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The Bank of London bustled with life as transactions of money were made. A middle aged woman wearing a white petticoat with black intricate designs awaited in the bank, counting the money within her pouch.

"Miss Megpoid?" came a voice from across the room. A man sporting a black suit revealed himself from a group of people.

"Yes?" she said.

"It is Miss Megpoid? Miss Gumi Megpoid?"

The gears started working in Miss Megpoid's head as she smiled and replied "Mr Kiyoteru Hiyama is it?"

"Indeed. It's been a while since we've had the pleasure of your company in the bank"

"You understand how travel fees are rising, Mr Hiyama, though I am back for a very special occasion"

"Which would be?" Kiyoteru asked with a raised eyebrow.

"My sister's impending nuptials" Gumi said, a smile in every word.

"Well then" he said, showing off his dazzling teeth. "Splendid. You hear that Mr Kagaene?" he addressed a man sitting at a table not too far from them. "You're not the only one getting married."

Mr Kagaene, a.k.a. Rinto, got up from his seat to greet Gumi.

"A pleasure to meet you, Miss Megpoid." He took her hand and gave a light peck on it.

"As do I, Mr Kagaene." She replied.

"Please, call me Rinto."

"Here comes the lucky lady right now, Miss Rin Akita." Kiyoteru interrupted. From enclosed doors, out came the apparent soul mate of Rinto. A young blonde woman wearing a white blouse and a flowing light brown skirt made her way to Kiyoteru.

"Beg your pardon, Mr Hiyama, I wonder if you could double check these balance sheets, it's giving me fits." she handed him a couple of sheets.

"Ah, of course, Miss Akita" he sighed.

Suddenly, gun shots were heard from the outside. Everyone in the bank turned around and put their hands in the air at the sight before them. A man wearing a black coat and hat, a red scarf that covered his mouth and a masquerade mask entered through the double doors of the bank, holding a revolver.

"Not to state the obvious, good people, but-" a piece of broken plaster fell from the wall, interrupting his speech. "Oh dear...anyway...this is a robbery!"

Gasps erupted from the audience. The mysterious man made his way down the few steps in front of the door and pointed his revolver at Kiyoteru.

"You there...in the common suit and cautious cravat...you must be the bank manager. To the vault, sir. And be quick about it. I do have appointments."

With his hands still in the air, Kiyoteru made his way to the bank's vault whilst the revolver was pointed at his head. Everyone else watched.

However, no one noticed that a sly member of the audience exited the bank and ran all the way to the constabulary, hoping that the constables would catch the thief in the act.

Kiyoteru's hand was shaking whilst he turned the dial to the vault.

"You're doing well, sir" the thief awarded. "But, it may help to breath,"

The sly man told the first constable he could find in the constabulary about the bad deed happening on their watch.

"Robbery in progress – Bank of London" Constable Nero shouted, alerting the rest of his fellow workers.

"Give the order, Mikuo" The Chief Inspector, Mr Gakupo Kamui ordered.

"To the armoury, lads!" Constable Mikuo shouted, whilst Detective Kaito Shion put on his hat.

After stuffing all the money he could into his bag, the thief and Kiyoteru went back to the main room of the bank, where everyone else was waiting.

"There now, that wasn't so bad, was it?" The thief shoved Kiyoteru aside with his revolver and motioned Rinto to move out of the way. Behind Rinto was his fiance, Rin.

As the thief scanned her, he began saying "Oh my...oh my...what do we have here?" He came closer and closer. His arm encircled her waist and he dipped her down, as if they were dancing. The thief reached up to his scarf that hid his mouth, shoved it down and gave Rin a quick kiss.

Everyone in the room gasped but Rinto was plain furious. What troubled him the most was that he couldn't do anything to protect the one he loved from getting tainted by such a rogue.

After letting Rin go, the thief announced as he started to back out towards the back door, "Ladies and gentlemen, you have been most accommodating and I thank you for your patience. Good day."

And with that, he vanished from their sights. A woman in the background murmured, "He is so polite..."

Rinto rushed to Rin's side as the double doors opened again. But instead of the thief, there were four constables and the Chief Inspector standing there in his place.

"Shion, Hatsune, to the back. You two, in the alley" Gakupo ordered.

Kaito and Mikuo rushed towards the back door, opened it and ran through. The door led them to the back of the bank. The two looked around and heard a voice from above them.

The thief was standing on the roof, holding a rope he used to get to the top.

"Gentlemen, the pleasure was all mine" he said whilst dropping the rope and making a clean getaway.

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