Chapter 1

It was the day when my parents were talking about sending me to a boarding school. "My name is Elita. It means chosen one. Most people think of me as a freak. They only think that because I am a goth and all that. I am 15 about to turn 16. I am ready to get my drivers license's."

I got to the last step when I heard my mom and dad in the kitchen, talking. I got this puzzled look on my face. My mom and dad never talk, not since they got divorced. The only time they would talk to each other is when I'm in trouble or something they don't want me to hear. I thought to myself for awhile. I didn't get to hear much of the conversation when my mom said, "Let me go get Elita." So, I ran back up the stairs , into my room, and grabbed one of the goth magazines I had laying around. Jump onto my bed, and waited till Mom came up.

I was nearly to the last page when she finally came up to my room. "Honey, your father and I need you down stairs." So I head down stairs, and went to the kitchen and sat down. "What's up" I say as if I had no idea, which I didn't. Mom says "Your father and I have been talking, and we think it would be best if you went to a boarding school." I heard the words, but they got lost in the endless void of my mind, until I found the right words I wanted to say. I said "Now, like right now," I asked, panting. "No, no. you have to get your stuff and all but tomorrow you leave," Dad said, standing up to leave. "Well, what the school's name," I asked, being curious. "Um, house Bia," Mom said, looking away. "What!" I cried, look straight into Mom eye's. "What's wrong with it," Dad looked at me, wanting an explanation.

All I do is look at them, then the next thing I knew was that I was running up to my room. I slammed my door, and called my best and only friend, Rosalina. Rosalina is another goth at my school. So I dial her number and waited till she picked up. It rang three times before she answer. "Hello," she said, in a tired voice. "Rosalina, hey, ya you know that boarding school me and you talk about a lot, House Bia," I asked, waiting for her to hurry and answer. "Ummh, oh ya that's what I needed to talk to you about. My mom and dad are sending me there tomorrow," she said. I didn't reply, I set there, shocked at what I just heard. "Elita? Are you there," she asked in a worried tone. "Ummh, ya. Your going to be shocked, but my parents are sending me there too," I told her, thinking if our parents planed this or something. "Wait, what, you're going there too. When are you leaving? And isn't that the place that we thought was creepy and haunting and all," she said waiting to know more about me leaving. "Well, I leave tomorrow too and ya that's what we thought.

We set there talking about it. What we're bringing and what's staying. But when Mom came up and said, "You need to start packing." So I told Rosalina I had to start packing, she said "Ya, me too." I hung up and started to pack.