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All the Weasley-Potter children were pranksters, everybody knew and expected that. Fred II and James II were of course the worse pranksters, oddly enough with Lucy coming a close second after them. The whole lot of them were different; Victoire as the oldest was the mothering one, the caring one who loved everything about everybody and always had time to listen to her cousins' problems; James was the oldest boy so he was protective over all his cousins, even Fred who was just a month younger than him, if anybody in Hogwarts ever said or did anything to or about a member of his family he'd stand up for them. Fred and James, who were practically brothers, were the most notorious pranksters Hogwarts had seen since before the war; Fred had the same personality as his father and namesake and turned everything into a joke. Molly was the studious one out of the generation and took rules extremely seriously, but she too still liked the odd prank. Rose wasn't as bad as Molly but she too stuck to the rules, the majority of the time or whenever she and Albus weren't taking adventures of their own. Albus was exactly like his father, star seeker, prone to adventures and practically his identical twin. Lucy was nothing like her sister, Quidditch obsessed she didn't really care for her studies and focused on helping her team win the Quidditch cup and trying to beat her cousin Lily's record for scoring goals in a single match. Lily Potter was Lucy's best friend, like James and Fred those two were more like sisters than friends or cousins, she was the youngest Chaser for Gryffindor ever, making the team in her first year and the only person who was close to becoming as good as she is, is Lucy. Hugo preferred chess over Quidditch and still is the only person who can ever beat his father, and remains undefeated throughout the entire school. Louis, the only Ravenclaw in the entire family, had a smile for everybody and once they met him, he became every ones best friend. The baby of the family, Roxanne is everyone's favourite and loved and adored by everybody she meets.

There's one person from the Weasley-Potter family that everybody forgets about. Dominique Weasley, younger sister of Victoire, older sister of Louis and daughter of Bill and Fleur. Choosing to attend Beauxbatons where she could be away from the family she doesn't get on with, the wizarding world forgot of her existence practically. Her family loved her, the same amount of love they had for their other relatives of course but Dominique was different to her family; she didn't care about her grades, reputation or whether people liked her or not. Dominique Ginny Weasley was trouble, not the trouble that James, Fred and Lucy caused, not the trouble that is funny. She was trouble enough to get her expelled from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic her sixth year. Since she attended a school in France, it made sense for her to live there permanently, her maternal Grandparents were tired of living with the trouble Dominique gave, and after fighting with another student with resulted in the student having to be admitted to the Hospital wing, like the school, her Grandparents had had enough and threw Dominique out. Having no choice, her parents moved her back to England and arranged with Hogwarts for her to enrol into Hogwarts.

Dominique was furious that her Grandparents were throwing her out, and since the boy she put in the hospital wing was her cousins best friend, her Aunt Gabrielle refused to let her live with them. She hated England, hated living with her 'perfect' brother and 'incredible' sister and she only really got along with two of her cousins, Rose and Albus.

Dominique P.O.V.

"EXPELLED?" Bill fumed at me when my Grandfather apparated me to England over the Christmas holidays, I was due to start at Hogwarts in January and like every Christmas, the entire Weasley-Potter family were at the Burrow, which meant my entire family were able to sit and lecture me on being expelled from one of the best schools in the magical world.

"Yeah Dad, I'm pretty sure that's what Posey put in her letter to you. Go on traitor, you can go back to France." I spat at my Grandfather who just sighed.

"Dominique! Your Grandmuzzer and I love you, we just can't put up wiz any more trouble from you!" He told me, coming over to hug me. I didn't hate my Grandfather; he was the best person in my entire life, so I hugged him back. I could have begged, pleaded with him to change his mind but I knew it wouldn't have mattered, Grandmother Appoline was determined I stay in England and with my parents.

"I'll write to you Minnie." He promised me, making me smile with the little nickname I only allowed him to call me. I nodded and watched while he hugged my mother goodbye.

"What happened to the little blonde, thirteen year old I saw on her last visit?" I heard Gran ask me, I turned from the doorway, away from my furious parents and looked at my other family members, the cousins and my siblings weren't here but my Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles were, Teddy was too and according to Grandmother Appoline, Teddy and Victoire were engaged.

"She grew up." I muttered, glancing at my long jet-black hair that reached my waist. After a visit from my parents and siblings two years ago, my Aunt mentioned Vic and I were practically identical, especially our matching shoulder length white blonde hair, hours after she said that I'd died my hair and charmed it so it was longer than it had ever been in my life.

"I think it looks very pretty Dominique." Aunt Audrey complimented me with a smile.

"So do I, obviously I wouldn't have done it otherwise." I sarcastically told her, sitting in a chair between Uncles Harry and Ron, waiting for Dad to blow up at me.

"Don't speak to your Aunt like that, and enough of how she looks. You got expelled? Expelled Dominique! Meaning they had enough of you so they threw you out!" Dad shouted, again I just rolled my eyes and let out a breath.

"Really? Is that what happened? I thought -" I snapped back at him before he interrupted me.

"Do not get smart with me young lady! You're lucky Hogwarts is accepting you otherwise it would have been Durmstrang and -" I interrupted him this time and stood up.

"Lucky? Yeah I'm real lucky I got chucked out of school for defending myself and now have to go to a school with that lot. Durmstrang? What happened to home-schooling? The thought of spending more than three months a year with me not a good one, Daddy? Don't worry the feelings mutual. I'm going for a walk." I shouted, just as loud as he was. I ignored him shouting after me and faintly heard Mum call after me, "Stay in the garden."

Grinning because I knew they'd be watching I took a box out of my pocket and lit a cigarette up, before jumping over the garden fence and heading towards the muggle village where some of my cousins would probably be, hopefully Albus or Rose.

I couldn't find anybody so after an hour of walking round the village and pushing a group of kids of a bench in the park I decided I had nothing better to do but to return to the Burrow.

As I climbed back over the fence I could see the kitchen crowded and groaned.

"Feeding time at the zoo." I muttered to myself before walking into the building. Everybody was sat around the table, all squeezed together, I saw two empty chairs, one between my parents and one between Albus and Lily. Not caring whose seat I took I sat between Al and Lily, ignoring my parents all together, I also ignored the silence that came upon the usually loud people when I entered the room.

"We told you not to leave the garden." Dad snapped, glaring at me because I ignored the chair that I was supposed to sit in.

"I'm sixteen not six. I'll go where I like when I like." I shrugged. "Albus, how've you been?" I turned to my favourite cousin, he opened his mouth to reply but Mum cut him off.

"You are still a child! Obviously the way your acting proves that, now move out of Scorpius' chair and sit here! You were late for this meal so it's your fault you can't sit next to your cousin." I looked around for 'Scorpius' whoever the hell that was; everybody was watching me with exasperated looks from the adults and amused looks from the kids.

"Who the hell is Scorpius? Who knocked another one out?" I asked the adults, noticing some of my Uncle's had to bite back a laugh.

"I'm Scorpius and I'm not family." A deep voice chuckled from behind me, turning in the chair I looked at the tall blonde boy who was smirking arrogantly at me from the staircase.

"Scorpius Malfoy, that's my chair." He grinned and nodded to the chair, holding his hand out.

"Dominique. I'll let you know when I care." I shrugged and turned back to my, now full, plate and began eating. I refused to comment on how much I missed Gran's cooking. I half-expected Scorpius to physically kick me out of his chair, but he never. He just smirked again and went to sit between my parents. Other conversations picked up from where they trailed off, I just turned to Rose who was sat on Albus' other side.

"Rosie! Tell me where sharing? Please tell me I don't have to share with one of them." I scowled at nodded towards Victoire, who was whispering to Teddy and Molly who was reading at the table.

"We're sharing; Al and Scorp are too though so it's going to be a tight squeeze." Rose giggled.

"Really? Your Dad lets you share a room with somebody who isn't a relative? You must not be shagging -" I grinned, which turned into a groan when Dad snapped, "Dominique! Language!"

"Making love, then." I emphasized and smirked at Dad who just glared at me again. I sneaked a glance at Scorpius who was laughing, along with Rose and Albus.

"Me and Scorp? Gross, we're best friends." Rose shrugged with an eye roll. I just winked at her and returned back to my meal. I felt some one's eyes on me and glanced up to see Scorpius sat staring at me. Weirdly, I felt myself blush, which I never do, and felt something flutter in my stomach when I looked into his eyes. He never looked away, just smirked at me, I saw Dad looking at the two of us so I, knowing it would piss him off, smiled and winked at Scorpius flirtatiously before looking down at my plate.