Title: 'Everything's Relative'
Characters/Pairings: Ziva, Tim, Sara McGee
Word Count: 286
Rating: G

Disclaimer: All characters are the property of DPB, CBS & Co. No copyright infringement is intended.

Summary: The things we do for family.

Written for sticksades for the ncis_verse "Birthday Gift" challenge

Unbeta'd - Comments & concrit welcome.

"He just resigned because of you."

Ziva bites her lip and inhales sharply as Gibbs utters the words. It's like a body blow. All the evidence suggests Sara is the killer, and if this were any other suspect, Ziva would be taking a slightly perverse pleasure in watching the boss turn her into a puddle of goo. But she isn't any other suspect. She's McGee's sister, and apparently her partner is willing to throw away a promising career simply because he has faith in Sara's word. Her word...against a body of evidence that is seemingly insurmountable.

Ziva's always felt a kinship of sorts with McGee. Right from the start, they 'clicked'. It's the two of them versus DiNozzo, and the headgames have helped to lighten the mood and keep their sanity. How will she cope with Special Agent Tommy's constant badgering, if McGregor's not there to watch her six? The bullpen will be a very different place without Tim; the dynamic is going to change.

He will be missed.

What a waste. Sara will go to prison, and what will Tim do then, Ziva wonders? Pen another book, this one railing against the injustice of the system? Or perhaps he'll rewrite Sara's story, twist it around so it has a happy ending? She closes her eyes and visualizes the book jacket. Two bloodied hands, clutching a knife dripping with blood. Below them, in bold lettering: Twisted Sister. And the sub-title, in slightly smaller print:...this time, it's personal.

Ziva knows what it's like to have a sibling who's a murderer. The disbelief and self-righteous anger Tim exudes is all too familiar. Would she have resigned for Ari? No; but she would have killed for him.

Everything's relative.