Annabeth: I just finished reading this. It's such a sappy story, Itsi.
Thalia, Daughter of Nyx: B-but milady, Itsi got this from your diary.
Annabeth: IT IS NOT A DIARY!
Me: It is too! And Thalia, daughter of Nyx, what are you doing here? I thought you were busy writing fanfics as Thalia101 !
TDoN: Well, some space opened up.
Me: Ok, well, readers of the internet, I give you Annabeth's true feelings about Percy, excerpted from her diary.
Annabeth: It's a journal!

1. I hate how much power he holds over my heart.

2. If he told me to leave him, I would.

3. With a broken heart.

4. I hate how he's so….obtuse.

5. You give him hints that you want him to tell you "I love you," but he doesn't get it.

6. What? Of course I'm being hypothetical!

7. I hate it when Drew checks him out.

8. Because then, I want to kill her.

9. And he'd never forgive me if I did that.

10. I hate his absolute loyalty.

11. He'd be willing to do anything for me.

12. And I'm absolutely afraid of that.

Annabeth: That's it? It's not even on the good part!
TDoN: All in good time, milady.
Annabeth: I feel like hitting Itsi with a computer.
Me: Oh, no.
Annabeth: *hits authoress with Daedalus' laptop* Tune in next time, or your fate shall be like the fate of this girl on the floor.
TDoN: No one wants that, right?