I do not own Young Hercules. This drabble is in Ares Point Of View. Ares Dream.

Just A Dream

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion


Strife is on the stone floor. He is not moving and this can't be possible for Gods do not die. There was no sound coming from him. Everything was silent and it seemed as if time itself had stopped.

I opened my eyes, took a deep breath, and rubbed my forehead. There is no way that Strife is going to die. I got out of bed and walked out of my bedroom. I ran my hand through my hair, kicked down my nephews door, and watched as he jumped up in surprise.


"Yes, Uncle Ares?"

"You are pathetic, but you are still a God." I stated and he was staring at me with wide eyes. "What?"

"Well, Uh…Umm you are naked."


"And it's the middle of the night…"

"Uh huh go on, Strife." I commented calmly and walked closer to him. I can see where he is going with his words, but it's more fun having him say them and it's good fun messing with Strife's mind.

"I don't think I'm ready, Uncle." Strife managed to say and I faintly smirked at him.

"Ready for what?" I asked causally and gently touched him on his right shoulder. Strife's eyes went even wider, he squeaked, and fell backwards off of his bed. "Don't flatter yourself, Strife. I'm not going to literally fuck you…at least not yet."

I stood up and walked out of Strife's bedroom. It is rather amusing messing with his mind and it took my mind off of that dream of him being dead. As if he is going to ever die.

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