This is a cross over that should probably have never happened. It's between R&I and GCB. I warn you now that it may not be your cup of tea, but it is pretty funny, and there's Rizzles fluff.

I own nothing from any of these shows, and the only thing I get from this is the perverse pleasure of pitting Cricket against Jane and Maura.

"No, Maura," Jane stood in the middle of the medical examiner's office, arms crossed and jaw set. "I am not doing this."

"Jane," the Chief Medical Examiner's voice was calm but less patient than normal, "I've already booked the plane tickets." She held up two pieces of paper in her hand. "Besides, you promised me you'd go with me to the next function at which I was required to attend for charity when you 'misplaced' your PUKE running suit. This is the next charity function."

"But, come on! It's in Texas. Who wants to go to Texas, especially during the summer? It's going to be, like, a thousand degrees down there. Can't I," the detective made a vague gesture with her hand, "I don't know, just give you money or something?"

"No, Jane," Maura shook her head, eyes narrowing. "Angela has already agreed to take care of Bass and Jo while we're away. The paperwork is in order; all you need do is go down to Cavanaugh's office and sign it."

"You've already talked to Cavanaugh?" Jane rolled her eyes and gave a little stamp of her foot. "Really?"

"He didn't seem to have an issue with you taking a week off. In fact," the honey brunette smirked, "he gave indications of relief."

Jane rolled her eyes. "Oh, funny. So, I guess I'm not getting out of this, am I?"

"No. Pack for a week. Take both casual clothes and clothes you would consider 'dressy'. For the more formal affairs, I'll provide you with appropriate clothing. As this was a last minute circumstance, I'm afraid we don't have much time." Maura was already gathering her things. "You need to hurry. The car service will be by to pick you up in a few hours."

"Man!" The detective huffed but turned to the door to go, but she suddenly stopped and turned back around. "Hey, where are we going in Texas anyway?"

Maura paused in her gathering. "Hillside Park. It is a small city within Dallas, and you may be familiar with it as simply Dallas because of that."

"Great, cowboy hats, oil wells, and long-horns on the front of Cadillac grills as far as the eye can see." Jane sighed heavily. "I can't wait."

"We're not in a television show, Jane. I highly doubt there's anyone named JR Ewing to be found. Now, stop delaying. We don't want to be late for our plane." Maura ushered the detective out.

Jane grunted in frustration. "Yeah, yeah..."