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Title: We Are One

Warnings: Okay so this is rated M for a reason. There will be explicit scenes later on in the story so just a fair warning. If you don't like boy/boy pairings then please don't read this if that offends you. Any kind of violence for any reason or harsh language can be used at any time. So please if that makes you squeamish then don't read!

Disclaimer: Unfortunately I don't own any of these characters, except the children that will be introduced later on. It's too bad I don't own L I absolutely love him in the series, he makes me laugh XD and yes I am definitely a supporter of L. The scenes and plot of this story are of my own making; with special inspiration going to numerous other fan fics in a whole bunch of other fandoms. My particular inspiration came from Furry Magic a Harry Potter fic that is still written on here I believe. I'm not sure now who the author was, but if you enjoy this and you like the Harry Potter world then go check that one out!

Light Yagami walked with his head bowed as he was escorted by an older man to his destination. He was in a huge estate, more like a lavish manor than anything.

Thick wood paneling lined the walls. Exquisite paintings and portraits hand painted on the walls filled everything for the eye to see. Most were pictures of animals such as wolves, large cats, eagles, and so on; but there were others of just nature in general. Thick carpeting dulled their footsteps and Light could feel the cushioning even with his shoes on.

It was so thick that at times his feet seemed to sink right into the carpet. It looked old, and upon further examination, he noticed it was an extremely long rug; done in shades of reds and gold's to give it an air of royalty.

Lights hung from the ceiling, illuminating their pathway and rows upon rows of doors led to who knows where else in this huge place. Each door was huge, towering over Light as he walked by. Their colour was a deep red oak which caused the hallway to have a warmer albeit more mysterious air to the place.

You could tell that this place held extreme wealth and prestige given everything that could be seen and no one had any doubt the rooms would be just as comfortable and rich tasting. Light, however; wasn't paying any attention to his surroundings, in fact he was so lost in his thoughts that he had failed to notice when he had been brought here.

Staring down at his shoes his mind kept on replaying when he was attacked by that … that … monster.

It had happened so quickly; one second he had just said bye to his friends for the night, a block away from his home, and the next second he had been pounced on and dragged forcefully into an ally.

He had screamed as he had tried to fight the huge creature off, but it was no good, as he felt the animal's sharp teeth sink into his shoulder, cutting through skin and muscle easily as if it were a hot butter knife.

Light had wailed loudly at the pain and someone had answered him. Screaming out for help, two people had started to run towards him from further down the alley. With a growl of annoyance, the creature above him jumped off and ran into the shadows. Light had tried to catch a glimpse of the animal but his eyes were too foggy, with pain and tears, and he had passed out shortly after that from blood loss.

Later he had woken up in the hospital. His mother, father, and younger sister Sayu all sat around him, worry clearly evident in their faces.

Before anyone could say anything, the door to his room had been opened and an older gentleman, the same that was currently leading him through this mansion, had stepped into his offering his family, and himself, a sad smile.

Explaining little too the family, Roger, as he had identified himself, explained that it was of the utmost importance that he take Light with him.

His father Soichiro Yagami had stared at him in clear anger. "Can't you see he's been through enough? He was just attacked! Let him rest for a bit."

Light could hear the pleading behind his father's words as his voice cracked with worry for his son lying in the bed, bandages all over his upper body; blood soaking through from the wound on his shoulder still.

Roger had shaken his head wearily, and replied, "I'm afraid I must insist Mr. Yagami; if you come with me I am sure that I can convince you why."

Soichiro, expressing confusion in every line of his face, studied Roger for a short time. Finally, he nodded his head in acceptance. Roger opened the door, waiting for Soichiro to walk through; before his father left though he turned to Light.

"I shall be back soon, son," he murmured quietly. Turning to his wife and daughter he said, "Take care of our son, and your brother, Sachiko and Sayu."

They both nodded to him and sat back in their chairs as Light's father and Roger stepped out.

It had been quiet while they all awaited their return. Light wouldn't have been able to break the silence had he even wanted to. His voice was tired and his throat hurt from all the screaming. His upper body burned hot and in pain, radiating outwards from the bite, even though the doctors had drugged him high on morphine.

While his body was physically tired, his mind was still running faster than he could keep up. Images of the attack still flitted through behind his eyes and when he closed them, he could still feel the sharp slice of the teeth and hot breath of the animal as it leaned over him.

Shuddering, Light did his best to think up equations for math, or cities for sociology of early humans, but nothing would stick inside his mind.

Sighing, Light wearily closed his eyes. Exhaustion finally starting to take over his body and the beeping of the heart monitor, slowly started to lull him to sleep, when the door opened again and the two men came back.

Light had jumped slightly at the sudden movement, but had calmed when he saw that it was only his father coming closer to him. Soichiro looked sad as he gazed upon his son in anguish. Light frowned slightly at this, his mind was still too muddled to think clearly, but he could clearly see the worry and sadness reflected in his father's eyes. Before anything could be said, his father spoke up.

"Light, I need you to go with Roger, there is a great deal of many things that must be explained to you now and I am incapable of doing it. You need to go to a place that can help you," Soichiro stated sadly.

Sachiko gasped at her husband's statement,. "But Soichiro, Light can't be moved yet, he needs rest and I'm sure he's under severe trauma from everything. Remember what the doctor had told us?"

"Yeah Dad! Light can't go anywhere right now!" Sayu exclaimed, clearly upset.

Soichiro looked to his wife and daughter sadly. "Sachiko please take Sayu out of the room for a minute."

Sachiko almost appeared as if she wasn't going to listen; however, something in her husband's eyes told her to at least do this. Standing she nodded to him and gestured to Sayu. "Come Sayu."

Sayu stared at her mom in shock. "But Mom-!"

"No Sayu, just for a little while, we'll wait outside and then come back to see Light, okay?" Sachiko said to her daughter gently, yet firmly.

Sayu bit her lip and stifled any tears that wanted to fall from her eyes. Turning she nodded to Light, who slowly returned it as best he could, and she left the room with their mother. Gently the door closed behind them, and only his father and Roger were left in the room with him.

Soichiro gestured to Roger. "Light, he can explain some things somewhat better but…well I'll just let him explain what he wants to."

Roger nodded and stepped forward. "Thank you Mr. Yagami. Light, I know this is an extremely hard time for you and your parents right now, and it's only going to become tougher; I am sorry to have to tell you, but I must know before we go forewords do you remember what attacked you?"

Light frowned at this and thought back in his head of the other night. Shaking his head no, he continued to stare at Roger. Sighing, Roger nodded his head, apparently not shocked by his answer; instead it seemed to confirm something.

"Okay then, Light listen to me very closely, I need you to come with me. Things are going to begin to start happening to you, and this isn't the place for you to go through with it," Roger began to explain as gently as he could.

Before he could continue on Light interrupted him. His voice was badly cracked and still hoarse, shooting pain through his body as he tried to form words, "Where would I be going with you?"

Roger smiled gently at him. "It is a very special place called, 'Wammy's House', there will be more people like you there and they can help you with everything that will soon begin happening.

Frowning at this Light started to wonder if they were trying to ship him off to some kind of asylum for people that are a danger to society or themselves. He knew he wasn't crazy! Soichiro seeming to read his son's frown quickly and interrupted his thoughts before they could spiral out of control.

"Roger doesn't mean a psychiatric ward, Light," Soichiro Yagami explained. "However, it's a place that is kept under high security and only the most trusted people and leaders of different countries know of its existence and location. For those reasons we can't tell you more since anyone could be listening here," Soichiro explained to his son hoping Light would understand him.

Roger nodded his head. "Light, if you agree to come I assure you that you will be treated with the utmost of respect, and kindness, and together we shall all help you," Roger stated gently to the clearly distraught teen in front of him.

Light frowned as his fuzzy mind tried to process all of this. Sighing in impatience as he realized he was too high on morphine to think of anything, his father grabbed his hand and squeezed it gently.

Murmuring quietly to Light he said, "Light, I know you're frightened and this is all new and sudden but I fully believe that you can trust in Roger. He is not going to lead you astray and believe me, if I thought he was no good, I would never give you my blessing to go then."

Light stared deeply into his father's eyes. He knew his father would never lead him astray or say anything like what he was saying right now, without good reason, so Light knew deep in his heart that he could believe in his father. He may not know Roger quite yet but through his father, he would trust Roger to take him safely where he had to go. Nodding to his father Light turned back to Roger.

"I'll go with you then," Light said quietly.

Roger smiled gently at him and nodded his head. "Thank you Mr. Yagami, I promise you that you shall be comfortable and safe. There is no need to worry Mr. Yagami," he finished with addressing Light's father.

Soichiro nodded at this. "When will you be leaving then?"

"Within the hour," Roger replied while shocking the other two occupants at the suddenness of the actions. Roger shrugged his shoulders and offered a warm smile. "Arrangements had already been made in case you had agreed Light."

So that was how Light had come to be in this mansion following Roger. Before he had left, his mother and Sayu had come back and offered tear-filled good byes that made his heart swell with sadness. Roger had assured him that he would have the opportunity to see them as soon as he could.

It had shocked Light slightly when they had gotten on a plane and flew all the way to England only stopping once to refuel on their long journey. It turned out that he was escorted onto a lavish, state of the art, private airplane. Light was shocked at this to, but didn't show it and instead rested in one of the chairs, falling asleep quickly to the lull of the engine.

Roger stopped suddenly outside a large door shocking Light out of his thoughts. Looking up he noticed a large 'W' on the door. The door handles were ornately decorated, curved gently, and were the colour of gold.

Roger reached out and knocked on the door. After a few silent seconds a voice gently called out, "Come in."

Roger grabbed the door handles and led Light inside the room.

Casting a quick glance around his surroundings Light noticed that the room was very comfortable. Soft creamy carpeting was covering the floor. The walls were the colour of a sky blue at the top of the ceiling with light wood paneling on the walls. A gold chandelier hung from the ceiling, crystals cut out throughout the fixture, and above it, paintings of people and nature were all over the ceiling.

Light had never seen one house with this many portraits and not just in actual paintings either but on the walls and ceilings now.

One wall was covered in books from floor to ceiling with a ladder to climb up and down resting against them. A marble fireplace rested on the other side of the room as well. A picture of a man resting above the mantelpiece. Comfortable sofas and chairs were grouped around the fireplace and were a creamy white colour.

Light looked in front of him and noticed floor length windows encompassing the whole back wall of the room. A large dark wooden desk was stretched out in front of the windows. It was the only dark piece of furniture in this entire space.

A state of the art computer sat atop it and books and files were resting on the sides. There were figures carved into the desk but he was too far away to fully make out what they were.

An older gentleman sat behind the desk as he typed away on his computer seemingly in his own world. He looked Japanese or Filipino if his facial features and skin coloring were anything to go by. His hair was white and short; slightly fuzzy, eyebrows, which were white as well, and he had a thin white mustache over his upper lip. A delicate set of glasses rested on his nose.

The first impression Light got from him was that he was a very gentle and kind individual.

Roger walked up behind Light and escorted him closer to the desk and its occupant. Looking down at the floor again as they began moving, Light stopped suddenly as they came before the desk. The man behind the desk got up from his seat and offered Light his hand.

Startled Light looked up and took the offered hand in nervousness. The hand that took his closed gently and gave him a warm, gentle shake.

"Welcome Light Yagami to Wammy's House. My name is Watari," stated Watari kindly.

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