disclaimer : I am not J. K Rowling. These are her characters.

summary : Hermione/ Ron. Written in her POV. Set during the Shell Cottage period of Deathly Hallows as Hermione recovers from the torture. They do need a little reprieve, a temporary stoppage of all the suffering they endured, don't they?


Your time moves in such a gentle,unhurried pace,
it touches like the soothing ebb and flow of a tide,
bringing back things that I once lost.

Your time blows like wind by the sea shore,
the one that holds a distinct flavor,
blows with vigor and yet gently caresses the cheek.

Your time calms with its timelessness,
like the foam of the ocean that washes the feet,
pleasant and healing.

Your time has been a precious gift,
moving like a dream that doesn't intend to end,
moving at different pace than the outside world.

This time is what I want to savour,
however,little it is,
drink this till the last drop and see whether am still insatiable.

A/N : I was tempted to call this many many things, but all the titles I came up with are embarrassing. This is also something I wrote in 2009. Hmm. Leave a review if you like it. :)