Aerilyn had lived most of her life as that of a Ranger of the North, as one of the last living Dunedain women known to this day. But when a certain wizard shows up at her cabin in the woods did she know how much he life, her destiny was going to change.

Chapter 1. Meeting.

A dark figure was following its target. 'These must be the Hobbits Gandalf told me to watch, but I thought there was only two.' The figure followed them in the shadows as the Hobbits made their way to Bree.

After they had entered Bree, the figured moved toward the gate as well. They knocked on the door to alert the gate keeper. He opened the window to see the figure.

"A Ranger." Was all he said as he shut the window and opened the door. It wasn't surprising that he let them in without questions since a lot of different Ranger's enter Bree on regular bases. The figured nodded their head to the man and continued on to The Prancing Pony inn.

When they entered some activity stopped from the men. The figure scanned the room and found the Hobbits sitting at a table in the middle of the room. The figured looked around again and noticed another Ranger in the dark corner watching the Hobbits. 'That must be the other Ranger Gandalf told me about.' The figured moved to an empty table not far from the Hobbits.

They heard one of the Hobbits talking about the man in the corner. One of the other Hobbits asked the Inn keeper who he is. All they could make out was the name Strider.

The figure distinctively looks to the man. 'So he is finally coming out of the shadows.' But before they could do anymore thinking on the subject there was a commotion behind them. They turned in time to see one of the Hobbits fall to the floor and something falling to his hand and then he disappeared. They saw movement to the side of them to see Strider getting up.

'I think it's my time to leave.' The figure got up and silently left the inn. They walked across the street to the other inn, guessing the other Ranger would take the Hobbits there. After they were settled in the inn did they hear the screams of the Wraiths.

The next day they figured followed Strider and the Hobbits as they left Bree. It wasn't till the second day did Strider realize they were being followed.

Aragorn's POV

It was the second day of leading the Hobbits from Bree that I realized that we we're being followed. I stopped making the Hobbits stop. "Why are you stopping" Sam said. "We are being followed." I whispered. "The Wraiths?" they whispered. "No it's a single person." I whispered. "Stay here." I moved off to my right and into the trees silently moving back the way we came to come up behind the one following us. I found them easily enough, drawing my sword noticing the stranger was wear clothes of a Ranger. I placed my sword at their neck. They tensed up and held up their hand, which looks more feminine.

"Who are you and why are you following us?" I said. They moved there head to look at the sword. "I am a friend of Gandalf's. He sent me to help you." They said. I quickly moved my sword away from them. 'A women?'

They turned around removing their hood. Sure enough it was a lady Ranger. "You said Gandalf sent you." I said. "Yes. I followed the Hobbits a little while before they had reached Bree." She said. "I see, follow me. I've left the Hobbits for to long." I said leading her towards the Hobbits.

Original POV

I followed Strider towards where the Hobbits waited. When we entered the clearing they stood up. "Who is she." One of them asked. "I friend of Gandalf's who was sent to help." Strider said. "I'm Aerilyn, young Hobbits, I am at your service until we reach Rivendall." I said with a smile. As we walked they told me their names. Just as night was falling we had reached Weathertop.

"This was once the great Watchtower of Amon Sul. We shall rest here tonight." Strider said, walking towards the tower. The Hobbits collapsed into a small hollow halfway up. Strider drops 4 swords at their feet. "There are for you. Keep them close. I'm going to have a look around. Stay here." He nodded for me to follow. "I'll take the north and east." I said. He nodded going off in the opposite direction. Only a couple of minutes after leaving the Hobbits did I hear the shriek of the RingWraiths.

I turned around and ran back to toward Weathertop. I got there at the same time as Strider. He had his sword drawn and a lit torch. While fighting the Wraiths from the Hobbits did I hear a scream of pain behind us. I quickly ran to them and moved Sam out of the way. I moved his clothe from his shoulder to look at the wound. As Strider was moving over after making the Wraith flee, I was reaching into one of my pouches to get what I had left of my Athelas. I put it in my mouth to chew it. I put it on the wound as Strider was telling them about the sword.

"That is all the Athelas that I have. It will have to do until me find more and to Rivendall." Strider nodded picking up Frodo. We all started to jog grimly from Weathertop. "Hurry." Strider said. "We are three days from Rivendall." Sam said. "Hold on Frodo." "He'll never make it." We eventually stop. Strider set Frodo down on the ground as the other Hobbits gathered around him.

"Is he going to die?" Pippin asked. Strider looked out into the darkness. "No he is passing into the shadow world; he will soon become a Wraith like them." A distant cry of a RingWraith carries through the air. "They are close." Merry said. Frodo gasps in sudden pain. "Aerilyn, we must find more Athelas." Strider said. "I'm on it." I said getting up. I moved off, it didn't take long to found some. When I got back to the other there was someone else there. A female elf.

I stood by watching. "He's fading...he's not going to last. We must get him to my father." She said. Strider quickly lifts Frodo and places him on the horse. "I have been looking for you for two days." She said. "Where are you taking him?" Pippin asked. "There are five Wraiths behind you, where the other four are, I do not know." They started specking in Elvish. It was a good thing I understood.

"Dartho guin Berian...rych le ad tolthathon." (Stay with the Hobbits...I'll send horses for you.) Strider said. "Hon mabathon. Rochoh ellint im." (I'll take him. I'm the faster rider.) She said. "Andelu I ven." (The road is too dangerous.) Strider told her. "Frodo Fir. Ae anthradon I hir, tur gwaith nin beraitha hon." (If I can cross the river, the power of my people can protect him.) She said.

"What are they saying?" Pippin asked.

"I do not fear them." She said. She mounts her horse. "Arwen...ride hard, don't look back." Strider said. "Noro Lim, Asfaloth, Noro Lim!" she said sprinting off with Frodo. "What are you doing! Those Wraiths are still out there!" Sam shouted.