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Chapter 1:

Oh, hell, he was so screwed. Why the hell had he gotten so close? And watched them for so long? Dean knew the answers to these questions, and the answer was simple they were his family. Family or not, they'd sooner kill his sorry arse rather then look at him.

Dean's legs ate up the dirt beneath him. He sped through the forest weaving in and out of trees. Dean was fast, but his family had guns. The blast rang out in the forest, and white hot pain erupted in his left ear. Dean couldn't help but yelp from the pain. The flesh on his ear sizzled and burned, fucking silver bullets. He shook his head back, and fro trying to rid himself of the burning. Suddenly, a traitorous tree root snagged his front foot. Dean ate the dirt hard, his body twisting over itself leaving him facing the brother he was running from.

The look Sam was giving Dean scared the shit out of Dean. Sam was sucking in lung full of air, desperate to get his breath back from the chase. His eyes burned into Dean and such hatred was written across his face that Dean flinched. Sam's gun was trained on Dean. Well, this is it. Sam was going to kill him then Sam would learn the truth and that in turn would kill Sam. Well, if Dean was going too died, he was going to face it like a man. Forcing himself off the ground, Dean gritted his teeth as he put weight on his front, right leg. Well he would be lucky if he hadn't broken it, but that really didn't matter. As Dean forced himself to full height, he tried to say goodbye to Sammy, express just how sorry he was that Sam would be the one to kill him and tell him he loved him all with his eyes. Sam, brow furrowed, but whatever thoughts cross through Sam mind was quickly replaced with anger again. Dean watched as Sam sucked in a deep breath, squaring his shoulders aiming the gun at Dean's heart. Without even realising it Dean backs up slightly, subconsciously trying to get away from Sam. Gaining time, so his Dad or Bobby could catch up and Sam wouldn't bear the guilt of his death. In doing so, his back leg started to slip off the cliff edge, and as Sam fired, Dean's feet slipped completely off the cliff. His body dropped enough so that the bullet ripped through his shoulder instead of his heart. However, the shock of the silver entering his body was enough to cause Dean to lose his grip in the dirt.

Dean fell from the cliff, and the ground claimed his body once again, and darkness entered Dean's mind. Dean was just pleased that Sam hadn't delivered the killing shot; whatever remained of his brother's innocence was safe for now.