I do not own Young Hercules. I was inspired by the Young Hercules Episode Con Ares.

Whatever Happened To Timor?

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion


"Yes, Uncle Ares."

"How could you and Discord be dumb enough to believe that imposter was me?" Ares commented calmly as he held Strife up against the wall by his hips. His hands on Strife's hips were strong and firm. Discord decided to sneak away, she didn't feel guilty about it, and plans come back when Ares has calmed down over the whole them mistaking him for the imposter.

"…Discord thought you were trying to get on Zeus's good side and that's why you were being nice to Hercules." Strife managed to say and Ares moved his right hand to Strife's throat.

"I will never ever be nice to that brat. Understand?" Ares asked in a low voice and after a moment he heard Strife whisper 'Yes, Uncle Ares'. "Good."

"Now how could you be dumb enough to think I was the damn imposter?" Ares asked loudly, he dropped Strife to the stone floor, and stared down at him. "Tell me."

"Uh, I uh was not thinking.."

"Obviously." Ares commented dryly and he looked down at him. "Get up, Strife."

"Umm what about the war thingy between-" Strife was cut off by his Uncle Ares.

"I don't care…I have something more important such as killing that mortal that dared to pretend to be me. Not to mention that fool dared to disrespect me." Ares stated firmly and he firmly grabbed Strife by the arm. "Now go and collect that foolish mortal for me."

Strife glanced at his uncle, nodded at him, and left to collect the mortal who pretended to be Ares. He watched as Hercules and the others left.

'This will be the last time you will be seeing him.' Strife thought, he smirked to himself, and waited until the sun went down.

"It's not smart to pose as a god. Especially when the one you pose as is Ares God Of War." Strife whispered gleefully as he covered Timor's mouth, knocked him out with his right fist, and grabbed the unconscious mortal by the hips. "Mission accomplished. Time to go to Uncle Ares."

Strife glanced around, thought for a moment, quietly giggled to himself, and decided to start a fire before disappearing with the knocked out Timor.

"Hey, Uncle Ares! I got the mortal that pretended to be you." Strife commented loudly and he dropped Timor onto the stone floor. Ares appeared, he looked at the mortal, and grabbed the man by the neck.

"Wake up! You honestly thought you could get away with posing as me? Not to mention thinking you could get away with disrespecting me and ending the war that I worked hard to start by posing as me?" Ares said angrily to him and tossed Timor against the wall. "I'm Ares God Of War."

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