I know this story is completed but I promised you guys little one shots and here's one. It takes place sometime in that three months Bonnie was dead and Stefan was in the safe. Ofcourse that never happened and Elena is human. I hope you enjoy it.

Damon could feel her fingers pulling on his hair and her body hovering over his. He could smell her arousal from under the sheets and all he wanted was to be inside of her again. Damon reached over to her side of the bed, and found nothing but air. He opened his eyes to see the spot his little witch was supposed to be in empty. He groaned at the aching between his legs. He wanted her so bad it hurt.

Then he heard Stefan and Andorra going at it again. What is the point of her living with Rebekah if they are going to spend every moment they could here fucking like rabbits? Damon hated that he was once again jealous of his little brother and the relationship he had with Andorra. They were cute together and Damon was honestly happy for both of them. With that said he hated how much more sex they had then he and Bonnie. It took too much time and effort to get into Bonnie's pants now that she started school. She and Caroline were taking summer classes with Matt so he wouldn't feel bad about needing the extra boost to get into college.

It bothered him more than he let on that Bonnie wanted to spend the summer in school and not under him. He picked up his phone and called his witch. "This better be important I have a test in today," Bonnie said. She was studying and she really was happy to have a break. Plus she really missed him, but she wasn't going to tell him that.

"What is the test on, maybe I can help you?" Damon asked.

Bonnie laughed to herself sure Damon would be of no help. "It's for the human right's class Care is making me take. What do you know about protective children laws?"

Nothing, he knew absolutely nothing, "A lot I should come over and help you," he said with a smile in his voice.

"You little liar," she laughed. "I don't need your help or lack there over," she said smiling to herself.

"Maybe I need your help, you ever think about that?" he asked her. "You know you're really selfish sometime Bennett," he said with fake anger.

"I thought you liked your girls self-centered?" Bonnie teased.

"Hahaha, you're too funny," he laughed.

"Thanks I try," she said hearing the door to her dorm room open. "Caroline just got back with breakfast can I call you after my test?" Bonnie asked him.

"Ok, but only if we can have lunch after your test," Damon asked.

"I-I'm really busy all day today so I really can't today," she said. There was something in her tone that alarmed him. Something wasn't right with her and he wanted to know what it was.

"How about a movie tomorrow?" he asked.

"Um I'm really busy Damon I don't know if I can," she said looking for her planner.

"Or you just don't want to see me," he grunted.

"Let's be adults about this," Bonnie sighed. "You knew what you were getting into when you decided to stay with me while I was going to be in school," Bonnie said searching for her planner still. Caroline and Matt followed her with their eyes as she destroyed the room.

"We decided that we were going to stay together, and make an effort to see each other," Damon yelled.

"I know I have been flakey but I'm trying, I can't be under you 24/7," she yelled.

"You could, you just choose not to," he snorted.

Bonnie paused. He was really being an ass, and where the hell was her planner. "Look Damon that's uncalled for. I love you and I want us to work but we can't if"-

"If we don't see each other. We don't even skype anymore. It's not like you're on another planet you're two hours away. It's like you've just given up on us," he accused.

"No I haven't Damon. I want this to work," she yelled sitting on the edge of her bed facing away from Caroline and Matt so they couldn't see how upset she was.

"You're not acting like you want this to work. You never make any effort to be a part of this relationship, and I'm trying Bonnie, I'm trying so hard, but I need help. Throw me a lifeline or something," he pleaded.

"I'm just really busy Damon, it will calm down soon," she said trying to keep her voice even. She didn't want to seem weak in front of her friends, especially were Damon was concerned.

"Well, maybe we should just take a break so you can get unbusy," he growled.

"Don't say thing you don't mean. If you want to break up fine, but don't purpose it if it's not what you want. You can't control me like that Damon I'm not a child. I won't cry and plead with you, because you say you won't be my friend," she whisper-yelled at him. That was her fancy way of saying I'm not Elena, you're going to have to come harder than that.

"I don't want to break up, but I don't want to just set around waiting for you to give a damn."

"I give a damn Damon!" she said with a spike in her voice showing him she did, "I care, you're just being insecure and really goddamn childish right now. I'm going to call you later after you've calmed down," she said feeling the tears coming.

"How is wanting to spend an hour out of the day with the woman I love being childish, Bonnie? Where do you draw that conclusion from? I'm childish because I love you? Am I childish because I fucking miss you? Is that what being childish is Bonnie? Is that why everyone walks all over you, because it's childish to give a damn about Bonnie Bennett," he yelled.

Bonnie knew he was hurting and she was too. She just needed that goddamn planner, so she could figure out when they could meet up and really talk, but of course it was nowhere to be found and feelings were already being hurt. "Give me a minute Damon and we can figure something out," Bonnie pleaded with him.

"No I wouldn't want to stand in the way of your precious study time. Have a great day Ms. Bennett," he hissed into the phone before he hung up.

"Damon, Damon," Bonnie begged, but only got a dial tone. She was beyond mad especially since she just found her planner in her messenger bag. Bonnie was so frustrated she didn't know what to do.

"Bon you okay?" Matt asked.

"Yeah I'm fine," She said in a monotone voice and grabbed her towel. "I'm going to take a shower," she said and want to the bathroom.

Caroline could hear Bonnie crying in the shower and that pissed her off to no end. "The nerve of that bastard," she yelled.

"Look we've all been there. Damon just misses her," Matt said trying to calm Caroline's fire.

"And he shows her he misses her by making her feel like shit for having a life?" she shrugged as if she's never done that to Tyler.

"Damon logic."

"Well that's some fucked up logic," Caroline said as she grabbed her phone and furiously typed.

"What are you doing now?" Matt asked.

"I'm getting to the bottom of this," she said.

"That better not be Damon," Matt sighed. "You know how Bonnie gets when you meddle."

"It's not Damon and I'm just giving him a little push into the right direction," Caroline shrugged.

"I'm not involved in this," Matt laughed.

"You are now." She sent her message and went to Bonnie's closet to pick out a cute outfit for her to ware.

Stefan read Caroline's text while Andorra was in the shower. They heard the ending of Damon's fight with Bonnie and the couple thought it would be best to let Damon cool off. Stefan threw on some pants and walked down the hall to Damon's room and he wasn't there. He listened closely and heard rustling in the study across the hall. Damon was on the computer with a bottle of Jack by his side.

"Damon you need to stop drinking it's not even noon," Stefan said as he leaned against the door post.

"It's noon somewhere," Damon mumbled.

"What's going on with you and Bonnie?" Stefan asked.

"Oh, wouldn't you like to know Mr. Perfect. Did Mrs. Perfect send you here to get me to apologize because I'm not," he yelled.

"Mrs. Perfect didn't do anything," Andorra said standing by Stefan.

"I was referring to his other girlfriend Caroline," Damon said her name with a disgusted groan that made the couple laugh.

"Anyhow I'm going to meet Bonnie I'll see you tonight," she said to Stefan and then she kissed him gently. "Love you," she smiled as she cupped his cheek.

Stefan grabbed her hand and kissed it. "Love you too."

"Damon is there anything you'd like me to tell Bonnie?" Andorra asked.

"You can tell her it's nice that she can pencil the lackluster-demigod-that-almost-got-her-killed-multiple-times into her schedule, but couldn't manage to spend a fleeting moment with her boyfriend," he said with a sarcastic smile.

"It's nice that you're jealous of my relationship with Bonnie, but if you're not careful you won't have one," Andorra teased as she left.

"You know she's right," Stefan said. "Just talk to Bonnie and see if you guys can work something out," Stefan purposed.

"Why am I never right? You're my brother, you should be on my side defending me not the witch," he said.

"Well the witch was frantically looking for her planner so she could find the most time to spend with my asshole of a brother, and he kept accusing her of not wanting to be with him. Maybe so much so that she's starting to think it's true. It surely was enough to make her cry," he said with a dull look that not only questioned Damon's intelligence, but made him feel like a dick all the same.

"I hate blondes," he smiled as he got up to shower and head over to Whitmore College.

"You know Damon really didn't mean what he said," Andorra said to Bonnie as they waited for Elena to get back from her interview with the chair of the English department. Elena was trying to get into the accelerated writing program so she could get her master's and bachelor's in creative writing as quickly as possible.

"I know, but he's still an ass," Bonnie laughed.

"I know, but he really misses you Bonnie, and it's hard for him to be around me and Stefan all the time and not have you by his side. You know how he always feels like he hast to compete with his brother."

"Our relationship shouldn't be a competition," Bonnie said. "And for him to act like I don't want to be with him is absurd. I've been busy with school," Bonnie shrugged. "I don't want to feel guilty for that."

"But you do?" Andorra asked seeing it on her face.

"Sometimes, I feel like I'm not trying with Damon, because he does so much for me, and I forget to call, and I double book dates with him, and I'm just an awful girlfriend," Bonnie groaned as she slowly realized she's been provoking this fight for a while now. She was partly surprised Damon held his anger in for so long.

"No you're not, you guys just need balance. You'll find it sooner or later," Andorra smiled.

"Hey I got in," Elena cheered as she came out into the hall.

"That's great we're really happy for you," Bonnie said hugging Elena. Elena and Andorra weren't the best of friends but they were getting there. It took a little bit of time for Elena to except that things with her and Stefan weren't going to get back to what they were. And there were still feelings there for both Stefan and Elena that Andorra had to realize weren't going anywhere.

"Thanks guys," Elena said as she grabbed her bag from Andorra. The girls walked down the hall to the exit.

"So what did you want to meet and talk about?" Bonnie asked.

"I'm sort of seeing someone," Elena smiled.

"Wait what does that have to do with us?" Andorra asked. She expected Elena to be in some life or death situation the way she made her and Bonnie promise to meet her and not tell anyone she was going to be at Whitmore.

"Well you and he are really close friends or at least you were, I'm not too sure about now, and Bonnie's a witch with really good judgment. I just need to make sure I can trust him," Elena smiled.

"And who is this mysterious fella you're dating, but don't trust?" Andorra asked as they stood in the quad.

"It's me," Kol said appearing out of nowhere. "I'm her new boy toy," he smiled.

Andorra and Bonnie were at a loss for words. "How?" Bonnie asked.

"Later over diner I have to meet Jeremy and Alaric right now, but we're still on for the grill tonight right," Elena said.

"Yes but"- Bonnie started when Elena rushed to her car.

Andorra got a call from Stefan she had to take, so Kol and Bonnie were left to their own devices. Bonnie eyed down the young original. He was wearing his signature smug grin and a polo and jeans. He looked like just another kid on campus, but little did everyone else know he was a murderous vampire. "Are you trying to hurt Elena?" Bonnie asked him.

"No Bonnie I'm not trying to hurt Elena," he said as his smile deepened.

"How long have you been seeing her?" she asked.

"A few days seriously. Not terribly long," he shrugged.

"Does she know about us?" Bonnie asked.

"No one knows anything about us," Kol chuckled. "Just as I promised."

"Good," Bonnie said releasing a sigh. She didn't realize she was holding her breath until she let it out.

Damon was seconds away from killing Bonnie and Kol. They hadn't notice, but he had been watching them from the quad parking lot ever since Elena disappeared. He watched as they talked with Andorra and soon she disappeared no doubt to talk to Stefan. Damon was going to surprise Bonnie with her favorite meal from the Grill when he heard their conversation.

"Are we still on for this afternoon?" Kol asked.

"Yes after my test," she smiled. "And I guess we can head to the grill for dinner afterwards," she added.

"Sounds like a plan. I have to meet with Shane so text me when you're ready love," he said.

"Thanks," she said as Andorra came back.

"Andy I'll be seeing you soon," Kol said as he took Andorra's hand and kissed it.

Soon he was gone and the girls were left alone, with Damon watching them. "I have to run take my test are you going to be okay waiting for Matt alone?"

"Yeah I'll be fine. I'll just zap us back my place when he's done with his Math class," Andorra said. "Good luck on your test, and give Damon a call."

"Thanks," She said ignoring the part about Damon which made him madder. Damon got back in his car and drove off. Andorra took out her phone to call Rebekah when she saw what looked to be Damon's Camaro sped around the bend. She shook her head convinced that couldn't be him.

Damon paced the floor of his room convinced that Bonnie was cheating on him with Kol Fucking Mikealson the original Batboy. He was going to kill everyone involved. He couldn't believe Bonnie would do this to him. He was trying to pinpoint a moment in time this could've happen. Something he might have done to push her away. Still, he kept coming up empty. He did everything right, and when he didn't they'd talk it out and find a way to make their relationship work.

Damon sat in the living room discussing his sorrows with his best friend Jack. "I've done everything imaginable to please her and is that enough?" he yelled.

Stefan walked into the house and he could smell the liquor from the porch. Stefan hated seeing his brother look so defeated. Honestly, this was the happiest Stefan had been in a while, but it all came crashing down when he saw how miserable Damon was. When he decided to spend eternity with his brother he didn't imagine them like this. "So I take it things with Bonnie didn't go
too well?" Stefan asked as he came in with a piece of chocolate tiramisu for Damon from the Cheesecake Factor. It was a gift from Andorra, because she shared Damon's love of chocolate. "Andorra sent you a little something to help ease the pain," Stefan said giving the cake to him.

"Great a half-eaten desert," Damon smiled.

"Well, I got a little hungry on the way back from dropping Andorra off at Elena's," he smiled.

"Why would she go over there?" Damon asked as he ate what was left of the cake.

"I don't know something about helping Rick, but she promised to come by here instead of going home with Rebekah and Matt," he said with a triumphant smile.

"Oh great I think I lost my appetite," Damon said tossing his food to the side and returning to his bottle.

"Come on Damon," Stefan said taking the bottle from his brother. "I'm sure you guys will fix this. She loves you."-

"No she doesn't," Damon said with a strange certainty in his voice.

"How do you even know that? Andorra said you never showed up."

"That's because for a demigod your girlfriend isn't very observant. I was there and Bonnie was talking to Kol, about some sort of secret relationship they had going on she was afraid he told Andorra about," He said before he took a long sip from the bottle.

"Bonnie would never sleep with Kol," Stefan said.

"I thought she'd never sleep with me," he smiled. "And in all honesty I've done more damage to her than Kol has," he smiled.

"Damon you're being an idiot. If you think something is going on just talk to her."

"No!" he objected as if that was the stupidest thing anyone had ever said to him. "We're over and I'm over it," he smiled.

"You look really over it," Stefan nodded and slapped his brother's leg before he left.

"I thought you had a thing for witches?" Andorra asked as she sat in the booth with Kol and Bonnie. She just arrived from her dinner with Stefan. Elena was late and no one really knew where she was.

"I do still hold witches in very high esteem. I didn't plan on Elena, she just happened," he smiled. "And there she is tardy to the party," he said giving Elena a light kiss.

"Sorry, Alaric has been playing 21 question with me all day. It's like I'm not even an adult," she sighed.

"There's plenty of room at my place now that Rebekah and Klaus are gone. Elijah comes and goes, but it doesn't really matter."

"No Kol, I'm not moving in with you," Elena laughed.

"It was merely a thought love," he smiled at her.

"Thank you guys for doing this for me. So dinner is on me," Elena smiled.

"I've done my eating for the night," Andorra smiled. "So you don't have to worry about me."

"You wish I could say the same," Bonnie smiled.

"Great this is going to cost me an arm and a leg," Elena sighed.

"Come on," Bonnie said dragging her to the bar to order.

"So how's Stefan?" Kol asked.

"He is amazing," Andorra smiled. "Are you still jealous about me not kissing you at the dance?" she laughed.

"Of course not that was ages ago," he smiled. "But I know you would have."

"Oh, really," she laughed.

"It would have happened I'm sure of it," he said with a smug grin.

Damon convinced Stefan to go to the grill so they could catch Bonnie in the act since it was so unbelievable she'd cheat. When they walked into The Mystic Grill Damon spotted Kol immediately, but he wasn't with Bonnie. "I thought you dropped Andorra off at Elena's?" Damon asked.

"I did she said Rick needed help with something," Stefan said as he watched Kol and Andorra.

Just then Alaric walked in. "I didn't ask anyone for help with anything," Alaric said standing behind Damon and Stefan with Jeremy.

"Great we have two liars to deal with," Damon smiled.

Stefan stood quiet he was listening to Kol talk about how he was sure Andorra was going to kiss him. The veins under Stefan's eyes started to grow dark. Then Andorra reached across the table and put her hand on Kol's. They were smiling at each other. "I think there's something wrong with Stefan," Jeremy said.

By the time Damon turned around Stefan was just getting to the table. He pulled Kol from the both and started to beat the crap out of him. Andorra used her powers to make everyone but the gang freeze. Bonnie was the next to step in giving the boys aneurisms. "What the hell is your problem Stefan?" Andorra asked.

"I thought you were helping Rick?" he smiled at her.

"She was helping me," Bonnie said trying to fix this without giving Elena away.

"I don't believe this," Damon laughed.

"I'm sorry," Bonnie apologized.

"How long have you been sleeping with him," he spit at Bonnie. Then he turned to Andorra, "And how long have you known?"

The girls looked between each other utterly confused. None of them knew how Damon came to that conclusion, but they were sure calming him wasn't going to be easy. "Damon calm down it's not what it looks like," Elena said.

"The hell it isn't. I want an answer Bonnie, don't you think I deserve that," he said rage filling his voice but his eyes were pleading with Bonnie. Her heart was racing in her chest because she could see how hurt Damon was but she didn't know what to say to him. Her throat was dry, because she couldn't believe he would think she'd hurt him this bad. "Bonnie!"

"Damon he's sleeping with me," Elena said. "I've been seeing Kol and I just told Bonnie and Andorra about it today. They lied to the both of you because of me," Elena confessed.

"That's great and all, but it's only half of the story. Something's been going on between you two," Damon said pointing between Bonnie and Kol. "I heard you talking about it at your school today."

Once again all eyes were on Bonnie. She hated feeling like the bad guy when she didn't do anything wrong, and the fact that Damon was the one tossing around accusations made it worse. "What is he talking about, Bonnie?" Elena asked.

"It's not what you think Elena," Bonnie started.

"It really isn't," Kol smiled.

"I think you should just be quiet," Alaric said to Kol. Kol put his hands up surrendering.

"If you aren't sleeping with him than what were you two doing behind everyone's back?" Damon asked.

"He's been helping me with my magic," Bonnie said in tears. "Andorra and Kol have been helping me with my magic," she said and left the grill.

"Bonnie," Damon said reaching out for her, but she kept walking.

"Way to go," Jeremy mumbled.

Andorra unfroze the rest of the grill as Damon went after Bonnie. She was getting into her car and speeding off. He ran to his Camaro at vampire sped so he could follow her. He got in and followed her ten minutes down the road to her father's home. "Bonnie!" Damon yelled.

The stubborn little witch continued to her house as if she didn't hear Damon. He ran vampire sped to stand in front of her. "Look at me," Damon demanded.

Bonnie looked in his eyes and saw how sorrowful they were. She felt like her chest was going to cave in. "Move out of my way before I make you," she yelled averting her eyes.

"Just listen to me please?" he asked reaching out for her, but she flinched away.

"I'm so glad you trust me," Andorra said as Stefan opened the door for her. They just got back from the grill after everyone took turns interrogating Kol. It was the very thing Elena was trying to avoid so she wasn't all too happy either.

"I just got caught up in the moment," Stefan smiled. "I do trust you," he smiled at her as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"You do know Kol's still my friend right?" Andorra asked.

"Yes I do" he smiled at her.

"So I'm going to spend time with him. Time alone maybe," she stressed.

"I trust you Andorra," he reassured her.

"I'm not going anywhere Stefan. Don't you dare think for one moment that I'll ever leave you again," she ordered him.

Stefan smiled at her. "Allow me to apologize to you properly," he said hoisting her over his shoulder and taking her up to his room.

Meanwhile, Damon held onto Bonnie's wrist looking into her eyes. "Please just let me say something," Damon asked.

"Make it quick, Damon."

"I'm so sorry I thought you'd cheat on me," he said. Bonnie sighed and rolled her eyes unimpressed. "But what was I supposed to think Bonnie?" he asked her. Bonnie's eyes widen and she looked appalled, but Damon kept going. "That made sense to me. You've been backing out of dates, we talk less and less, I never see you. I don't know what I'm doing wrong here. I keep look for things I could be doing better, and coming up with nothing," he shrugged.

Bonnie's heart dropped. She hated that Damon blamed himself for their problems. "Damon will you stop doing that," she said cradling his face in her hands. Teary emerald meet hazed blue as their eyes met. "Stop thinking you're the problem. You are the most amazing boyfriend ever," Bonnie found herself saying.

"It doesn't feel like that."

"It does to me. I'm sorry I've been such a horrible girlfriend. I just haven't gotten the hang of college yet, but I promise I'll be better for you Damon. I love you," she said reaching up to kiss him.

"So we're not over," he smiled.

"What you think you can just be a complete dick and just get rid of me?" she smiled.

"I hope not," he said kissing her.

"Wanna come in?" she asked.

"I'd love to Ms. Bennett," he smiled at her