"Hey Payson, how did it go today?" says Sasha as he answers his phone.

"Good, why didn't you come for the exhibition?"

"Your father asked me not to, said he needed to talk to you about something."

"Ah, you are going to need a new gym manager."


"Mum, Dad and Becca are moving back to Minnesota, Dad has a job there."

"I didn't know, I know I spoke to Becca about going elite and she said no"

"Why, I thought that was what she wanted?"

"No, she said I will be too old for Rio in 2016 and I am not good enough for the international team as a permanent member. At best I will compete at NCAA."

"Oh, I did not think that she would pull out of the track"

"She said gymnastics is fun for her but she wants to go to high school. Wants to see more of life, she wants it to remain fun, without the pressure of always trying to be the best." Recalls Sasha

"I guess I can understand that. But still it will be strange at the Rock without her around" replies Payson

"I need to find a gym for Becca in Minnesota. She will thrive in the NCAA. She has the skill set, she is almost ready to transfer to Level 10. If she can maintain that level she will be a good nomination for the Supergirl cup and that could line her for a good scholarship at College, maybe UCLA or another of the good ones. Maybe a good gym, that if she can change her mind she can." Sasha says thinking out loud.

"Thanks for looking out for her Sasha"

"Payson, you should know by now that I will also look out for my girls especially their little sisters"

"What will I do without you Alexandru"

"Hopefully you will never find out" Sasha says without thinking.

After a lengthy and semi awkward pause Payson changes the subject. "Something is wrong with Lauren. The doctors are running tests."

"Does Mac know?"Asked Sasha with a note of concern in his voice.

"No. And you can't tell him. She wants all the information before she goes to him."

"She needs to go to him now, Payson not later." Responds Sasha starting to get angry and worried.

"I am keeping an eye on her, I promise. This is serious Sasha it could cost her a team place." Argued Payson

"In that case it could also cost her, her life. You are both playing with fire. As you did with your back." Responded Sasha angrily.

"Sasha, I promised her I would wait I will tell the moment I have to."

"You better Payson. I do not want to witness or be on the receiving end of a call regarding a member of the Rock ending up in hospital. Do you understand Payson?" Says Sasha firmly.

"Goodbye Sasha" says Payson hanging up.

"Payson" responds Sasha to the dial tone. Sasha signed maybe things where starting to full apart for him.