A/N: Hello, welcome to the second part of the story, a continuation from Nothing to Lose. I never expected the story was to be warmly received in the first place! It's like, whoa, dude, what? So what is expected in Heir to Chaos? As a mental note: this has nothing to do with the game's paradox ending. I can't really tell you what to expect but I can say it would be much darker than what you guys read previously. Also, I wanted to try something new with my writing so yeah, this is just all an experiment. Love it, hate it, I'd be more than happy to listen to what you guys have to say :) Ideas are always appreciated since I hit writer's block a little too often for my own good xD

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Summary: A dark fantasy that will never taste the light within a darkened realm, harbored by black hearted beasts. May she be the one to rise above it for freedom all with a blood stained sacrifice.

Chapter 1: Death's Lullaby


Claw marks tore through the clouds releasing blood, the rain from its wounds drenching the land. With each fallen droplet, Lightning endured another moment of misery. Phantom fingers slipped down her soaked cleavage.

"My beautiful Queen crying against the storm. Who will be the first to scream once the moment approaches?"

Phantom hands continued slithering around her curves, landing between her thighs. The sinful sensations forced an escaped moan from her lips. Mustering her strength, Lightning's hand shook terribly moving to her exposed bosom trying to remove his grasp.

"Let me go..." Lightning said in a whisper, determined to resist every forbidden teasing touch.
"Embrace yourself in ecstasy, my bride."

Guiding her down onto the mattress, she tensed at every touch. Embarrassed, Lightning momentarily diverted her eyes, away from his piercing gaze. Curious lips traveled across her bosom while fingers continued curiously tracing over her curves claiming each part as his own. Feeling a pinch, she gasped.

Caius moved to her lips, "Give me your heart, Lightning. For it is the only thing I desire."
"I won't!" Lightning shot fiercely staring deep into Caius' eyes. "You will never take it even if it meant I had to die with it."
"Then you leave me no choice but to take it from you."

Alarmed, Lightning delivered a slap across his face. With her hand frozen in air, Caius remained still. Remaining silent, he felt the sting slowly pulsed within his cheek. Only when he realized shortly afterward did Lightning cause more damage than expected. Tasting metallic liquid at the corner of his lip, Caius' eyes briefly glowed. Gazing into Lightning's eyes, his eyes reflected another man altogether. There was no smirk, no smug remarks but something much more.


Taking no chances, Lightning thrashed, about to deliver the second slap but her hand was caught and twisted. The bones in her hand once again ground together.

"Your petty games end now."

Clawing the bed sheet, thrust after thrust was delivered into a body so frail. Moments dragged on for an eternity until suddenly Lightning felt her heart skip a beat. Everything stopped. With tears pooling at the corner of her eyes, hands moved to her inner thighs sensitively stroking her for the ultimate prize. Caius' fingers travelled up Lightning's abdomen, momentarily pausing on her bosom.

With glowing eyes, he spoke coldly, "My bride covered in a sea of crimson..."

The storms shrieked. Her eyes released tears upon witnessing his bloodied hands. Running a finger against her beating heart, Lightning choked. His fingers gracefully moved to her lips smearing her with her own blood. Moving the bloodstained hand to the side of her neck, he gripped it gently as his other hand remained firm on her waist as lips pressed against the other side of her exposed neck. Lightning arched her back feeling him once again, repeating the same rhythm. Bloodied kisses left their mark on her neck as her body continued holding on. She was afraid to think. She was afraid to fall into the darkness of the unknown. She was unprepared for the future to come. She was unprepared to become his.

Not once had she slept. Not once was she given the chance to flee to the world of dreams, away from this terrifying reality. No longer a pure hearted virgin, the sheets stained red proof of tainted innocence. Tears stopped falling once the storm subsided. Lightning barely moved. She dared not look at her now dirtied form. Biting her lip, Lightning took a deep breath trying to sit in an upright position. Wave after wave of pain rushed through her body forcing Lightning to expel a gasp. She could barely feel herself after last night.

Without words, Lightning battled the pain removing the sheets off her. Her eyes dared not to look at the sheets or her legs. Wobbling to the window, it was as if her legs transformed into jelly, unable to support her own weight. No, she was unable to accept the reality her body became terribly weak after Caius' undoing. Balling her fist, she was determined to fight the odds. Using the rain stained window as support, Lightning involuntarily held her abdomen, limping to the bathroom.

Bloodied footprints followed her into the ivory aroma filled tub, steam shrouding her vision. The waters did not cleanse Lightning as she had hoped; she knew no amount of soap could wash away the filth Caius placed on her. Spotting a patch of blood on her arm, Lightning rubbed her arm in mad desperation.

"Get off..." Lightning's voice shook. "Get off me."

Caius' face burned deeply in her mind as it was the only image she saw. Shaking her head, Lightning mustered her strength to fight even if her mind stood at the brink of defeat.

You cannot escape me, Warrior Goddess.

Hugging herself, what was she supposed to do? A glint caught her attention. Glancing down, she spotted the accursed ring bound tightly to her flesh. No matter how many times she pulled on it, the ring refused to budge. Lightning thought for a moment to saw it off. Was it worth the pain? Dropping her hands back into the water, Lightning curled into a fetal position. Releasing a choke, tear after tear fell into the rippling water. There must be something she could do.

Cruel reality reminded all the Time Gates were destroyed. But were they? Lifting up her head, there has to be one which existed. An optimistic thought but it made sense. Without Time Gates, Caius would be unable to move through the Timeline. Lightning frowned; if so, where was the gate he used? Thought after thought passed through her mind. Her concentration broke upon the sound of footsteps. Swiftly hugging her form, she watched Caius appear through the curtain of steam gripping onto a white gown.

"Wear this," Tossing the gown at the base of the tub, his eyes landed on his bride.

She did not respond. Taking another step forward, fingers gracefully glided through the water, landing a firm grip on her arm.

"You no longer require to hide yourself," Removing her arm away, he took note of the imperfections across her bosom.
Lightning narrowed her eyes. "Beast."
He smirked. Moving his fingers down her silk-like skin, Caius lifted her finger placing a kiss upon the ring. "And you are my beauty."

Lightning balled her fist. Releasing her hand, he dissipated with the steam never once removing his eyes off his bride.

Sapphire gems never left the area in which he once stood. Her eyes narrowed, "Curse you, Caius Ballad."

Walking slowly through azure marbled halls, Lightning used the wall has her support. She only managed a couple of steps at a time in fear of her insides may rupture. Breathing in cold, stagnant air, Lightning forced herself to continue walking, wherever her legs took her. Lightning noticed something odd with the Hall of Portraits; there were none. As a reminder were empty spaces.

She's gone...

Continuing down the hall, no portraits remained visible. Most, if not all were torn or burned. Turning a corner, Lightning heaved clutching her stomach. Swallowing, she breathed. Leaning against carved ivory pillars, Lightning's mind flashed images of last night.

My bride... My beautiful bride...

Winds escaped through glassless windows gifting Lightning's gown life, the ability to move and dance on their own accord. A sigh escaped her lips watching the gown flow with the breeze. Slowly pushing off the pillar, Lightning's ear caught the resonance of musical notes riding the wind. Curiously Lightning followed enigmatic melodies passing through a hall aligned with rows of frozen glass displays. Stopping in front of a red velvet curtain, she pulled on its golden tassels. Taking a step forward, Lightning stood in a room—an auditorium. She looked up and gasped. The ceiling was painted in deities of sorts roaming through the celestial plains upon their chariots of gold and silver. Yet, none were of Etro. Awed by this magnificence, Lightning moved to the end of the auditorium landing her eyes upon a large musical instrument constructed by bronze pipes. The keys danced across ivory surfaces bouncing from one end to the next. The sounds spilling out of the pipes was something Lightning was unable to describe; they were almost the songs of sorrow, anguish, loss and perhaps, the songs of a man's lost heart.

Unafraid, she traced each key with the tips of her delicate fingers. These keys were recently touched. Pressing one of the keys, Lightning was taken aback by the frightening sound. Gathering her nerves, she pressed another then another. Lightning was unaware of the musical melodies she produced. The melodies were not heard by her alone rather, the non-lyrical notes traveled across epochs landing to the delicate ears of a soaring dragon.

Her once beautiful eyes were glazed over, entranced by the song. Pressing keys, she played out a lullaby. Snapping out of it, fingers froze above ivory keys realizing what she had done; the notes Lightning played were not ordinary songs. These songs were songs of death sung by the ancient peoples of Paddra once a child has crossed over. Her fingers shivered.

"Death's Lullaby." Lightning recoiled, placing her delicate fingers against her rapidly beating heart. Taking several steps away from the organ, Lightning spoke, "What the hell is this? I don't know this song but I know it."

A cold chill grazed over her skin forcing the hairs on her arms to stand. Lightning's stomach churned; was… was this an omen? What could it possibly mean? The songs of the dead were played for children crossing over into another realm, freed from sin. Hymns would be sung protecting the child from evil and granting the child safe passage. Shaking her head, Lightning quickly exited the room. Pulling the curtains, she hastily rushed down silent hallways forgetting the ominous melodies echoing across ages.