1-Tell him tha you think Edward Cullen is manlyer than him!11!1!1

2- Poke his belly and tell him that he looks fat with his coat on. Then continue poking him.

3- Pinch his cheecks and tell him he's cute.

4- Ask him if he's Casimiro's bitch and then RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

5-Slap his ass and then run away giggling.

6- Sing "Bringing sexy back" every time he takes off his shirt.

7-Ask him why he has a beard and before he can answer start laughing like maniac. Then recompose yourself and walk away quietly.

8- Make lewd noises every time he bend over or scream "HELLO MR. FINE-ASS!"

9- Put some ribbons in his hair and tell him he's adorable.

10- Write with a permanent marker on his ass "THIS BELONGS TO CASIMIRO" then RUN AGAIN FOR YOUR LIFE!

"This is madness!" "NO! Thi is Sp-...ok this is fucking madness" D: