I have a terrible dream that night.

I was chasing Mattie through a forest. I lost him a few times, but the trail of blood led me to him. I eventually found him at the edge of a cliff. I grab him and push him the ground, pinning him down, before he jumps.

"Mattie, why the hell? Why are you doing this? I brought you here to help you!" It sounded like I was crying.

"I'm ignored. Everyone hates me. No one likes me. I'm sick of it. I'm not loved; I'm not wanted; I'm not needed. Just let me die!" he sobbed.

"No! You're not gonna die!"

He suddenly had a surge of strength and pushed me off him. He glanced at me and the last thing I see of him are his sad, violet eyes, looking at me for the last time.

He jumps off the edge.



I wake up to see Mattie staring at me, confused. Mattie. Sitting there. Breathing. Alive.

"You could have set an alarm." he quietly mutters.

"Mattie!" I get up from the chair and tackle him down in a hug. "Please don't kill yourself! I love you bro!"

He seems shocked at this. "Wh-what? You mean it?"

"Of course Mattie. You're my brother. And dad and papa love you too. We don't say it, but we do."

He returns the hug.

"That's all I ever wanted." he sobs. "To be loved and appreciated."

"You are Mattie." I hear myself softly sobbing. "I'm so sorry I ignored you. I shouldn't've. I should've included you in more things, I shoulda listened ta you, I shoulda-"

"I know you're sorry Al. thanks for telling me. It really means a lot."

And then he smiles. And it's a real one.

I know he's coming out of his depression, and I know everything's gonna be OK. I'm gonna get him the proper help, and I'm gonna help him. He won't be ignored anymore. He's gonna be alright, and he's gonna know what it's like to be happy.