Jeff Sterling, Belieber.

This is only a short drabble, but I hope you like it. College breaks send me insane, so I write this kind of thing… :3

"I was like, baby, baby, baby ooh! Baby, baby, baby nooo! Baby, baby, baby oooh! I thought you'd always me miiine, mine..."

Nick slowed as he walked down the corridor towards his dorm room, confused by the noise coming from there. Was someone singing... Bieber? Was somebody torturing his boyfriend with Bieber? I have to save him! Nick's thoughts were as rushed as he was. He hurried along the corridor towards the door, practically throwing it open in his haste. He intended to save Jeff from whoever was torturing him, but as soon as the door was open he immediately froze, wide eyed and confused by the sight before him.

Jeff was standing in the middle of their room, his hair flicked to the side in a Bieber-like style, in just a purple hoodie and his boxers, dancing around and singing along to the song, the very song which he had teased Nick about before, because the brunette had gotten the song stuck in his head and sung it without realising as they worked on their homework. And now, here he was, his best friend and boyfriend, singing along to it and dancing around, in his underwear.

"Jeff...?" Nick asked curiously, tilting his head in question, though he refused to move any closer because he was kind of afraid that Jeff had been possessed.

The blonde spun around as soon as he heard Nick's voice, his mind racing, trying to think of an excuse for what he was doing. He had expected Nick to be out for hours – Nick had told him that he had a pile of maths work to do, and was going to get Trent to tutor him. But here he was, stood in the doorway, staring at him with those wide hazel eyes Jeff loved so much.

"I... uh... it's not what it looks like?" Jeff said in an innocent tone, hoping Nick would believe him though his flaming red cheeks were betraying him, and Nick knew instantly from the blush that it was exactly what it looked like.

"It looks like you're dancing to Bieber in your underwear..." Nick raised his eyebrow, before closing the door so other students wouldn't be able to see them. He took a small step towards Jeff, wondering if the other boy would stop dancing now that he was here, though a part of him thought it was adorable, and didn't want his presence to make Jeff stop dancing.

"It's fun, I promise! Try it!" Jeff pouted, tugging at Nick's uniform slacks.
It took him a few minutes, but Nick eventually gave in and wiggled out of his boring gray trousers, leaving him in his Superman boxers, and his shirt and blazer, which he proceeded to tentatively dance in. Jeff quickly followed suit, and within a few short seconds, they were both dancing and jumping around to the songs on Jeff's 'Bieber playlist'.

"I don't even want to know what they're doing..." Thad shook his head as he and David walked down the corridor heading to a Warbler council meeting.