Baka and Test: Love, misery and hope Part 9

Akihisa and Minami walked silently while holding hands went to their territory in the dead of night. When they arrive at the meeting place, they are relieved that nobody notices the fiasco at the lake.

"Thank goodness that nobody saw it" Akihisa said.

"Saw what?" a familiar voice asked.

The lights turned on and reveals Yuji crossed armed, leaning on a wall; Muttsulini sitting on the table with Hideyoshi and Himeji, their eyes looking at them with curiosity.

"It looks like you had business Yoshii" he remarked, "What were you doing with Shimada this late?"

Akihisa and Minami let go of their hands, blushing in embarrassment. "No-nothing" he replied nervously.

"Look at this video clip then" Yuji said, "Muttsulini, if you will."

Muttsulini nodded and pressed a remote. The projector shows two familiar people who were arguing first. But as it progresses until the end, the two kissed romantically. Akihisa was completely stunned by it and Minami became quiet, looking away from the screen.

But how on earth-?" Akihisa spluttered.

"We recorded through a video camera I placed in one of the trees in the lake" Muttsulini said.

"We saw the whole Yoshii" Hideyoshi added, "You and Shimada are a couple."

Akihisa blinked at him and fainted.

"I-I'm sorry Minami" Himeji said apologetically, "I caused you and Akihisa a lot trouble yesterday. It's entirely my fault you see..."

Minami gathered her wits and approached to her. "It's alright Mizuki" she said, "Nobody's at fault. It's my fault actually. I shouldn't have eavesdropped you and Aki in the first place."

"Since that's settles it" Yuji said, "Let's strategise..."

He explains the plan in winning the final tournament. Many disagreements were involved. Some suggestions were made. But overall, they agreed to the planned.

The next day, the final battle of the tournament is about to begin. Many spectators of all classes watched eagerly at the Grounds of the Summoner. The last participants, the great Class A and the lucky Class F, marched proudly at the spectators. Many of them were silent and few whispered at the outcome of this match.

Class F will lose...

They will be crushed by Class A...

The weak will defeat the strong...

Dude, that's old.

Shut up...

"Students" the principal said to them loudly, "The final match is about to begin. Although it pains me to say this, both classes will receive a special battle style one of the teachers suggested. If you please, Mr. Nishimura, kindly explained the rules."

"What?" Akihisa cried in disbelief.

Ironman appears at the screen, looking rather eager with the new battle style he comes up with. "This new battle style I've made" he boomed, "It's called DEATH MATCH-"

Everyone gulped.

"No, no, not those kinds of death match where you kill your opponents" he tried to explained, "I meant eliminating your opponents' avatars. It is pretty simple: I will personally pick 4 best students in each class 4 on 4, the stage being a circular ring, and the subject can be anything. EXTREMEs are permitted only once in the battle and beware. Whoever wins will have free school lunches for a month. Lose, and the entire class will have remedial class FOR A MONTH. The screen will now show the players."

The screen starts first with Class A. The names are shone:


Last, the screen is now showing Class F. The names are shone:


The crowd murmurs again.

Those guys are toast...

They don't stand the chance against the Four...

Probably the will win for sure...

No one can outmatch the Idiots of Class F...

"I heard that!" Yuji cried.

"Players!" the principal commanded, "Proceed to the Grounds of the Summoners."

"Aki" Minami said, her face being faintly red.

"What is it?" Akihisa asked, concerned

She kissed him on the cheek. "Good luck" Minami said.

"Treason!" the members of FFF Inquisition said in unison.

"Let me through!" Akihisa cried, escaping the wrath of the Inquisition.

As the 4 chosen students of each class step on the Grounds of the Summoner, everyone focused on them. The Grounds change slowly into a tiled arena, the floor being filed with a number of plain and crack tiles. To make it more interesting, the wind blows, dust flew everywhere and a tumble weed appears out of nowhere.

"LET THE MATCH BEGIN!" Ironman shouted.

Everyone in the field is prepared; their eyes are on the ultimate prize: free food and recognition of the entire sophomores in Fumizuki Academy. Their purpose: pride, power or simply just having fun. They summoned their avatars and they waited for their masters' command.

"I will not go easy on you Yoshii" Kubo said, I'll still go easy on you.

Akihisa sweat drops.

"Give me a close up Muttsulini" Aiko taunted.

Muttsulini prepares his camera, his nose is bleeding.

"Yuji" Shoko said, "If we win, we will date in the cafeteria for a month."

Yuji gulps, afraid of the idea being cooped with her every day. "Never!" he cried, "Class F will surely win!"

"How would you propose then?" Yuko asked.

"We will battle!" Hideyoshi responded.

Both group charged at each other. Hideyoshi attempts to spear his sister's avatar but no success. Yuji's tries to punch the lights of Shoko's avatar but she keeps evading the attack. Even with his ninja-like skills, Muttsulini's avatar only caused Aiko's avatar to taunt him instead of retaliating. Akihisa's avatar has no luck too, for his assault against Kubo is useless.

Class A retaliates Class F. In the worst possible situations, they group together to plan their attacks.

"We're at disadvantage" Hideyoshi said.

"What are we going to do?" Akihisa asked.

Muttsulini nodded. "Our health points are dangerously low" he added.

"If my intuition is correct" Yuji said, "They'll probably use the EXTREME as a final stack against us.

"That's bad, right?" Akihisa asked.

"Of course it's bad, you idiot" Yuji replied, "But we need to distract them."


"Akihisa, Hideyoshi, wear this outfit"

Both of them, confused, wore their outfits. But those outfits are dresses, meaning they're cross-dressing. Akihisa wears a British maid outfit, while Hideyoshi wore a Bo Beep outfit.

"How is this going to work" Akihisa questioned.

"You'll see" Yuji replied. He whistled to the four Class A students to get their attention.

"Hey" he called, "Kinoshita, look at your brother over there! Toshimitsu, Yoshii's looking good!"

Both of them stared at the two guys, either one is clearly annoyed while the other one has gone insane.

"YOSHII!" Kubo squealed in delight.

He and his avatar chase Akihisa hysterically. Like a cat and mouse chase, Kubo tries to hug him, but Muttsulini's avatar strikes him silently as an assassin.

"What?" Kubo cried in disbelief, "I failed to even hug him!"

Yuko was clearly annoyed. "Hideyoshi" she said, her tone is now dangerously cold, "Why are you wearing that ridiculous dress?"

Hideyoshi winked. "I do not know what you are talking about, dear sister" he taunted, is this really part of the plan Yuji? If it is, SIS IS GOING TO KILL ME!

Quick as the speeding cheetah, Yuko's avatar charges at Hideyoshi for the kill. Luckily, Yuji commands his avatar to come to his rescue, punching the lights of her avatar.

"How is this even possible?" Yuko said incredulity, chocking Hideyoshi for no apparent reason.

Life... draining inside of me... he muttered.

"Kinoshita and Toshimitsu are eliminated!" Ironman announced.

"Good work everyone" Yuji said, "It looks like we are going to win."

"You've made us wear dresses!" Akihisa and Hideyoshi argued.

Suddenly, quick as a flash, Hideyoshi's avatar was cut down by Shoko's avatar. As for Muttsulini, his avatar was annihilated by Aiko's avatar.

"I failed" Muttsulini remarked grimly.

"I should have seen that quickly" Hideyoshi commented miserably.

"Kinoshita and Tsuchiya are out of the match!" Ironman boomed.

"Remember our promise Yuji" Shoko reminded coldly.

"Boys, Class A will defeat you" Aiko said sweetly.

"Are we going to use the EXTREME?" Akihisa asked desperately.

Yuji sweats drops. "I-I'm not quite sure" he replied in fear.

It seems the line has been drawn: both Akihisa and Yuji is at disadvantage against Shoko, the smartest of all the 2nd years, and Aiko, the cunning girl that rivals Muttsulini. Will they use the EXTREMEs? Or will they ignore it? Find out at the next Baka and Test: Love, misery and hope.

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