I'll often use scenes from the fanfic, so it would be better if you read the fic first before you read the description of the OP.

Stand UP! [Digimon Xros Wars]


[The temple with the Eggs of the 7 Great Demon Lords is shown, Arisa's voice is heared]

A Prophecy predicted the rise of the 7 Great Demon Lords...

[The DigiEgg shine and the shadowed images of the Demon Lords on their Mega Level appear, with each of their Crests glowing behind them.]

It is said that their Crests have the ability to awake the Forgotten Enemy.

[The Gate of the 7 Seals appears.]

But it is also said that there'll be a Warrior who's able to beat this Forgotten Monster. Who is this Warrior? No one knows. But we hope he'll awake and destroy the Forgotten Monster.

-Short Instrumental-

[Digimon Tamers Awake of the Demon Lords logo appears]

YEAH, STAND UP BOYS hora mae wo muite kimi wo tsutsumu ERU ga michibiku

[Arisa appears and thrusts her arm to right, like in introducing the team: the Tamers, Noah, Nanami, Shawn, Haruka, Karin, Ryoma with their Digimon, exept Impmon]

asu e ikou

[A DigiGnome passes by]

YEAH, STAND UP GIRLS RIARU wo koeta saki atsui kumo ni oowareta hikari tsukamu yo

[Akari does the same, only from the left side and introduces her part of the team: the Hackers, DigiDestenied and Rangers with their Digimon, exept BlackGatomon]

ima made no hibi jyairarenai

[The Temple with all 7 DigiEggs of the 7 Great Demon Lords appears, the Crest shine and the Demon Lords appear first in their Rookie as shadowed images, until they once again shine and appear in their Mega Levels, this time not as shadowed images]


[The 7 Sin Crests appear]

takai kabe mo

[and turn into the 7 Virtue Crests (the ones which appeared on the DigiEggs)]

uchi nuite ikou

[Shinzui and a DigiGnome appear]


[Shinzui thrusts her armband which shines]

donna koto demo

[Barbamon appears firing a fire blast from his staff at Sakuyamon, WarGreymon, Merukimon, OmegaShoutmon in Urban City]

muchuu ni natte

[Leviamon appears firing a blast from his mouth at Imperialdramon DM in the Deepest Cave]

tsuki susumeba

[Marcus appears punching Belphemon RM as his DigiSoul awakes]

kiri hirakerunda

[ShineGreymon BM stabs Belphemon with his sword]

sagashi motometa kotae ga

[Deamon is seen firing a fire blast at UlforceVeedramon and Examon at the Clockwork Plane]

donna tooku demo

[Lucemon is seen in front of the Gate of the 7 Seals which shines as he get's covered into a golden DigiEgg cocoon]


[Lucemon Satan Mode appears out of the DigiEgg coocon and roars]

tatoe omoiga

[Impmon appears with crossed arms and digivoluves to Beelzemon]

yowase misetemo

[BlackGatomon appears with crossed arms and digivoluves to Lilithmon]

chikaku deki koeru kimi no koega

[Beelzemon Warrior Mode is seen beating Ogudmon]

chikara to yuuki wo kureru

[A DigiGnome appears with a ball of light in front of him, the ball of light turns into the Real World seen from the Digiworld]

doko mademo hashi ite yukeru yo ne

[The 7 Great Demon Lords appear in front of the Real World orb with both kinds of their Crests (kinda similar to the XW Hunters song ending)]