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Okay, I know I have been gone for a long time BUT I have reasons.

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mythcrazy: Syrup ftw~ Hmm...such a hard decision...after a lot of thinking, I would probaly go with Darth Maul :) I like his horns :3

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"Because I recently ate lunch. My finge-"

"Oh, just give it up, will you Kagamine?" Gakupo had finally lots his patience. "Or should I say, Kissing Bandit?"

"Alright, alright. You got me. Took you all a while, might I add."

"That's it?" Kaito was expecting more considering this was the Kissing Bandit they were interrogating. The thief who gave to the orphanage. The 'long lost brother of robin hood' some would say. "You're just going to admit it? No more tricks?"

"No more tricks." He said with a smile.

"Well," Gakupo smirked. "Off to the jail cells with you. Oh, and don't bother trying anything this time, Kagamine. The cells have received an 'upgrade', if you will."

'He is alright. He is alright. He is alright.'

These were the words that kept on going through Rin's head ever since she read the newspaper.


Ever since she read those words, her stomach felt ill. She couldn't rest. If it wasn't biting her finger nails, it was pacing about in her room.

'I need to do something.'

Then, it struck her. The Rin in the past would have thought it was a crazy and risky idea, one that could risk her job, her freedom, her respect. However the Rin now knows that it is the only way for him to be free.

The cool night breeze hit her face as she stood in front of the constabulary. Most of the constables had gone home, however a few still remained at their desks, waiting for a call so that they could fulfil their duties.

She crept to the back of the building, careful not to trip over anything and cause a racket. Now that she thought about it, she should have brought a source of light with her. She kept on trying to find the door.

The door to the jail cells.

'Is what I am doing really the right thing? It is a big risk, but...' She shook her head. 'I must do this.'

She remembered from her last visit to the constabulary, when she had to be interrogated, that there was a back door to the jail cells so that it would be easier to get to the cells and trap the criminals in.

She finally found it. It was a smooth black door. At day time, it would have been very hard to miss. However, it was night time, so it took her quiet a while to find the door.

She took out her pin from her hair and tried to unlock the big lock that hung from the door. A quiet 'click' indicated that it had worked, as she opened the door just enough to slide her way in.

Carefully, she made her way to the jail cells. Most of the prisoners were asleep. The musty smell caused her to put her hand over her nose. A single light bulb hung from the ceiling, gently swaying.


I bet all of your expressions are be like ':O'

Awesome cliffhanger is awesome cliffhanger xD

It is a short chapter but hopefully the next one will be up soon.

Question of the chapter!

Why do you think Gumi is there?


Who was it that called Gumi's name? (Should be kinda obvious...I think)


Tortillas or tacos?

I like tacos :D OLE!