I owe nothing. All characters below to Holly Sorensen who, Paul Stupin, John Ziffren and ABC.

Today sucked according to Payson not only had Max sent her a Dear John letter, lost her place in the top flight resulting in been relegated to the second flight in the gym. To top it all she had been forced to burn her jacket. The only good that that had happened since she arrived at the training centre was Sasha had given her his medal back. Lauren's comment though not appreciated was not necessarily untrue, though a hug would have been nice. Ever since he came back from Romania he had worked to maintain a distance, though she understood it, she wished if was not there. She knew going into the national training that she was not as good as she used to be but she had hoped that she was getting there, now she was not so sure.

This new girl, Jordon, would be a challenge, in a way she reminder Payson of Emily. However, where there was a difference between the two, whilst Emily had let the pressure get to her and looked for a way out and took it. This girl seemed to still be fighting to get to the Olympics. Six weeks to the trials and she so needed a pep talk, needed to vent, needed a sounding board.

Austin had been here before but she doubted that he would understand the insecurities that had started to come about. Kaylie was flying here and continued to improve day by day. Lauren was up to something or something was going on but she was not going there. She was going to try and avoid the drama in that direction, but she had to keep an eye on it, just for self preservation. The truce that had come about at the world championships between the Rock girls and Kelly Parker seems to be icing over once more, God she hoped not. Fighting that battle again was not where she wanted to go.

As she sat on the bed with her mobile in her hand it started to ring, Home had popped up. Well it was not who she wanted but it would do. As she answered the call, her mum greeted her;

"Hi Pay, How is it going?"

"Awful, I have been relegated to second flight, max dumped me in a letter, oh and I had to burn my Rock jacket." was her response

"ah, hang on a second Pay" was her mum's response. Great though Payson coming in second down the phone as well now.

"So, what's the problem?" said a voice on the end of the phone. A very male British voice and she smiled.