A/N i again apoligize beforehand for any ooc and if it's bad in any way, but i am getting more confident, so hopefully i won't apoligize as much in the future. anyway, enjoy the story

I just came home from a long day of playing video games with Tony. Luckily, no one was awake to yell at me. I go upstairs as quietly as I can, but the floor creaks a bit. I see a door down the hall that's slightly open. It isn't a door I would have normally noticed, so I go over and open it, looking inside. And I freeze, shocked at what I see.

There was someone laying in the bed, bleeding sorta badly. Their left arm is slung over the side of the bed, that shoulder and inner forearm bleeding. His left ear and cheek were also bleeding. In his right hand (that inner forearm is slightly bleeding as well) was a small hand gun.

I go over to him and take the gun, putting it on the bedside table. I now recognize the guy in the bed as my brother, Matthew. I immediately check for his pulse.

After a minute I'm relieved that he still has one.

"Mattie, hey Mattie wake up." I gently shake his right shoulder. "Come on, wake up."

After a few minutes of shaking his shoulder, he finally wakes up.

"What?" he sleepily asks.

"What the hell happened? Why are you bleeding so much?"

"Eh?" He looks confused for a minute before realizing he's bleeding. He grabs his blanket and tried to hide his wounds, but I grab it away from him. I sit on the bed in front of him.

"What happened dude?"

"Nothing to worry about. I just have bad aim, I guess." he mutters, picking at the bed sheets.

"Where were you aiming?"

He mutters something I can't hear, not looking at me.


He shakes his head and mutters again.

"Mattie, what did you say?" I lift his head up so he's looking at me. I notice he's crying. "Mattie, what's wrong?"

I can't hear him, but I read his lips. 'I tried to kill myself.'

"Why in the world would you do that?"

"I-I'm all alone Al. no one cares about me. I get beat up because of you. I'm sick of it Al. I can't take it anymore. I wanna die." he says while sobbing.

"Why didn't you tell me?" I gently ask.

"I tried. You never listened."

"I'm so sorry Mattie." I hold him close to me in a hug. I'm supposed to be the hero, how could I not have noticed poor Mattie was hurting? I could have, would have helped him. "I'm gonna be a better bro, I promise."

He shakes his head and cries into my shoulder.

"I will. I swear Mattie. I'll be the best brother ever. I'll make you want to live."