New story! And this time with (guess who) Knockout! XD

You have to know, that in my imagination, this was the KO of transformers Prime. The starscream will be the one of Armada or G1 (not the MOVIE screamer!) and adn please don't be too disappointed, because you won't read much about the Autobots in this story...

Anyway, have fun!

Knockout's sparkling

The screaming had stopped at the same time with the begging and the ground was blood soaked. I transformed the saw blade on my right arm back into my five fingered hand. I smirked triumphantly.

The sun had already set and the moon filled the environment with an eerie light. It was night.

"Are they all dead?" Megatron questioned in his I'm-king-of-the-universe-and-no-one-can-stop-me-now tone.

His blades disappeared in the dark silver armour and his blood red optics wandered around the area.

'He's even creepier when it's dark!' I noticed in awe.

It was a miracle that there were moments when he was even creepier than right now.

My look drifted to Breakdown who simply shrugged and said "They don' seem alive to meh."

With an annoyed growl my master turned to me.

"Knock out. Make sure that they truly are dead. We don't want the Autobots to think we would show any of them mercy, do we?"

He said the last sentence with his dangerously calm voice. A grin spread across my face. "Of course not, my lord."

My Master was a few heads bigger than me, so refusing wasn't really an option, unless I wanted to be nothing more than a scrapheap. He lifted his chin, gave me a last I-see-everything glance and transformed into his cybertronian jet-mode.

When I started walking past the numerous dead human bodies and searched for a life signal, the other Decepticons returned. To my dismay, none of the humans had survived our bloody attack. I didn't get any life signals, though I would not dare to refuse my masters orders. The only living thing was a black bird sitting on a bunch of scrap metal.

Bored, I went past the last of the corpses, when I suddenly heard a little whimper. The saw blade came to live again and the smile on my face widened.

"Come out; come out, where ever you are." I whispered in a dangerous sing-song voice, while stepping forward.

When I got closer to the whimper, or the human that had caused it, I stopped and listened carefully. Indeed, I could hear the heartbeat of this pitifully hiding human. A laugh escaped my system as I stepped closer, close enough to know that the insect hid itself under this lump of collapsed stonewalls.

Without hesitating, I lifted the lump up and threw it, with all my power, against a building which wasn't as destroyed as the others.

But when I looked back, I hadn't of expected to see what I did.

There was a human, though it was way smaller than the ones I have seen until now.

It took me a few clicks until I understood what sat there in front of me. A sparkling. A human sparkling.

I have never seen a human sparkling before.

It looked right at me, its big green optics wide open as its mouth formed an 'o'. There were red curls attached to its head, which jumped with every little movement and it moved a lot 'cause its small frame was shivering the whole time. I guessed that she was horrified by the sight of a Decepticon so close to her.

I never killed a sparkling before, but this was just a human!

"Get over with it, Knockout." I encouraged myself.

The blade, which had offlined itself at the sight of this sparkling, roared to life again. As my arm came closer, the sparkling started whimpering, terrified, and it stared up at me, liquid coming out of its optics. It hugged itself and tried to get as far away from me as it could, which wasn't far, because there was a massive wall in its way.

When it looked at me again, I could clearly see the fear in its optics. 'She, Knockout. She's a femme.' I corrected myself.

I must confess, she looked pretty cute.

Could I really kill a little sparkling? Megatron would, Starscream probably would too... but her hair seemed to be the same shade of red as my paintjob! It was a very beautiful red. Her lips began to shiver and her eyes widened even more.

My spark began to hurt at that sight. I can't remember it doing that before at the sight of any Autobot or human dying.

My saw blade transformed into a hand again and I slowly kneeled down, anxious not to scare her.

"My, My. What are we going to do with you?" I whispered.

She watched me without moving. Her frame had stopped shaking, so that she could crawl a bit closer to me and I wondered if she was as afraid as she was curious.

When my hand got closer to her, her little fingers grabbed one of mine and I gently lifted her up. After a few clicks of staring at each other, she gave me a smile.

It was such a bright smile, that my spark seemed to melt and I thought to myself 'I can't kill such a creature, can I?'

She looked so helpless, but was a Decepticon allowed to show mercy? No.

With a sigh, I decided, that it would be right to obey my masters command.

Wait... since when did I do what was right?

A part of me yelled at the other one for the thought of betraying my master, but the other part won.

I looked around to see whether one of Soundwaves drones was around. If he found out, Megatron would scratch my beautiful paintjob! NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

When I found no signal, I transformed into my car mode and took the little sparkling with me. She wasn't bleeding anymore, so she wouldn't ruin my seat covers. But just to be sure, I scanned her whilst I turned around. Fortunately, she wasn't seriously injured.

To my defence: her creators had both been killed and how would she be able to survive alone?

With that thought on my processor, I drove into the next small town. I knew taking her with me would be impossible without anyone else finding out, so I decided to give her into human hands. My spark hurt at the thought of leaving her, which gave me no other option than promising myself to guard her. How could I feel so responsible for a little sparkling, and that fast? I'd only just met her, for Primus sake!

'Well, well Knockout.' I thought to myself.

'Just look her in the optics. Who could not?'

Now, I finally understood the Autobots preference for collecting humans. Some of them were rather cute.

Hopefully, Megatron will never find out about that.

During the drive to the next alive town -which was a very long drive- , I thought about what to do.

I already had picked a human as my hologram, maaaaany cycles ago. He had red hair too, which wouldn't complicate my story. Much.

I'd just go in there, give her to the nice femme and if she asks where I got her from, I'd just say, that her parents -whom I had been a good friend of- died during an accident and I was responsible for her, but because of my hard job and so on I hadn't got enough time for her, blah blah blah...

She would give me the address of her new foster parents, so that I could visit her, blah blah blah...

Everything was perfect, except of one detail, I didn't know anything about her! Not even her name!

'Graaahh! C'mon, Knockout!'

I tried to use my nicest tone when I asked her" What is your name, sweetspark?"

WOW. First time in my life that I had EVER used that word. It felt odd.

When I didn't receive an answer I tried something else.

"Where do you come from?"

Speaking that slowly made me feel a bit like a moron, I still didn't receive any response.

I wondered if she was still alive. One look at my rear-view mirror told me she was. She was currently looking around curiously.

I let out an annoyed moan.

"Can you even speak?"

Although it was a rhetoric question, the answer I got was a high chuckle followed by her cuddling into my seat.

"Awww... well, I guess that's kind of... cute."

She then closed her eyes and fell in stasis, just a few seconds later.


No matter how cute this sparkling was, it was sooooo stupid!

It hasn't even got a vocal processor! Well, this Bumblebee hasn't got one either, but that was a totally different thing. I felt really stupid, it looked like I was talking to myself!

Okay. Problem one: I didn't know her name, she wasn't able to tell me and without a name, I couldn't act like a friend of her 'sadly deceased family'.

Problem two: I didn't know anything about her!

Problem three: I hadn't even got that, what humans called papers.


The papers could have been burnt!

Ummmm…. well. Not the best explanation I could muster but I guess it could have been worse.

I might weave something together, so that she at least had a bit imaginary past. And I could think of a name for her.

Perfect! Now Knockout, you just have to google 'How to name a human?', than you'll get the answer to all your problems.

Don't laugh at me, but I actually did that. It was a bad idea though, because all that shows up is total crap and has nothing to do with it.

Should I google 'human names'? ... Naaah.

Why would I want to call her one of these pathetic earth names?

She should get a beautiful and yet strong name! Something cybertronian!

Problem four: I didn't know any Cybertronian femme-names that would fit. The only ones I knew were Arcee, Elita 1, Chromia, Moonstrike and so on, but those were Autobots, and I would call her by no means after an Autobot! And the only Decepticon femme-name I knew was Arachnid. I WOULD RATHER BE PIT SPAWNED THAN CALL HER THAT!


I watched her quietly for a few clicks and just thought of the last hours:

...the sun had already set and the moon filled the environment with an eerie light. It had become night...The only living thing was a black bird sitting on a bunch of scrap metal...

Okay. How was that going to help me? Should I call her 'eeriebunchofscrapmetal', or 'blackenvironment', or even better, 'blackmoon'?

Well, that's not that bad…..

Wait, was I seriously going to name a little human blackmoon?

Do I really have that little imagination?

... Hang on a nano-click; what about... nightbird?

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