disclaimer : Cardcaptor Sakura belongs to CLAMP.

summary : set on capture of Light and Dark card. Although some paragraphs were inspired by their use in confrontation with Eriol as well.

We are One but Two

we were one but two,
seperated by the opening of the book of Clow.

we are one but two.
twins, sisters, lovers.
fused and created as one by Clow.

For Light, could not exist without the Dark.
For she was mystery and I was clarity.
For she was the artless truth and I was beauty.
For she was ambiguity,
and I was stark nudity.
We were one but two.

She is elusive while she envelops you,
she is intoxicating when you choose to surrender.
But my dear child, do not despair,
even when she obliterates every light,
because you are shining in midst of blackest of nights.

Pin the most desperate hope on the sliver of light,
for Dark cannot exist without it.
Bright little child, open and your eyes and see,
bonded by the opening of the book of Clow,
we are one but two.

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