A/N: I'm taking a shot in the dark with this story. I'd written a fic years ago where an OC I made up had bursitis…needless to say it was a bad story. I thought it would be fun to bring that idea to an SPN fic, and subject Dean to it. Before you read the story, please read the below crash course in bursitis.

Bursitis (paraphrased from webmdDOTcom): Bursitis is the inflammation of a fluid-filled sac, called a bursa, which is located between the bone, muscle tendons and skin. The bursa helps to decrease friction/irritation between the bones/muscle tendons/skin. Bursitis can be caused by a repetitive impact on the affected area, or a sudden injury. Bursitis is most common in the knees, hips, shoulders, elbows and Achilles tendon. (for more information, visit webmdDOTcom)

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Chapter One

It was supposed to be an easy hunt…they'd hunted creatures in the woods before. A simple head shot, Sam had said. Dean made a mental note to kick Sam's ass for that as he ran through the trees, the Hamadryad on his heels. Sam was somewhere else in the woods, trying to find the tree the hamadryad was attached to. The plan B was to burn the tree, thus killing the Hamadryad. It wasn't as easy as it sounded. The dryad attacked them as they prepared to burn its tree, and somehow ended up chasing Dean through the woods, leaving Sam to burn the tree on his own.

The hamadryad was on his heels. Dean ducked under branches and leapt over roots as he ran through the woods, trying to escape. He was dismayed when he saw a wide brook coming up in front of him, one he would not be able to cross without swimming. He was so screwed.

As he approached the brook's edge, an excruciating pain shot through his knee. He lost his balance and tumbled down the embankment into the brook. The dryad leapt into the air toward the fallen hunter. Dean shielded himself with his arm to ward off the inevitable blow. Just before the dryad sunk its claws into Dean, it exploded into a fireball, and was gone.

Dean sat up and looked around him. Sam had impeccable timing. He tried to push himself to his feet, but the pain in his knee was not helping. As he managed to stand, he could hear Sam calling his name in the distance. He climbed up the embankment and started yelling for his brother. Seconds later, he saw the silhouette of his brother running at him through the trees. Unable to take the pain any longer, Dean collapsed as Sam skidded to a halt next to him.

"Dean, are you all right?"

"Yeah… stupid dryad knocked me into that brook over there. I'll be fine." He tried to stand, but slipped and fell.

"Sure you're fine. Let me help you," Sam helped him to his feet and they headed for the car.

Sam didn't mention Dean's limp on the drive home. He didn't mention it when his brother almost fell down going into the bathroom when they got back to the motel room, either. He wanted to say something, though, when Dean brought a bucket of ice into the bathroom with him. When Dean didn't come out after a half hour, Sam got up and knocked on the door.

"Dean, are you all right in there? It's been a half hour." When he got no response, he went from knocking lightly to pounding on the door. "Dean! What the hell man! Open the damn door!" Suddenly the door flew open, nearly hitting Sam in the face. Dean stormed out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist, and went over to his duffel. Sam noticed his limp was gone.

"Go ahead and pee, princess."

Sam rolled his eyes and took his turn in the bathroom. Dean was fully dressed when he came out, but he was sitting on the bed, rubbing his knee. He was obviously still in pain.

"Is something wrong with your knee, Dean?"

"I'm fine." He pulled back the covers and got into bed. "I just want to go to sleep." Dean turned his back to Sam and pulled the covers up to his neck.

Sam shrugged and went back to his research. Dean was never one to admit when he was hurt, but Sam had a feeling his brother was keeping something from him. If he couldn't get Dean to talk, he'd have to take matters into his own hands.

A/N: I've mentioned bursitis as Dean's problem in my intro above… but I want to express that it can start as inflammation, and can go as far as removing the bursa completely to alleviate pain. It can get pretty severe. We all know how Dean is with keeping his pain hidden, so we shall see how far he takes this before he lets Sam help him.

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