disclaimer : La Corda D'oro does not belong to me or my friend B with whom I had written this fic 2-3 years back.


Len Tsukimori refused everything as icily as he could; to show he was not interested and please don't beg of his service, thank you very much. But this was an offer, that left Len no choice but to put what he must, in a very heated choice of words.
"I am not doing this!" Len said, indignantly. "I am absolutely not doing this!"

"Editor-sama " Yunoki addressed the bespectacled girl with his trademark charm that made one believe he could do well in the world of advertising instead of music. "The offer is very odd. You can't deny that."

"Yes..it is, but the circulation of the newspaper is very low, we want to spice it up" she replied, quite firm for someone who was shorter than them and whom they could easily carry and lock in a broom cupboard. That idea was quite tempting right now.

Len Tsukimori, Azuma Yunoki, Ryotaru Tsuchiara, Kazuki Hihara and Keiichi Shimizu were standing in the Office where the Editor of the school newspaper sat before them.
"Spice it up? As in putting up a Personals' page? I could understand if you wanted a column on soccer or music from me! But this is asking for impossible!" Ryotaru agreed. He looked like he had been asked to live with Len for the rest of the year.

Kazuki nodded frantically, "I don't know how to solve my own problems, let alone others"
"And what, in the holy names of God, gave you an idea that the five of us will do a 'He says' column?" Len asked, incredulously.
The Editor turned to Keichi who was dozing off already. "You agree with me, don't you?"
Keiichi snored.
"There!" she grinned in satisfaction. "He agrees."
"HE IS SLEEPING!" the rest of them yelled.