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1. Chapter

The Prophecy

-10 years before-

A 5 year old girl, with brown hair, binded in pigtails with black ribbons, a purple T-shirt and a black dress which was similar to Ai's dress from Digimon Tamers and black-white sneakers played with her Digimon Cards Boster Packs in her new room. She got them from her father for her birthday. Her father knew how much she liked Digimon, more since she watched the anime Digimon Tamers, and deceided to give her a few boster packs. She was now trying to rip the cover of the boster pack to get her cards.

"Com'n...com'n..." she whispered between the trys. She was a bit sad that they had to leave her home town Yokohama and move to DigiCity. She had to leave her best friend from the kindergarden, Zia Hasane, but she couldn't do anything against it. Zia told her that they'll keep in contact and added that she's lucky that she'll live in DigiCity.

DigiCity was a town built by the gouverment about 10 years ago, just after the war between the humans and the creatures called Digimon ended. It was famous for beind the centre for Digimon Bioemerging. Of coruse, Digimon also emerged in the whole World, but DigiCity seemed to become the centre of Digital life. In order to keep the Digital Lifes in control, the Rangers Organisation and the Hackers Organisation was created. A reason why it was so good to live in DigiCity is the fact that you could get your own partner. And she also wanted one.

Finnaly she managed to rip of the cover. The first card which popped out was one with a Digimon who looked like a xros of a demon and a biker. He had a black leather shirt, black leather jacket with a fur collar, black leather pants, black boots with triple metal spikes on each, a metalic tail, black gloves with metalic pieces, yellow neon spiky hair, a purple helmet with three red eyes glaring out of it and two holsters with guns in. She glared at the Digimon, knowing that his name was Beelzemon. She knew that Digimon from the Digimon Tamers series.

After a few seconds of glaring at her card she heard a thunder. She shuddered and went to the balcony. She noticed that a thunderstorm formed, but she had a feeling that that wouldn't be a normal thunderstorm.

"I really would like to find out what the origin of that storm is." she said unconssiciously. Just than she heard some kind of giggles. She looked upwards and noticed some strange creatures. They weren't Digimon, but looked like one. They glowed and giggled happily. She knew that they were DigiGnomes and that they granted wishes. The DigiGnomes circled around her and in the next second she vanished through a kind of portal.

As she woke up, she found herself floating in the Data Realm. She noticed the 1s and 0s floating around her. The DigiGnomes giggled and laughed happily, flying around her.

"Where am I?" she asked. The DigiGnomes didn't answered. They just formed a new kind of portal and she found herself floating in a strange stream, known also as the Data Stream. Just than, she found herself falling down. "Aaaaa!"

[Intro Theme Falling Inside the Black by Skillet plays]

Beelzemon walked through the Forest Area. He really was in bad mood. Had Lucemon Chaos Mode really to pull the Demon Lords into a war against the Royal Knights? He groaned. Well, he knew which Royal Knight he will battle. Gallantmon was his rival and a perfect opponent. Beelzemon twitched as he heard someone yelling. He looked upwards and catched in the last second a five year old girl. He looked at her confused. He actually never saw a human coming to the DigiWorld. Her eyes were closed and she seemed to be still shocked from the fall. She than slowly opened her chessnut brown eyes.

"Um, helo?" she said, actually squeaked out. Beelzemon still glared at her. He noticed that she was shaking and was possibly afraid of him. Who wouldn't? He was a member of the 7 Great Demon Lords, a terrific and merciless fighter and most Digimon feared him.
"Helo." he replied still confused.
"Can you please put me down?" she asked. Beelzemon obeyed, putting her down. She stepped backwards, creating a nice distance between her and the Demon Lord.
"Who are ya? Whatcha ya doin' here kid?" asked Beelzemon with a gruffy tone in his voice. The girl gulped and Beelzemon had to notice that she still was sceared of him. Though he saw also that she was kinda impressed of him. She took a deep breath.
"I'm Arisa Bunya and I'm 5 years old." she said trying to calm down. "I'm here because those creatures...errr, DigiGnomes brought me here."
"Well, when the DigiGnomes are summoned it's sure that such things are gonna happen. Anyways, I'm Beelzemon." he said.
"I know." Arisa replied. Beelzemon noticed a card which she tightly clenched in her hand. He noticed his image and smirked. After a few seconds of glaring at the little girl, he walked away.
"Hey wait!" he heard Arisa yelling. He stopped, and adressed her without turning around.
"What?" he asked.
"You saved my life. Thanks." said Arisa. Beelzemon grined.
"That was an accident." he said and kept on walking. He heard how Arisa runned to catch with him.
"Wait." she said.
"What is it now?" he asked as he turned around. And met with a pair of chessnut brown curious eyes.
"You can't just leave me alone. You saved my life. That means that you have to keep and eye on me. Or are you gonna leave me and let some dangerous Digimon rip me apart?" she asked, crossing her arms. Beelzemon laughed at that.
"Well kid, if ya didn't notice that, I'm the most dangerous Digimon in this forest. It's a bit ironicaly that you're askin' me to protect you." said Beelzemon.
"That's why I'm asking you to protect me. You are strong and I'm sure that you shoo every Digimon away that comes in my near." said Arisa. Beelzemon noticed a spark in her eyes. He blinked. He never, NEVER, expected that he would get the duty to guard a little human kid. But she seemed to trust him much. Beelzemon sighed.
"Okay, I'll protect you." he said.
"Thank you!" she squeaked out happily. Beelzemon could only sigh. He didn't want to be now her guardian. Heck, he was in a war. Guarding a little kid wasn't something he had time for. He actually never wanted a human partner.

Beelzemon startled. Who said that she is his partner? He's just doing the guarding job until she goes home. Yes, that's it. He's just guarding her. Nothing more. And when she finnaly finds a way home, he'll never see her again. End of story. Beelzemon looked down at Arisa. She tightly followed him, like she was sceared that he would leave her.

He got a feeling like he would slap his forehead. Instead slapping his forehead, he just rolled with his eyes. Who was he kidding? If the DigiGnomes brought the girl into the DigiWorld than that sure meant that she's special. And that he met her would mean that...Beelzemon shook his head to rid that thought off. But he knew could keep arguing with his own mind and the answer would be still the same. That Arisa is his possible partner.

-Life sometimes sucks.- he thought.

Arisa followed her new Demon Guardian tightly. She had nothing against Beelzemon. In fact, she favorized him. He would sure help her. At first she was a bit sceared of him, but she soon realized that there did existed something good in him. And since he told her he's the strongest Digimon around, she knew she's save with him.

"So kid, is there any special reason why you're 'ere?" asked Beelzemon.
"Why are you calling me kid? I have a name you know; Arisa." said Arisa. Beelzemon rolled with his eyes.
"Ok, ok, Arisa, so is there any special reason why you're 'ere?" he repeated his question. Arisa put a finger on her chin.
"Well, actually I didn't thought of that." she said. Beelzemon sweatdropped. "The last thing I can remember is that I said that I wanted to find out what the origin of the thunderstorm in my world was. Than the DigiGnomes brought me here."
"The origin of a thunderstorm?" said Beelzemon, confused. He than remembered how Barbamon told him once that some things which happen in the Digiworld also could happen, but in a diffrent way, in the Real World. And this war between the Royal Knights and Demon Lords was kinda similar to a thunderstorm.
"Well you are in the middle of it." he said at least.
"In the middle of what?" she asked. Beelzemon again swatdropped. He was really impatient and he had the feeling that it would be hard to guard her without a bit of patience.
"Of your thunderstorm. Here, in this world is a war." he said.
"Between who?" asked Arisa.
"Between the Royal Knights and Demon Lords." said Beelzemon.
"And you belong to which group?" asked Arisa. Beelzemon had to laugh, but he kept calm.
"And what do you think?" he asked.
"You look like a Demon, so I guess you belong to the Demon Lords. But that acutally wasn't my question. I wanted to ask you do you belong to the good or bad guys?" she replied. Beelzemon blinked surpriesed.
"I guess I belong to the bad guys." he said. The 7 Great Demon Lords were the worst group in the whole Digiworld and afraid of many Digimon. Their members were actually all evil and merciless Digimon, but also one of the stronges Digimon ever.
"And why are you fighting?" Arisa lowered her tone to a whisper and pointed at him. Beelzemon noticed that he upset her, but he did get the massage. She was asking him why is he fighting.
"I-I..." Beelzemon blinked. Why was he fighting? Sheesh, he never asked himself why the heck was he also fighting in this war. He mostly fought to get stronger, but in this war he couldn't get stronger. He could either win, or die. "I guess that I'm fighting just because I'm in mood to fight."
"You don't seem to be evil." said Arisa. Beelzemon again stared confused at her. He than crossed his arms.
"Well, maybe I'm not evil, but I am a bad 'Mon." He now was asking himself what he was talking. Did he really defended his bad image of a Demon Lord? Sheesh, that girl could ask good questions.
"But you aren't bad now. You're nice." said Arisa and smiled. Beelzemon sweatdropped, though he knew she was right. He was nice to her, a bit too nice. And too patient.
"I'm only nice to you, but I'm mean to the others." he said.
"You're only nice to me? Am I special to you?" asked Arisa.
"Well, that's the same thing I'm askin' myself." he said. Just than he twitched. "Arisa, go somewhere and hide."
"Why? Is there a mean Digimon who'll attack us?" she asked.
"Sorta. Just go." said Beelzemon. Arisa nodded. "And whatever happens, don't come out."
"Alright, but what about you? Will you be okay?" she asked.
"I...I'm not sure." said Beelzemon.
"Beelzemon, please promise me one thing." said Arisa.
"And that would be?" asked Beelzemon.
"Please come back." she said. Beelzemon went quiet for a moment, but than he nodded.
"I promise, I'll come back." he said and went to a more open part of the wood. He noticed lights and flames on the sky, knewing that the battle had already begun.

He some came so near that he could hear the Digimon naming their attacks and than, he finnaly saw them. He noticed Lucemon Chaos Mode batteling Dynasmon and UlforceVeedramon. Crainumon and Magnamon were batteling Belphemon Rage Mode and Leviamon. Duftmon was batteling Lilithmon. Sleipmon was battleing Barbamon. Omnimon was batteling Deamon. Beelzemon noticed that one missed.

"Lighting Joust!" he heard a shout from behind and swiftly turned around, only to dodge a blast of blue-white energy.
"Ugh, never heard of it's not honor-like to attack your foe from behind." said Beelzemon as Gallantmon finnaly arrived. Gallantmon who was sitting on Grani jumped down.
"Like you know what honor is." said Gallantmon pointing with his lance at the Demon Lord.
"Maybe I know more than you do." said Beelzemon.
"That would be a lie." said Gallantmon.
"Can we just dropp that and countine with the fight? I promised someone that I'll come back soon and I'm gonna hold my promise." said Beelzemon.
"To who?" asked Gallantmon. Beelzemon put a hand on his hip.
"What do you care Knighty? This is none of you buissnes." said Beelzemon and pulled out his Berenja Gun.
"I'm sorry, but I don't think that you'll gona hold that promise." said Gallantmon.

"Lighting Joust!"

Arisa walked nervously up-down. She was worried about Beelzemon. She also noticed the light shows on the sky and she was sure that it had to do something with the Royal Knights and Demon Lords. That was the thing that worried her so much. What if Beelzemon dies? Than no one would protect her. She just had to help him and runned towards the battles. She heard some yelps and shouts. Someone roared, possibly it was his last one. She hoped that Beelzemon is okay.

-Please, let him be alive. Beelzemon, hold on.- she thought. She finnaly came to the edge of the forest. She noticed how Sleipmon, Omnimon, Dynasmon, UlforceVeedramon and Crainumon and Duftmon were sending all together a blast at Lucemon, destryoing him. She also noticed a fainted Veemon. With her look she searched for Beelzemon. And than she saw him and Gallantmon.

She, shocked stepped back, putting her hands on her mouth. Beelzemon was on his knees, beaten, and Gallantmon was about to stab him with his lance.

"Any last words?" asked Gallantmon strictly. Beelzemon looked down.
"Just do it." he said and glanced over to the woods, noticing Arisa hiding in the bushes. He felt sorry that he couldn't keep his promise.
"Than be it so." said Gallantmon and stabed him right through his chest. Arisa frozed as she saw Beelzemon disolving into data particles. Her eyes teared. She noticed that the data didn't fade away. It actually formed to a DigiEgg. 6 other DigiEggs appeared in the sky. Just than, she saw 5 glowing orbs, a blue, a red, a green, a white and a golden. The Digimon Souveregines, Azulongmon, Bahiumon, Zhuqiaomon, Ebnowumon and Fanglongmon emerged from them.

She glared at the 7 DigiEggs in which the Demon Lords were turned to. She was worried about Beelzemon, but she knew she couldn't help him. She was to weak to confront the Souveregines who appeared on the sky. Azulongmon, Zhuqiaomon, Bahiumon, Ebnowumon and their leader Fanglongmon. She wanted to rise her voice, to tell them to at least spare the one who saved her, but she didn't. She was too afraid and she was ashamed because of that. She glared at the Royal Knights who were also looking at the sky.

"They'll be sealed away in the Forbidden Area. Forever!" said Azulongmon as the DigiEggs dissapeared in a flash of light.
"Finnaly, peace was brought into the DigiWorld." said Gallantmon. The brown haired girl, who was hidding in the bushes, stepped back, stepping on a dry branch which cracked. Gallantmon, who was the nearest turned his head around and saw a girl which runned away.

"I-I wanna go home." she said as she was sure that she was far away from the place where the battle between the Demon Lords and the Royal Knights took part. The DigiGnomes flied around her, giggling and squeaking happily. They created a portal for her. Just before she stepped through, she heard a nice, calm voice.

~Seven Demons, created for destruction, will fall and be prisoned away.
A Human will break the Seal of Eternity and the Demons will Awake again.
Four, to Conquer, Two, to Choose their own Path, One, to Cause Destruction.
No one will survieve, everyone shall die.
The Keys will open the Gate of Terror and release a Forgoten Monster.
A Sin will turn to a Virtue. The Balance will be brough back.
A Warrior will be born.
Despite his Origins of Darkness, he will serve the Light.
And destroy the Eternal Enemy.~

She blinked confused and realized that she was again in her own room. She went to the balcony and noticed the thunderstorm clouds. A storm was coming.

-8 years leater-
He woke up. His head hurted. Where was he? Who was he? Why was he here? He didn't knew. Everything was black around him. He felt kinda claustrophobic since he noticed that he was in a kind of egg. A egg? Possibly a DigiEgg. Suddenly, his memories came back. He remembered the Royal Knight Gallantmon, who killed him. He rembered who he was. He remember his old teammates. And, something else...Kiimon struggled to recall that memory. Everything he could recall was a kind, soft voice. He had no idea to who it belonged. Just than, he heard other voices. Male and cold. Opposite the voice whose user's name he tried to recall.

"Which DigiEggs should we take Boss?" asked one.
"The ones with the Crests of Gluttony and Lust." said Dr. Yung. "I heard which Digimon they favorize. Akari's favorite Digimon is Lilithmon and Arisa's Beelzemon."

Arisa? Why was that name so familar to Kiimon? Did he heard it before? He was sure he had. He felt how he's being dragged away. He had no idea where they're bringing him or Lilithmon, but he was curious about that. After a while, he again got asleep. As he awoke, he heard a female voice.

"These Crests symbolise two Crests of the Seven Great Demon Lords...This is the Crest of Lust, and also the Crest of my favorite Digimon, Lilithmon. And this is the Crest of Gluttony and the Crest of the Digimon Beelzemon." he heard a girl (known as Akari Inoue) talking.

"Yes, and now, you two pick up a DigiEgg and a D-Power." said Yung.
"I'll go first." said Akari pushing Arisa out of the way (Hey!) and she immediantly picked Lilithmons DigiEgg and the light purple D-Power. She rubbed softly the Egg and a YukimiBotamon popped out.

"My name is Akari Inoue and now, I'm your Hacker YukimiBotamon. And we'll show those jerks who the strongest team is." said Akari grining. YukimiBotamon nodded.
"Yes, of course."
Arisa rolled with her eyes and picked the other DigiEgg. Kiimon felt her warm hands and he wanted to get out of the DigiEgg. Now! Just as Arisa touched it, the Egg begun to glow and Kiimon popped out.

Arisa smiled in confusion. Kiimon looked at her with his black eyes, and Arisa had to admitt that he was cute. Even cuter than in her imagination. She picked the dark purple D-Power. Kiimon glared at Arisa. That face was somehow familar to him. And her name too. He wished he could remember where he heard it last.

"Helo, I'm Arisa. Your Tamer." she said.
"Helo Tamer Arisa." said Kiimon in a childish voice with a Brooklyn accent. He felt somehow, somehow familiar being in her embrace. Dr. Yung begun to laugh. Kiimon frowned. He didn't like that man.
"Huh, he, he,.. No Arisa, you aren't a Tamer. You are a Hacker, just like the others." he said.

"A Hacker?" asked Arisa in confusion. Kiimon gave her also a confused look.
"Yes, and now I think that you two should get acquinated closer with your partners. I'll leave you now alone. Tommorow, at eight o'clock will your education start. Don't forget it. Your classroom is on the fourth floor." said Yung and he and his assistant walked out of the room.

"Wow, you two got Demon Lords as partners. This is something which isn't seen often." said Ken.
"Acctualy, never and for a good reason." answered Akira.
"O, well. I think I should go now sleep. I don't want look ugly on my first day in the Hackers School. Neither YukimiBotamon. Am I right?" said/asked Akari.
"Yes you are right. A beauty sleep is just what I need now." replied YukimiBotamon in a arogant voice and the two walked out of the room, without saying good night to the others. Arisa chuckled. Yes, Akari and Lilithmon a la YukimiBotamon are matching perfectly. Kiimon smirked. Lilithmon would never change. She really annoyed him.

"Akira, are you coming to my room. We still have to finish our duel." said Ken. Akira nodded and they also went out, ignoring Arisa. Arisa was a bit angry. No one was that rude with her.

"And what should we do now?" asked Kiimon.
"Go into our room?" suggested Arisa and they went out, Arisa holding Kiimon in her arms. She hooked the D-Power on her belt. The girls rooms were on the third floor and the boys rooms were on the second floor. Of course, there were much more Hackers than those four. But Arisa, Akari, Akira and Ken were the only begginers here.

Arisa walked into the next coridor and she saw a door with her name. It was her room. In front of her room was (to Arisas sorrow) Akaris room. She entered her room. It wasn't bigger than her old room and it hand't a balcony. Next to the window was her bed and a table with a computer and a lamp. Next to the door was a wardrobe and on the other side was a shelf. Under the shelf was a big sitting pillow. Next to the pillow was a door which lead to a bathroom.

"I'm hungry." said Kiimon. Arisa placed him on the bed and started to search for food in her backpack. She didn't know how long would she travel to the Hackers HQ, so she packed a few riceballs, her favorite food (if we not count pizza in). She found the riceballs and put them in front of Kiimons mouth, who begun to eat.

Arisa walked to the window and looked out. Alotugh she hadn't a balcony, the sight was beautiful. She saw the lights of DigiCity and asked herself what are her friends doing now.

"Aren't you hungry?" asked Kiimon Arisa, as he looked at the last riceball (the other five he had already ate ^^).
"Nah, I'm not." she replied.
"Goodie, more food for me." he said and ate happily the last riceball. Arisa sat next to him.
"Yes, what is it, Hacker Arisa?" asked Kiimon.
"Well, you don't have to call me like that. Call me just Arisa. And please remove that 'Hacker' word. I don't wanna be called Hacker." said Arisa.
"And how'd you like to be called than?" asked Kiimon.
"Tamer. But don't call me like that in front of the other Hackers or Yung. I wanna prove them how a normal Tamer can be better than a Hacker." said Arisa and tough a bit.
"Alright Arisa."
"Well, there is also something other what I wanted to ask you. You sure don't remember your past as a Demon lord, do you?" asked Arisa.
"I acctualy do." replied Kiimon.
"Really, I tought that Digimon who get turned into DigiEggs, cannot remember their past." "There are always exeptions. But I'm not sure if Lilith remebers her own past." said Kiimon.
"Do you like her?" asked Arisa giggling.
"Are you nuts? No!" answered Kiimon turning around, like insulted. "Alright, alright, I'm sorry. I was just curious." said Arisa. Kiimon didn't turned back. Arisa rolled with her eyes and giggled again. "Hey Kiimon, please, don't act like that. I didn't want to insult you. I acctualy think that it's a great pleasure to be your Tamer." said Arisa, watching how he turns around.
"Really. You aren't lying, are you?"
"No, I swear."
"You are really cute." said Arisa. Kiimon made an angry face.
"I'm not cute! I'm cool, understood!"
"Yeah whatever." Arisa rolled with her eyes. Kiimon sweatdropp and sighed.
"And with a girl like you I have to be partnered. I would rather get into a battle with the Celestial Ones than this." said Kiimon.
"What's the big deal Kiimon? I think that we make a good team, and I don't think that it'll be boring here. We should show that arogant Akari and YukimiBotamon who's the strongest here." replied Arisa. Kiimon rised his look.
"Well, if this means to make Lilith feel misery, I'm in. She is so annoying."
"Believe me, it does."

Kiimon smirked. Maybe it won't be that bad to have a human partner. Especially when this human was so familiar to him. He couldn't wait till his new life starts.

-Present day-

Arisa woke up. She breathed heavily. A lost memory, which became a nightmare to her, came back. She bowed over her bunk-bed and noticed that Impmon was sleeping calmly on the couch underneath her bed. He had no problems with nightmares. Not anymore. Arisa sighed and lied back on her bed, crossing her arms. She witnessed Beelzemon's death. Her little adventure was one of the reasons why she wanted to be partnered with the Demon Lord of Gluttony. Arisa gave again a deep sigh. Well, now, everything was again normal. Reapermon was defeaded, the Tamers and Hackers ended their little rivalty. Heck, Dean Hagane and Hikaru Motimiya, one a Hacker the other a Tamer, fell in love with each other and were now a couple. Arisa had also to admit that she had a crush on Akira and had told that Takuto which broke his heart. She hated to crush his hopes of being a couple, but she liked Akira more. But now she had other things on mind. Everything seemed to be normal. But why had she the feeling that something isn't right. Something that had to do with her memory. And with that prophecy.

A Prophecy which predicts some future actions. What does it mean? Some parts of the prophecy already became true. And what about the last part? Stay tuned for Digimon Tamers Awake of the Demon Lords.

[Ending Song Ryussei by Digimon Data Squad plays]

Hi, Arisa's speaking. I'm doing the today's preview. Next time, I and Impmon will battle a Celestial Angel. Also, Lucemon and the other Demon Lords are back. Wanna know their plans? Don't miss the next episode:~2. Appearing of a Celestial~. See ya!