXx Caged Desires xXx

Naruto walked into the living room a towel covering his hair as he dried off after taking a shower. "Now that I think about it, why are you here?" Naruto asked looking over to his lover who was watching the movie Naruto had been staring at earlier.

"What do you mean?" Kyuubi asked looking over to Naruto.

"Well I mean what are you doing out of Konohagakure?" Naruto rephrased his question sitting down next to Kyuubi on the couch.

"Oh," Kyuubi looked over to the TV for a moment before looking back over to Naruto, "Well I got out on parole on the account of good behavior."

"Huh? I thought you were in there for life like me," Naruto said in disbelief.

"I never said anything about that," Kyuubi retorted leaning over and kissing Naruto softly. "You just jumped to that conclusion."

"Ah, but," Naruto frowned, "You're evil."

"But you love me right?" Kyuubi asked wrapping his arms around Naruto and drawing him into his lap.

"Well, I guess," Naruto answered with a seductive smile, "Especially if you continue to spoil me."

"Hmm," Kyuubi's hands went to Naruto's ass, "I think I can do that."

The End!


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