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Chapter 14:

Dean stared at the body in front of him. He's dead, Dean thought, the son of a bitch is dead. He couldn't help the grin that formed at that thought. The wolf that had also killed his Dad and brother was finally gone. Spitting the blood from his mouth, Dean didn't want the sour blood of the rogue anywhere in or on his body. Dean had discovered when he was first turned that as a wolf he actually liked the taste of blood and raw meat, but the rogue's blood turned his stomach. He watched as the dead wolf in front of him slowly turned back to human. It was a slower process then a living wolf changing, but eventually it did. Dean felt no remorse as he stared at the bloody naked form in front of him. He was man probably around fifty or so, his hair long and wild. The rogue had lived in wolf form for a while. The wolves surrounding Dean started getting everything ready to destroy the body and Dean left them to it.

As he ran slowly back to his family Dean felt like a weight had been lifted off shoulders. The rogue was finally dead. He didn't have to worry about it hunting down his family any more However, with its death a new problem had formed in Dean's mind. What was he to do now? Give his family a hug goodbye and head back to the pack with the rest of the wolves? He couldn't do that, not after just finding them again. Would they let him stay with them?

As he got closer Dean wished for a creek or something to wash the blood off. God, I must be a scary sight. Dean thought, as he felt the blood crusting in his coat. Well can't be helped. He thought as he crested the hill. As soon as he saw them he knew something was up. His Dad and Bobby seemed at ease as they talked to Doc, but Sam was stiff, staring at Dean with wide eyes. Dean sniffed the air and caught the sickly sweet scent of fear coming off his brother. He couldn't help the head tilt as he looked at Sam. He quickly returned to where he had transformed earlier. He'd left his clothes next to a bottle of water and a towel. Changing quickly he used some of the water to risen his mouth out before using the rest to get the blood off him.

Once he was clean and dressed Dean returned to his family. "Doc was right about you been a good fighter Dean." Bobby said as soon as he saw Dean. "I just have to say it's a good thing you're on our side."

Dean laughed at Bobby's comment, but he couldn't get over the feeling that something was up Sam. His Dad gave him a pat on the back before walking back to the quad bike with Doc and Bobby. Before Sam could follow Dean snagged Sam's arm. "Sam do you want to ride back with me on the bike?" He asked.

"What about Kit?" Sam seemed tense as answered Dean.

"Hey Kit! Do you feel like running back?" The sleek grey wolf appear from nowhere at Dean's yelling. He just tilted his head at the brothers. "I'll take your clothes back. It'll mean Sam can ride back with me." Kit just nodded and jogged off into the woods.

Sam didn't say a thing; he just climbed on to the back of the quad bike and waited for Dean. Dean quickly grabbed Kit's clothes and then did a once over the surrounding woods to make sure they had left no sign of being there. He had to find out what was eating his brother. He had a bad feeling it was from watching him fight, but he hoped it wasn't him that had freaked Sam out.

The ride back began in silent. Finally, Dean had enough. "What's wrong Sammy?"

"Nothing." When Dean heard Sam reply he really felt like hitting his brother. Did Sam think he was stupid or something? It was clear there was something wrong with him.

"Spill it. Something been up with you since I got back from killing the Rogue." Dean could feel his brother shifting behind him. He didn't even want to think it, but he had to know. So he voiced his worst fear. "Are you afraid of me Sam?"

He heard Sam sigh and the logical part of Dean's brain was thinking good he should be afraid me, but the emotional part, the part Dean liked to pretend he didn't have, was breaking.

"I'm not afraid of you." Sam finally said and Dean felt like someone stopped clenching his chest. "Well when I first saw you fight the Rogue I was scared, but that was more because I was in shock at how easily you and the other wolves tore him a part. I'm not scared of you now."

"Something still bothering you." Shut up, yelled the emotional part of Dean's brain to the logical part. Why couldn't he just keep his mouth shut? Sam wasn't scared of him; he should just leave it at that.

"It's just watching you fight showed me how well you and the pack work together. How good you are at hunting. It also made me realise that the pack is your family, has been for ten years, and you know each other moves before you even make them. Just reminded me of how Dad and I hunt sometime." Dean let what Sam said settle in. Yes, the pack had become his family, but Sam and John had been the family he had dreamed about been a part of again ever since he was changed.

As Dean remained silent it was Sam turn to feel like he had done something wrong. "I just mean Dean that I understand why you'd probably want to continue hunting with them."


"Well, ever since we found you again I've always had this imagine in my mind that you would just head out on the road with Dad and me. I completely understand now that you'll probably want to stay with the pack, but maybe you would let Dad and I visited once in a while." Dean was shocked at Sam's words.

"You wanted me to join you hunting?" Dean heard Sam confirm this to be true. "What about Dad does he feel the same way?"

"Of course he does Dean. Since finding you again Dad's been the happiest I've seen him in a long while."

"Okay, well I guess I'll be hunting with you from now on." Dean could almost feel the smile radiating off his brother.

"Okay." It was the only reply Dean got, but he heard how happy his brother was. It was going to be hard saying goodbye to the pack, especially Doc and Kit. However, Dean knew they would understand. When they finally caught up with the others, Dean had to laugh at Sam who looked like a puppy who had been given too much sugar. He had a smile that looked like it was going to split his face in two.

"Are you ready to go boys?" John didn't even hesitate in including Dean. The thought that Dean would stay with the pack never seemed to have entered John's mind.

Dean watched as his family said goodbye to Doc and Kit, with Doc even changing numbers with Bobby with the promise of helping out on any cases needed. Once they were done Dean quickly gave both men a hug. Doc made him promise to keep in touch and Kit just told him to give him a buzz if he ever needed help on a hunt. Short goodbyes were good goodbyes in Dean's book. He was going to miss the pack, but if he let his family leave without him he would regret it.

"Dean!" His Dad called his attention back to him. Dean saw his Dad throw something at him. Catching it out of the air he noticed it was the keys to the Impala. "You drive yourself and Sam back to Bobby's okay. I'll ride with Bobby."

Dean couldn't stop the smile spreading across his face as he slid into the front seat of the Impala. Waving one more time to Doc and Kit, Dean turned to Sam. "Are you ready Sammy?" Sam just smirked at his brother as Dean pulled out and sped off after his Dad and Bobby. Dean couldn't stop smiling because he was finally home.

The End.

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