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It was a normal day in the Seireitei where Shinigami were going about their usual duties. However three shinigami were about to get the shock of a afterlifetime.

Captain's Meeting Hall

"Is there a reason why you called us for this meeting Captain Unohana." Yamamoto said while three of the oldests captains in the Gotei 13 stood before him. Said captain he addressed stepped forward while Kyoraku and Ukitake stood behind her.

She looked at the Head Captain. "Now as you know, me and Ukitake have been married for 30 years despite our clans opposing it," Said shinigami smiled, it wasn't easy since their clans rivalry and dislike of each other made it very difficult to maintain a relationship and even more so to hold a wedding. "and so I thought it'll be better to say this in private than annouce it to my clan head, I'm pregnant."

For the next few seconds, there was nothing but silence, then Yamamoto cleared out his left ear with his pinky. "I'm sorry Unohana, I think I heard you wrong when you said your pregnant."

"No you didn't, I am pregnant with Ukitake's child."


Outside the meeting hall

"WHAT!" The sound was loud enough to reach all the way to the 3rd district and everyone looked around to find the source of the sound.

Back inside meeting hall

Currently Yamamoto was standing up and looking at Unohana in pure shock and disbelief, eyes as wide as saucers and mouth hitting the floor, Kyoraku was in a similar state of shock as he stared at Unohana, his strawhat on the ground since he looked at her fast enough to knock it off his head, despite it being tied down. At the same time, he couldn't help but feel happy for his old friend, since it was rare for shinigami to have children. Now Ukitake would have a child to call his own and be a father.

Speaking of Ukitake, the poor man just stared at her in shock for a few seconds before fainting right on the spot.

Yamamoto regain himself and took his seat while Kyoraku woke up Ukitake and helped him up. "I-i can't believe, I'm going to be a father." Ukitake said in disbelief as Unohana smiled and walked over to him, taking his hand.

"Yes, I was in a similar state of shock also but now we'll be able to raise a family." Everyone, including Yamamoto, smiled but that didn't last long when Yamamoto gained a grim look on his face.

"I don't mean to say this but since your pregnant with Ukitake's child Unohana, have you consider the dangers your child might be in?"

Unohana frown at this, as did Ukitake and Kyoraku. "Dangers? What do you mean Captain-Commander Yamamoto?"

"I mean you two are the child's parents and I have no doubt that the child will be immensely powerful with both of your blood running in the child's veins, however many opposing clans will try to either kidnap the child to raise it for their our purposes or kill it so it won't become a threat in the future."

This cause said parents to pale since Yamamoto's words were true, their child did have a high chance of being kidnapped or killed since both of their clans have many enemies that would like nothing more than to either gain an asset or get rid of a future problem.

"What do you propose we do?" Ukitake asked, his grip tightening on Unohana's hand. "Does anyone else beside us know about you being pregnant Unohana?" She shook her head.

"Then it's best if we keep it that way, the less people who knows the better. When you start looking visibly pregnant I'll sent you and Ukitake off on a mission after which I want you two to go to the 13th district and look for someone named Sora, she is an old friend of mine and I recall her saying that she was a doctor during her life. She'll be more than happy to help you." The two parents nodded in unison. "After which I think we should put your child in Kyoraku's care for the time being since his clan is good friends with both of yours so you'll be able to see your son anytime you can and I'm sure Kyoraku can think of something to tell his clan when he brings your child in."

Kyoraku nodded his head with a smile, his strawhat back on his head. "I think I should just tell my father the truth, he's good at keeping secrets and I'm sure with his word, the child will be accepted into my clan." Yamamoto nodded his head in acceptance to his suggestion, his father is a good man and would never go back on his word.

"Remember don't say a word to anyone, the life of your child will depend on it." Yamamoto tapped his cane and the trio of friends walked out. Once the door closed, Yamamoto sighed and took out a bottle of sake from his sleeves, opened it, and took a huge drink.

"I'm getting way too old for this."


"So Unohana have you decided on a name?" Kyoraku asked as they walked toward the Fourth Division. Unohana shook her head. "I'll come up with something."

Seven Months Later

Ukitake and Unohana were walking down the streets of the 13th district which was clean and mostly empty due to being early in the morning. Unlike most districts, the 13th respected Shinigamis since they were saved when a large group of Hollows somehow appeared out of nowhere and nearly destroyed the district but was saved when three captains came to help, since then Shinigamis were well respected in the district.

Unohana and Ukitake was walking toward a medium size house that they were told by someone where they could find Sora. Unohana placed a hand on her swell stomach and sighed, catching her husband's attention.

"Is something wrong Retsu-chan?" She just gave him a sad smile. "Sorry but it's just that we still haven't thought of a good name for our son." Ukitake nodded in understanding, its been four months since they found out they were going to have a son but her, him, Kyoraku, and Yamamoto haven't thought of a good name for him.

Ukitake took her hand in his. "I'm sure we'll think of something soon." Unohana nodded her head and opened the door but were greeted by an odd sight.

A old blond woman wearing white robes was holding a huge needle in her right hand while a well built, dark skin bald man wearing blue and black robes was in the corner, shaking in fear.

"Get away from me you crazy old hag!" The dark skin man shouted while the woman walked closer to him. "Geez I'm just going to give you a shot." For some reason that didn't assure the man.

"Are you kidding? Is it even legal for a needle to be that big!" The man tried to avoid her by running to the side when the old woman threw a dozen scalpels at him, impaling him in the wall by the clothing.

The old woman was about to inject the needle into the man when Ukitake cleared his throat loudly to catch her attention. "Uh we don't mean to interrupt but are you Sora?"

The old woman turned around, twirling her needle with her fingers as she looked at them. "Yes and you two are?"

"We're part of the Gotei 13 and we were wondering if you can help us?" Sora looked at Unohana for a few seconds before she snapped her fingers. "Right! I forgot that Yamamoto told me about you two a few months back and that you two need my help." She looked at the dark skinned man before taking off all the scalpels off in a flash.

"Guess your free to go." The dark skinned man looked at her in slight shock. "Really?" Sora smiled. "No."


The man collapsed with a huge bump on his head while Sora held up a hammer. "There I'll finish you later." Ukitake and Unohana had sweatdrops on the back of their heads.

'This is the woman we're suppose to trust to help us deliver our son?' Sora gave them a bright smile like she didn't just knock out a man twice her size.

"So I understand that you two need my help with your child well, don't worry there haven't been a patient I haven't been able to help." She said this while twirling her hammer and placing the needle in the sleeves.

Two more months later

Ukitake and Unohana smile happily at their newborn son who was sleeping peacefully in Unohana's arms. Sora smiled at them, throwing her gloves in a bin. "So have you two decided on a name yet?"

Unohana and Ukitake's smile disappeared and they both shook their heads. "Well can I suggest a name?" The new parents smiled. "I think that would be fair since you delivered him."

Sora took a second to think about it. "How about Hanataro?" Unohana thought about this for a moment before smiling at her son. "Yes that is perfect. He'll be our gentle flower."

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Omake: Names

Ukitake, Unohana, Kyoraku, and Yamamoto were currently in Unohana manor and discussing something very important... naming the child.

"How bout Sakura if the child is a girl?" Kyoraku suggested, taking a sip of his sake. Unohana thought about it. "That would be a good name for a girl."

"But what if the child is a boy?" Yamamoto said, drinking his tea. "I think the name Sasuke would be nice."

Ukitake looked at his sensei. "Personally I think Naruto would be a better name than that, for some reason it sounds kinda dark."

The discussion went on for hours to no result.