~*~*~*~Hush, Hush*~*~*

~*~Expect the Unexpected~*~*~

As long as I am on a writing role, anything that I can write about I will.

Summary: The beginning of what I hope is a short story. Shortly after Silence, Nora Grey and Patch are hit with something unexpected.*

Just so people know, I did not want this story to be completely typical. Yes, obviously, Nora would be pregnant in this fic, but if I know life like I do right now, men like Patch may or may not disappear after hearing the news. But I do know everything is not always peaches and cream.

Enough rambling. Please R and R; this is my first Hush, Hush fic ever.

Should I continue, should I write another Hush, Hush fic where Patch is supportive straight away- I was going for something a little bit less rushed and realistic.

But do you guys want 'baby fluff'? Let me know.

Chapter One

The room was dark and all movement in her room was still. She had done everything she had needed to do. She had called her friend Vee, taken the test, and cried herself practically to sleep. But, after two hours of dreamless sleep, Nora Grey was sitting up in her bed, her knees hugged to her chest.

She wanted to call Patch desperately, but she wanted to also stay strong. If she could hide long enough, she hoped everywhere her world crumbled would piece itself back together.

No such luck. Her mind said firmly.

And, her thoughts were right; sitting here in her bed wishing she were not pregnant was going to change anything. In fact, she already was changing. She knew it.

It had been today she had taken the pregnancy test with Vee after school. But, still no matter how many wee hours it had been, she felt something in the dark in the room that night. She bolted to the bathroom as soon as she felt it. Nora hoped and prayed that when she crashed and emptied her stomach it was in the toilet.

She could not see a thing. Her vision blanked as she finally passed out, her head hung over the toilet-bowl.

"Angel?" Patch said concerned as he pulled her long flowing her off her pale face. "Are you alright?"

Patch had come to check on Nora and maybe sleep next to her for a moment until she fell asleep- she had been suffering serious insomnia since Hank Miller's life ended. All her fears were coming to a head so quickly she could not keep up.

What Patch did not expect was his girlfriend's hair hanging in her toilet, her body motionless. He had pulled her up and still tried to give her enough room. When Nora came to, she felt his presence and whirled around, her eyes overflowing with tears.

How long had he been standing here?

Nora did not know and the more she wondered, the more her stomach churned.

"Mmmm," She murmured lightheadedly. "Must have been something I ate."

Nora tried to pry her shaking hands off the toilet seat but she could not let go. Patch unhooked her fingers and brought her to her feet. She was standing to his front looking straight down into the toilet feeling awful.

"Are you going to be sick again?" Patch asked quickly. She knew he was apprehensive about her current state, but she almost felt his lips turn up into a smirk.

"No. I think…I think that's it."


The tension between them was awkward for about a minute and then Patch pulled Nora into his chest and just held her tight. Nora pulled away her mind racing. Her voice was raspy and she felt groggy.

"Oh, my God. You have to get out of here- she doesn't….she doesn't…"

Nora looked at the toilet seat again feeling her insides clench tightly. Patch turned her away immediately and looked into her eyes. Nora met his wide dark eyes even though she did not want to. He was going to read her a like a book in just a moment. He would know and be mad she did not tell him hours and hours ago when they had casual dinner at Bo's arcade.

"Angel," Patch chided Nora softly. "You're babbling. Just calm down."

"I-I-I can't!" She whispered as she began to cry. "You've got to go." She pushed patch backwards but he stayed firmly planted.

"Whoa." Patch objected sounding hurt. "I'm not going anywhere." He took a bold step so Nora had no personal space and really looked up into her pale face. "You're so clammy. C'mon, let's sit you down or-"

"No." she wiped her running nose with the back of her hand and tried to inject confidence into her voice must it still came out as a shaky as ever. "G-g-go."

"Nora. Angel. Sit down." He gently led her to the edge of the bathtub, grabbed and towel from the towel-rack and began mopping her sweaty face.

"God. Patch. I have to…"

"Shhh." He soothed. "Your mum's sleeping. Just relax."

"She going to find us." Nora squeaked uncharacteristically. Patch noticed and looked into her eyes his own grave.

"Wow, you really are hyped up tonight." Patch said almost playfully, but underneath was concern. "What's going on?"

"Can…can we go to my room…"

Patch nodded and raced her into her bedroom in what felt like milliseconds. He lowered her cradled form onto her bed, sat on the edge and stroking her sweaty tendrils of dark hair.

"I don't…know…how to tell you this…" Nora sniffled her eyes still streaming endlessly. She wished her tears would stop, but part of her was grateful for them. They would cloud her vision so she would not have to see Patch run away.

It was not that she thought he would take off without a thought for her, he just knew him. He needed time to process this- her guardian angel or not.

"Then just blurt out wordlessly. Your friend Vee does."

Despite her aches and her pounding head, Nora attempted to punch Patch in the arms.

"You know it's true." Patch responded grinning from ear to ear.

Nora relished how perfect he felt cradling and stroking her hair back, took in his smile and the dark pools of his eyes before she finally uttered in a tiny, frightened voice.

"I'm pregnant Patch."

Patch went completely still like he was stone for a moment and then she saw his hard chest from underneath his shirt move outwards as he exhaled.

"What?" he asked. Nora knew he was trying to pretend he did not just hear her uttered words, but Nora was going to ignore the elephant that was now in the room.

"I said...I'm pregnant."

Patch again went still. Nora did not know what she expected. Maybe she had expected him to cry tears of joy despite the idea was ridiculous- what fallen angel would cry that a Nephlim was pregnant with their baby? None, that's who.

Maybe she expected a huge embrace and for him to start picking baby names.

But, Patch Cipriano did none of those things. In fact, after he let out another breath, which Nora waited for with her baited breath, he stood up still stiff like a statue and left muttering quick words.

"I…I have to go." He turned back his face hard. "See ya." His last words were curt all the way through. Nora felt her bone had just been slammed into with a chisel by his words.

Just as Nora hoped, the tears falling fast did stop her from seeing him completely leave. Nora was convinced he vanished and then disappeared into nothing. Although she was still crying, Nora tried to kid herself she was dreaming.

She had to be. Patch could not walk out. She needed him more than ever.

But he had… he had not even said he would call or drop by again, he simply said.

See ya.