Grimmjow was wandering the halls when it happened.

Just minding his own business and searching for an Ulquiorra to bug, when the blue-haired Espada suddenly stopped in mid-step. His nose twitched and he sniffed around the hallway attentively, his eyes wide and alight with excitement.

Is that fish? He wondered frantically, I SMELL FISH! WHERE IS IT? He sniffed loudly, his nose high in the air, and he scrambled down the hall with his mission to find the quarto Espada long forgotten. As Grimmjow rounded a corner, he barreled past the Octava Espada, sending the pink-haired man to the ground, and didn't stop at all to return the throaty insult Szayel gave. Grimmjow chased the scent down the hall like a madman, sliding into walls and barreling past servants until he hit a dead-end and drooled at the sight before him.

A floating fish.

"Oh sweet Jesus!" Grimmjow whispered, tensing up and readying his body to leap fro the fish suspended in midair above him. He flew right past it, missing terribly, and it took several more misses before Grimmjow got up and saw that the fish had disappeared. Had he released his Resurrección, his teal cat ears would have been visibly drooped in disappointment at the loss of the fish.

The Sexta Espada scuffed a foot on the white floor, glaring around the halls for anyone that would reproach him for his enthusiasm and pleasure over the fish. Seeing no one, Grimmjow stalked off and snarled at anyone he passed in annoyance.

Suddenly, Ulquiorra was standing in the hallway where the fish had been suspended, holding it within a case to contain the smell from his fellow Espada.

"That was likely the most amusing thing I have ever seen." He claimed out loud, smirking slightly as he turned on his heel and returned to his room.

He would never forget that.