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Chapter Three: Introductions

"Okay Hanataro, today your going to meet a old friend of mine, his wife and their daughter." Kyoraku told a twelve year old Hanataro who was wearing blue robes with white flowers on them. Ever since his first nightmare, they been messing with his sleep until Unohana, whom he still isn't aware is his kaa-chan, had put seals on him. The seals were in the form of three black rings on his index, middle, and ring fingers. When he first got them, he had been told not to take them off for any reason and Hanataro, being a good boy, hadn't done that even once. "So remember just act like your normal self."

Also Hanataro had developed a shy and timid personailty over the years like his kaa-chan when she was younger and he was very respectful toward everyone. He would help out the serverts with any work or help the maids clean the rooms which put him in a special place in their hearts and he had all of his oto-san's looks that made him even more popular with the maids, not that he noticed since he was as dense as a prison wall when it concern the opposite sex. Although he would blush whenever they hugged him to their breasts and stutter out of control which they found cute so he wasn't completely clueless.

"H-hai Kyoraku-san." Hanataro said, putting his homemade butter cookies on the table in front of them and Kyoraku had to resist the urge to drool since Hanataro was a great cook, despite his age, and he only made his butter cookies for certain reasons like when people are coming over. His butter cookies were like heaven's food and it took every last bit he had not to take one.

The door opened to reveal Kouhei, his wife, Sango and their daughter Yoruichi. Sango has long purple hair that reached her back, dark skin much like her husband but a lighter shade, and soft brown eyes. Yoruichi looked like her mother but had golden eyes, and short purple hair that covered her ears and if one look deeply into her eyes, they could see some playful mischievous in them.

"Hello Kyoraku," Kouhei said to the pink wearing captain who shook each other hands before sitting down. "So who is this young lad?" Everyone's attention was turned to Hanataro who nervously introduce himself.

"M-my name i-is Shunsui H-hanataro." He said while Kouhei, Sango, and Yoruichi smiled at him. "I can already tell he's a kind one, shy but kind." Sango said while taking a bite of a butter cookie before her eyes widen in surprise.

"Kaa-chan is something wrong?" Yoruichi said, looking at her kaa-chan who took another bite of the cookie, finishing it in a second. "Yoruichi, Kouhei! You have to try these cookies!" The two shrugged, took one cookie, and bit into it before their eyes widen in surprise.

"It seems that they like your cookies Hanataro." Kyoraku said to him as he took a cookie also while Hanataro scratched the back of his neck. "T-there n-n-not that g-good."

"Not that good? Hanataro these cookies taste like I've tasted the heavens!" Kouhei exclaimed and took another cookie, same for everyone else in the room but Hanataro who laughed nervously and just took one. After all the cookies were eaten, everyone began to chat, well Kyoraku was doing the chatting for Hanataro who was too nervous to respond.

"Say why don't we let Yoruichi and Hanataro play some games alone," Sango said, looking at daughter and then Hanataro. "It'll be a great way for them to get to know each other better."

"Great idea Kaa-chan!" Yoruichi then grabbed Hanataro by the hand and dragged him out of the room leaving three laughing adults inside. However Kouhei and Sango then gained a serious look before Kouhei spoke up. "Hanataro is Unohana and Ukitake's son, isn't he?"

'Always the blunt one Kouhei.' Kyoraku thought and sighed. "I can't hide anything from you can I?"

Kouhei smiled. "Nope but you do know that once the clan elders find out about him, it could cause a civil war between the clans."

"Unohana and Ukitake knows that so we're trying to find a way to tell them without causing too much chaos." Kyoraku looked at him with a serious look. "You two won't tell anyone will you?"

"Of course not!" Sango exclaimed. "We're old friends Kyoraku, even though you tried to peek on me when I was in the shower when we were still in the Academy."

Kyoraku laughed nervously and rubbed his right cheek. "I still remember how hard that punch felt."


Yoruichi was currently playing hide and seek with Hanataro and was hiding on a branch in a tree, holding back a laugh as Hanataro looked around the courtyard, clueless of her location. Now Hanataro was directly below when she heard her branch crack from under her weight.

"Uh oh." Was all she managed to saw before her branch gave away and she closed her eyes, waiting for feel the ground only for Hanataro to ask. "Are you okay?"

She slowly opened her eyes to see that Hanataro had caught her but was blushing like a tomato now. "Yeah thanks for catching me." She got out of his arms, dusted herself off and said.

"Guess this means I'm it now huh." Hanataro nervously scratched the back of his head. "A-actually, i-is it okay if w-we can do s-something else?"

Yoruichi raised an eyebrow. "Like what?"

"You k-know, just t-talk get to k-know e-eachother. Like talk about our likes, dislikes, and hobbies." Yoruichi shrugged and sat down under the tree. "Alright then." She looked at Hanataro who sat down beside her before speaking.

"I'm currently 12 years old(50 in human years), my likes include fish, swimming, snow, milk, my parents, and my friends. My dislikes are traitors, being bored, and rats. My hobbies are practicing my Hakuda, training with my father, pranking people I don't like, and I think that's it."

She looked at Hanataro who thought for a second. "I'm a-also 12 years old, my l-likes are o-ohgai, ramen, swimming, a-and training. M-my dislikes a-are p-perverts, unhealthly f-foods, and traitors also. M-my hobbies are g-gardening, c-cookies, training w-with Kyoraku, Kaa-chan, and O-oto-san."

Yoruichi looked at him with a surprise look at the end. "Whose your kaa-chan and oto-san?" Hanataro scratched the back of his head with a nervously smile. "S-sorry I mean Unohana-chan a-and U-ukitake-san. They a-ain't m-my real p-parents b-but i-it kind of a h-habit now to c-call t-them that."

'Wow he been training with three captains!' Yoruichi thought in surprise as she decided to try something, to make sure that he was telling the truth. She got up, turned toward him, and threw a punch aimed at his face but Hanataro, by instinct, caught the punch, spun her around, and pined her against the trunk of the tree, pulling her arms around her back. Hanataro suddenly yelped and let her go, and she turned around, rubbing her arms, to see him stuttering out an apology.

"S-sorry! Y-you j-j-just attacked me a-a-and Kyoraku-san t-t-told me t-to-" He stopped when he saw that Yoruichi was laughing instead of being mad like he thought she would.

"Don't be sorry, most people wouldn't see that punch let alone catch it and pin me," She thought for a second and gained a sly grin. "Say you want to spar?"

"Huh?" Hanataro asked surprised. The only people he would spar against were Kyoraku, Unohana, and Ukitake and he never sparred against someone his age.

"Come on just once." Yoruichi pulled on his sleeves to the middle of the courtyard and Hanataro sighed. "A-alright."

Yoruichi smiled and yelled. "Okay the fight begins now!" Hanataro barely had time to block a fist to his chest, only for Yoruichi to flip back and her foot caught him right on the chin, making him staggled back. Hanataro then ducked under her left leg and tried to swipe her right leg but Yoruichi, despite the robes she was wearing, jumped into the air and landed gracefully on her feet a few yards away from Hanataro.

She and Hanataro circled around each other, waiting for a mistake to be made and thats when Hanataro almost tripped on a rock when she made her move. She tried to hit his side but Hanataro stopped the attack by grabbing her arm but made him fall from the momention she had when she ran to him. The two fell to the ground, Yoruichi on top and Hanataro below her, and there foreheads cracked together, making them both make pained noises and close there eyes.

Yoruichi and Hanataro opened their eyes at the same time and both were staring into each other's eyes. Yoruichi was staring into Hanataro's blue eyes. 'Like the sea.' She couldn't help but think while Hanataro was thinking how beautiful her golden eyes were. The two suddenly realize the position they were in and blushed, Hanataro's own more noticeable than Yoruichi's, and scramble away from each other, standing next to each other with an awkward air around them.

The silence was broken when Yoruichi asked. "So you want to play tag?"

One Hour Later

Kyoraku, Kouhei, and Sango were treated to sweet sight when it was time for the Shihoin to leave and had to find Yoruichi. However when they went into the courtyard, they didn't expect her, or Hanataro, to be that close.

Both of them were sleeping under the tree's shade, and the robes they had on were dirty but what got there attention were the position they were in. Yoruichi had her head on Hanataro's right shoulder while Hanataro was leaning his head on hers. The sight was very cute and it made Sango squeal, along with some of maids when they passed by.

"As much as I hate to break such a sweet sight, we need to go." Kouhei said, disappointment in his voice since he wanted to tease his daughter a bit in front of her little boyfriend before leaving but they had business to take care of. Sango picked up Yoruichi into her arms, who mumbled something about someone taking her favorite pillow, before going back to sleep while Kyoraku took Hanataro in his arms, who was still sleeping.

Sango then went over to Kyoraku and said in a whisper. "Perhase you should enroll Hanataro in the Shinso Academy. It'll be a good way for him to learn more and him and Yoruichi can spend more time together." Kyoraku thought about this.

"I'll discuss it with Unohana and Ukitake." Sango smiled and ran up to her husband while Kyoraku adject Hanataro so his head would be on his shoulder. 'I'm never letting this go, Hanataro.' Kyoraku grinned and walked back into the manor.

Minutes later

After Hanataro was put in bed and the hell butterflies were sent, Unohana and Ukitake were in the manor in a few minutes. As Kyoraku recalled the events, such as Kouhei and Sango knowing who Hanataro's parents are, and the cute sight he saw, although he did see Unohana's grip tightening on her tea cup when he mention the latter.

"Uh Retsu-chan is something wrong?" Ukitake asked his wife who turned to him and froze him with one of her 'smiles.' "Just fine but I think Hanataro is too young to think about dating, do you agree Jushiro-san." Said husband began to sweat and nodded his head in agreement.

Kyoraku coughed, getting the two's attention. "Anyways I think Hanataro should be enroll in Shinso Academy so that he'll get to make some friends. Beside us and the serverts and maids, Hanataro has no friends his age." Unohana and Ukitake thought about this, it is unhealthly for someone Hanataro's age to not have any friends his age yet and maybe making some new ones could help Hanataro get rid of his shy and timid personailty.

Unohana and Ukitake shared a look before looking at Kyoraku and nodding in unison.

Two Months Later Outside The Headmaster's Office

Hanataro was pulling at his blue Academy uniform, trying to make it more comfortable but to no avail while Kyoraku, Unohana, and Ukitake were discussing to the headmaster about him. It came to him as a bit of a shock when he was told that he was going to the Academy so he studied up on anything he needed and practice his shinigami arts... three times a day.

The door opened and the three captains plus the headmaster walked out who was holding a sword and a slip of paper in his hands. "Okay Hanataro this sword will allow your zanpakuto spirit to live in and this paper is for your classes and the map of the academy. Normally we have students take an enterance exam but after Captain Unohana uh convice me otherwise, you'll be accepted into the academy like anyother students."

The headmaster turned pale at the end and gave Hanataro said items while Unohana smiled and patted Hanataro's head. "Remember try not to get into trouble and make some friends okay?" Hanataro nodded with a smile and ran off, wanting to make it to his first class before the late bell rang.

With Yoruichi

Yoruichi bit her lip to stop her from cursing out loud as she ran toward her Zanjutsu class which was at the other side of the Academy. 'Whose idea was it to make this place so big.' She thought as she ran. However she was caught up in her thoughts so she didn't see the other person until...


The resulting collision made both of them fall to the ground on there butts. Yoruichi, and whoever she crashed into, moaned in pain and closed there eyes. When they opened them, they saw who each other was.

"Hanataro? What are you doing here?" Yoruichi asked as they got up and Hanataro scratched the back of his head. "W-well Kyoraku, U-ukitake, an-and Unohana decided t-to en-enroll m-me in t-the Academy but I d-didn't know y-ou'll be here." Before the two could take anymore, the late bell rang.

"Oh no! We're late!" Hanataro grabbed Yoruichi's right hand and dragged her along with him. "Wait! Do we even have the same class?" Hanataro looked at the paper in his free hand.

"I have Zanjutsu class, room 11A." Yoruichi sighed and smiled, glad that she wasn't going the wrong way. The two saw the door and entered the room...

Only to find it completely empty. The room itself was large and had a large blue mat for sparring along with some training dummies lined up against the left.

"Welcome," The two turned to see a blond man with short hair and a sword laying by him who was standing near at least two dozen wooden swords that were lined up against the right wall. "You two are the first students not to come here ten minutes late."

"Huh?" The two said in unison while the man yawned. "Most new students take at least ten minutes to get here," He looked between them. "By the way, no public displays of affection." Both of them were confused for a second when they realize that there hands were still together and let each other go, Hanataro blushing as he scratched the back of his head while Yoruichi laughed at his cherry red face.

After a while more students came in and the class, 24 in all, were on the edge of the mat while the teacher walked in front of them. "Okay my name is Yuuta and from now on, I'll be your Zanjutsu teacher for this year. Now Zanjutsu isn't about brute strength or speed but rather about stance. Even the strongest of foes can't hurt you if they can't get past your blade."

He drew his blade out and got into a defensive stance. "Also its about seeing weaknesses in your opponent's stance and attacking at the right moment. If you senselessly attack an opponent, two things are going to break. Your Zanpakuto or you." He put his blade back and looked at the class.

"We're going to start out with all of you sparring each other, that way I'll see what you do know and what you don't. I'll also point out any mistakes you make and you may pick your own partners but only pairs."

Yoruichi went to Hanataro and asked to be her sparring partner which he said yes to. When everyone was done pairing up, Yuuta called each pair up to show him, and the class, there skills. What he was were many beginner's mistakes and some were good. He then called up Yoruichi and Hanataro and threw them each a wooden sword as they got on the mat and face each other on opposite sides.

Yoruichi sighed as she tried to balance the wooden sword in her hands. 'I hate Zanjutsu, I perfer Hakuda.' Yoruichi rarely used a sword, she much rather punch her oppoent out with her fists than fight with a sword. Although her opponent was Hanataro so this might be interesting. Hanataro was nervous as he saw the eyes of everyone watching his every move and he barely heard Yuuta say.

"Begin!" Hanataro and Yoruichi ran toward each other and there wooden swords crashed into each other and the two were now in a dead lock. Hanataro then broke it by pushing Yoruichi's sword to the right and spun around to strike her left but Yoruichi managed to jump back in time to avoid it. She aimed a stab at Hanataro's chest but the dark hair boy sidestepped the blade and landed a hit on her right arm.

Yoruichi flinch from the pain and swung at Hanataro, only for him to duck under it and tried to hit her legs. However Yoruichi jumped into the air, and over the sword, and hit Hanataro's left shoulder and rolled away when she landed back down on the ground. The two were about to attack each other again but Yuuta said.

"Stop," The two halted their attacks and watched Yuuta come up to them with a smile on his face. "Nice job you two, I saw a few mistakes from you Yoruichi but still nice job." They thanked him, returned the swords, and went back to there seats on the ground as Yuuta went on explaining how Zanjutsu and the history behind it.


Yoruichi sighed as she looked for her friends while holding a tray in her hands. After Zanjutsu class, her and Hanataro had to go seperate ways due to him having Kido class and her having History class and right now, at third period was over, she was looking for her friends to eat with. Soon she spotted a familiar blond, smiled, and went to the table and on the table were two of her friends, Urahara Kisuke and Shiba Kuukaku.

Kisuke waved to her with his little green fan and Kuukaku greeted her as she sat down next to her. "So how your classes?" She asked them.

"Boring," Kuukaku said, taking a bite of her steak. "And a couple of dumb boys kept trying to ask me out."

Yoruichi smiled as she broke apart her chopsticks. "What'd you do?"

"I broke there noses." The three laughed as ate a little of there lunch. "How about you Kisuke?"

The blond boy smiled and fanned himself. "Aside from the dull history lesson for 1st period and embrassing Isshin in our Zanjutsu class, I met someone rather interesting in Hakuda class." But before he could continue, a large dark teen with glasses sat down on his left and bit into his ribs while another raven hair boy sat down on Kisuke's right who was smiling he saw the funniest thing in the world.

"Uh Tessai is something wrong?" Kuukaku asked as he took a huge bite from his ribs. "It's nothing."

The raven hair boy laughed. "Oh he's just mad that someone outdid him in Kido class today." Everyone at the table shared a surprised look since, among them, Tessai was the best Kido user and for someone to did him was interesting.

Kisuke elbow his friend. "Well Isshin go on." Isshin smiled and continued his story. "Another student manage to do two level 30 kido back to back with no incantation but when Tessai tried the same thing-" He got knocked off his seat when the meatless ribs hit him right on the forehead but Isshin got up and went on.

"The first one blew right up in his face and burnt through his uniform, showing everyone his hearts spotted boxes." Everyone burst out laughing as Tessai slammed his head on the table in embarassment. After a while, they stopped and Kuukaku asked.

"So who the person who outdid out hearts boxes wearing friend?" Tessai once again slammed his head on the table while Isshin was about to say something when he saw someone coming up from behind Yoruichi. "Thats him!"

Yoruichi and Kuukaku looked behind to see Hanataro who was holding a lunch box. "Oh hey Hanataro."

Said boy was nervous as Yoruichi's friends looked at him and asked. "I-is ok-okay if I e-eat with y-you and y-your friends Y-Yoruichi-san." Yoruichi nodded and moved over, patting downt the space between her and Kuukaku.

"Of course it is, and its just Yoruichi. No -san." Hanataro nodded his head, sat down between the two girls and opened his lunch, revealing to be rice, fish, and ohgai.

Everyone continue on eating and asking Hanataro questions like how'd he knows Yoruichi, who taught him in kido(when Tessai found out who, he cried a little since he knew he was way behind Hanataro), if he had a girlfriend(Hanataro stuttered out a no when Kuukaku asked that), and other things.

Lunch was ending soon but before anyone could leave, Hanataro took out a small white box and opened it, the scent catching everyone's attention. They snapped toward Hanataro who froze with a cookie halfway toward his mouth.

"I-is s-something wr-wrong?" He asked as they moved closer to the smell although he was blushing as Kuukaku and Yoruichi leaned onto his sides. "Hanataro what is that?" Kuukaku asked, taking in the smell with a smile.

Hanataro swallowed as she leaned closer to him to smell the cookies that were in the box on his lap. "Ju-just m-my ho-homemade ch-chocolate ch-chip c-cookies." He invented a new shade of red when Yoruichi leaned on him more to smell the cookies.

"Can we have one?" Isshin asked, drooling as Hanataro slowly nodded his head. In a second, the cookies were all gone, including the one in his hand, as everyone ate them making noises of pleasure as they did.

Kisuke was wiping the crumbles off his face and licking it off his hand. "Man that was great. It's like, like-"

"A firework of favor in your mouth," Kuukaku said, swallowing the last of her cookie and looked to Hanataro. "Your a great cook Hanataro." She then shared a grin with Yoruichi who returned it and, in unison, kissed Hanataro on his cheeks.

Hanataro froze up again and blushed so badly that he could make the color red jealous then he did something that surprised them all.

He fainted.

"Uh oh I think you two broke him." Kisuke said as Kuukaku and Yoruichi picked up Hanataro, each one grabbing his arms and putting them around his shoulders. "We'll just take him to the nurse." Yoruichi said as they dragged the fainted boy off, getting looks from everyone as they did.

End of the day

Academy students were walking back home while Hanataro was walking between Yoruichi and Kuukaku, still blushing but not as much as before.

"Man Hanataro your just too innocent." Yoruichi laughed along with Kuukaku. "Hello Hanataro!" They looked to see Kyoraku walking up to them.

"Ma ma Hanataro, I didn't know that you were a ladies man. I guess I rubbed off on you huh?" Hanataro then blushed and tried stuttered out an explaintion when Yoruichi and Kuukaku each grabbed an arm, Yoruichi grabbing Hanataro's left while Kuukaku grabbed his right, and placed them between there growing, yet large for there age breasts, making Hanataro invent several new shades of red.

"Naa he's more of a gentleman right Kuukaku?" Said girl nodded her head. "Yup and a great cook!" Kyoraku was torn between laughing his butt off at Hanataro's face and its color and crying in public since he was more popular with girls when Hanataro was Kyoraku's age.

"Well we have go." The girls let go of the blushing boy and each gave him a kiss on the cheek before leaving but Hanataro manage not to faint this time while Kyoraku smiled at him.

Inside, however, Kyoraku was crying at how lucky Hanataro was with girls and why something like that didn't happen to him when he was in the Academy.

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