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"What happened to him?" L demanded as he strolled into the room. He wandered over to the comatose kitten on the bed; his black eyes sweeping across the lithe body before him.

"I don't know. He was fine one second, and then he began to burn up and shortly after passed out," Wedy explained to L as she watched Light's vitals. "I hooked him up just to be on the safe side and started a drip, but it doesn't seem as if he is in any real danger."

L nodded as he dragged a chair over and sat crouched on the seat. "Thank you, Wedy. You may leave us now. I will watch him and if he seems to be going through some kind of distress I will be sure to summon you."

"Yes, Alpha."

L gazed at Light quietly as he listened to the faint clack of Wedy's heals on the stone flooring in the hospital wing. He could still smell the sweet smell wafting forth from Light's prone body and he fought down the violent shudder that longed to course through him.

"What am I going to do with you kitten?" he asked softly as he tightened his fingers on his knees.


An Hour or Two Later


Light winced as he became aware of the world once more through what seemed like a foggy haze. He could feel a feather soft pillow cushioning his head, and the sheets that he laid upon were just as silky and cool. It almost lulled him back to sleep until he smelled a strong chocolate scent, mixed in with musk and a hint of sweat.

Light fought back the internal groan that he wished to vocalize as he came to realize, without opening his eyes, who was sitting right beside him. He knew L was there, however, he didn't want to exactly confront the alpha especially after what had happened last night.

He still felt hot and his heartbeat was still beating fairly rapidly but he willed away his discomfort and tried to ignore L's over powering presence.

"I know you're awake, Light," L's voice came out smooth like melted chocolate, "I can tell from your uneven and slightly rapid breathing and the way your eyes moved beneath your lids. You're awake. And I don't remember you ever being this contrite before in my presence. If I remember correctly you have a habit, unhealthy and rude as it is, to almost break down my door for even the smallest of reasons."

Light couldn't stop himself and his eyes snapped open to glare at the were. He had been hoping that maybe his senses had been playing some kind of practical joke on him and that if he could just fall asleep again he would wake up warm in his bed back in Japan like nothing had ever happened. Upon seeing L beside him his world came crashing back down and he couldn't help the small shudder and the dropping of his stomach at realizing once more that this wasn't a dream.

Sighing, he swallowed and addressed L. "What are you doing here?"

L arched an eyebrow at the question and bit his thumb gently as he kept his intense gaze trained on the limp kitten before him. "What? Is it wrong for an alpha to come check up on one of his sick kittens?"

"I'm not sick," Light rebuked L's statement as he struggled to sit propped up against his pillows. He waved away L's attempts to help him situate himself better and glared at the were. "And besides you didn't exactly turn me, in fact you don't even know who did, so I guess you can say that I'm technically not your kitten."

L looked at Light intensely with his large black eyes. Light gulped harshly as L moved over him before he could blink and loomed not even two inches away from his face.

"Don't test me kitten," L growled harshly to Light, "I could have easily sentenced you to death for what happened to you. Do not mistake my mercy as a sign of any kind of weakness on my part. The fact is there is a bigger catch than you going on here and I can't have this therianthrope siring any new therianthropes without my say so. Besides, should you remember anything crucial about the night you were attacked it would stand to reason that I would need you alive so that you could tell me. Am I correct in that?"

Light quickly nodded his head to appease the larger therianthrope looming over his quaking body. There was just something about the alpha that he couldn't quite pin point. Half of him wanted to obey the alpha and half wanted to challenge the werecat at every turn. It was a constant battle of wills that seemed to wage war within him and occasionally one side won out above the other; this time it just so happened to be the side of him that felt the need to challenge the alpha.

"Excellent. Now I should warn you that I will discipline you the next time you come out and mouth off to me. I am sick of immature whiny behavior and the disrespect you show me. In actuality Light you should be showing me a great deal more respect. I saved your life; I didn't have to, remember that."

Light swallowed thickly and lifted his chin slightly as he kept his eyes trained on L's. "Respect is earned, not freely given to those who demand it."

L gazed at him solemnly for a few tense seconds; then the corner of his mouth tipped up in a small smirk and he leaned back slightly. "Oh I would say I have earned it, Light. Many times over. Besides kitten, you can deny it all you want but I know you are attracted to me. Your eyes say it all and also your hormones reek in my presence like a cat in heat." With that he turned from the bed and began to walk to the main doors to the clinic.

Light was blushing a furious shade of red as he tried to form a response and kept coming up empty. Just before L reached the door he turned back around and looked at him.

"By the way, Light, you haven't been anywhere you shouldn't have been. Have you?"

Light's gaze flicked up and over to the alpha staring at him in his hunched position. He twisted the covers surrounding him nervously as he bit the inside of his cheek.

"Anywhere I shouldn't have been?" He asked once he felt like he had gained control of his voice once more.

L nodded. "Yes, you see I would hate to find you somewhere you were forbidden to enter. I don't think you would particularly enjoy the punishment," L said with a small smirk. "Or then again who knows? Maybe you would." He finished as a small glint of fang was shown between his lips as he stepped back through the doors and shut them behind him carefully.

Light's heart was beating rapidly as the alpha left and cold sweat broke out over his skin. He swiped his forehead with the back of his hand and panted in cooling breaths of air. Was the alpha…flirting with him?! What the hell was going on with him?! More importantly what was wrong with him? He felt…odd.

Then there was that parting comment L had left him with. The room….did L know he and the others had been in there? If he did what was he waiting for? To physically catch him in the act? Well he didn't exactly know but one thing he did know was that he had to go back to that room anyways. He had a strong feeling that his questions wouldn't be answered until he went back there.


Later in the Evening


"Light, I don't know about this. I mean we got lucky the first time not getting caught, why should we try again?" Shiori was sitting next to Light in the clinic later on in the evening that day. She was staring worriedly at him as she had one of her text books in her lap and was jotting notes down on a piece of paper with her pen using the bedside table as a small desk.

"Shiori, I'm not asking you to come, I'm just telling you that I really think I have to do this. Something just doesn't seem right," Light remarked as he bit the tip of his thumb.

Shiori looked up at that and smiled in amusement. Light glanced over at her and noticed her small smile crossing her lips and frowned. "What?"

She shook her head and wrote something else out on the paper. The scratching of the pen irritating Light's already frayed nerves. "Nothing. It's just funny that for the amount of talking you do about disliking L, you're beginning to copy some of his well-known habits."

Light realized what she meant and quickly put his hand down in his lap glaring off into the distance. "It's nothing," he mumbled softly.

Shiori merely smiled at that and turned back to her work. "I still stand by what I said though, Light. If you get caught the punishment isn't going to be pretty."

Light huffed in frustration. "Then what am I supposed to do, Shiori?! Just let people order me around? Be a good little kitten?"

"Well that actually can't really hurt you…." She trailed off at that when she noticed Light glaring at her. Raising her eyebrows she huffed. "I'm just saying! Would it really kill to listen to them once in a while?"

Yes, it may kill my pride."

Shiori rolled her eyes. "I thought you were fresh out of any pride, Light."

He winced at that. "Ouch, Shiori! Harsh!"

"Just trying to snap you out of this ridiculous idea!" She tapped her pencil agitatedly on the small table and flung it down huffing as she sat back in her chair. "What exactly are you trying to prove? That you're rebellious? You proved that already, Light. Now you're sick and Wedy doesn't even know what's wrong with you, a killer is still out there and is probably going to try and finish you off and you want to test the alpha's patience?! Not smart!"

"Shiori, keep your voice down!" Light hissed out at her harshly in the soft glow of the lamp. His symptoms had been getting progressively worse the longer the day had worn on not better. As night fell his temperature began to climb higher, a cold sweat breaking out over him making his clothing and sheets around him damp from the perspiration and his heart felt like it was ready to leap out of his chest. Not to mention he felt like he could puke at any given moment; it was taking everything he had to withhold that last part.

"Look, Shiori I need to go back there. Something is in that room…answers, that I desperately need," Light pleaded with her.

Shiori bit her bottom lip and shifted awkwardly in her seat. "What exactly do you think you'll find if you can get back in there?"

Light sighed in defat and exhaustion as he leaned back against his pillows. "I don't know. I just have a strong urge to get there. But I know that as long as Wedy is here and not preoccupied I'll never get out of here. She may be human but she's astoundingly astute. It's like she can hear a pin drop."

Shiori winced and seemed to look off into the distance as if in deep thought. After a minute or two of careful silence between them she heaved a frustrated sigh.

"Okay look, I'll distract her while you skedaddle down to the room."

Light looked at her, eyes wide in shock. "Shiori-"

She held up her small hand to stop him. "I can see that for whatever idiotic reason to me, this means a lot to you, Light, and I'm willing to offer a hand this time. I'm really worried about you though. I know it's the full moon and all but you're showing extreme signs of the moon affecting you. I've never heard of this happening," Shiori said as her eyes squinted in worry.

Light shakily wiped some sweat from his forehead and tried to give her a tentative smile. "Shiori, I don't even know what it means about the full moon." Shiori opened her mouth to explain but Light quickly waved away her explanation. "No I don't want to know right now either. Sorry but I really need to go."

She bit her lip in consternation then got up. Leaning over she gave him a quick kiss on the top of his head and whispered, "Good luck." With that she quickly turned and headed through the open door leading to Wedy's office.

Light waited a few seconds till he knew that Shiori and Wedy were in a heated debate to swing his legs over the bed quickly put on some pants and a shirt and pad as quietly as he could out of the hospital wing. Opening the door cautiously he looked back and forth, relieved to see no one in the hall. Stepping out he gently closed the door and quietly padded down the hallway; he didn't breathe a sigh of relief until he turned the corner and leaned against the wall exhaling deeply.

Closing his eyes for a split second he willed his body to relax and try to calm his racing heart. Knowing that he couldn't stay there for long at the risk of getting caught he forced himself away from the cool wall and began padding quickly yet silently down the long dimly lit hallway.

He hadn't gone too far when he heard footsteps approaching from the other end. Panicking he looked around and found a door conveniently beside him. Praying that it would open he almost passed out in relief when it wasn't locked and quickly pushed in. Leaving the door open a crack, just barely enough to see out of, he listened with his keen hearing as the footsteps came closer to his concealed location.

When the footsteps drew level with his door they suddenly stopped and he could hear a deep inhale of breath as whoever it was took in a long drag of the air. Smaller, quicker puffs of air was then followed as if the were were scenting the air.

Light's eyes scrunched closed. It must be him; L had said something to the effect that he was smelling extremely good these last two days or so and inwardly he couldn't help but curse his luck at this.

The footsteps began slowly approaching the door and Light resigned himself to being caught when all of a sudden the ringing of a phone penetrated the dark hallway. He heard the were on the other side of the door growl darkly as shuffling ensued and then the click of a button.


Light's eyes widened. He recognized that voice! Sure he had only heard it once before and for a very fleeting amount of time but he wouldn't, no couldn't forget that growling timber and piercing red eyes that had almost skewered him on the spot.

Trying to be as quiet as possible he shifted to try and get a better angle to see out from the crack in the door. His keen eyesight picked up B's lithe figure standing in the middle of the hallway. The red eyes were flicking angrily as he listened to the person on the other end.

"No you listen to me this time you stupid twat," B hissed over the phone causing Light to let out an involuntary shudder, "you screwed this up for me. Now I'm having to step carefully around this mess that you created and worse of all he is now suspicious once again of me. You had clear orders and you couldn't even follow them straight-"

B was cut off suddenly as the person on the other end started talking. Unfortunately Light couldn't hear the other end of the conversation but whoever it was seemed to be doing a good job of making B spitfire furious.

"Was that a threat?"

The silence permeated the hallway once again until B let out a derisive chuckle that made the hairs on Light's arms stand on end as he began to walk again once more down the hallway to wherever he had been headed just before he had caught his scent. Light could still hear the one sided conversation for a bit until finally B seemed to have traveled far enough that he couldn't make it out. He waited an extra few seconds to make sure the coast was clear and then silently pushed the door open and cautiously stepped out into the dark hallway that was now empty.

He began his journey once again scampering quickly through the dark twisting tunnels of the sprawling mansion trying to retrace the steps that he, Shiori, Ryuk and Mikami had taken not too long ago. Sighing in relief when he found the hallway he quickly walked up to the set of twin large, golden double doors and gently pushed one open. Squeezing in the crack he shut it behind him and turned to face the room.

Upon entering he felt mildly better and breathed a sigh of relief. A shaft of moonlight was being secreted from an open window above him and illuminating a stand with the Death Note sitting innocently upon it. The cold moonlight cast an ethereal glow around the book that seemed to act like some sort of bible to this pride.

Walking up to it hesitantly he reached out a hand to touch it when a voice called out making him halt.

"I knew you would come back eventually, Light-kun," said a quiet yet authoritative voice from behind him.

Spinning in shock Light's eyes widened slightly upon seeing the alpha standing in front of the doors. He hadn't even heard him come in and he couldn't help his muscles tensing as he tried to work out if it would be better for him to try and flee or stand his ground.

Seemingly able to read his dilemma L offered up a small curved smile and padded a little closer. "Fleeing wouldn't help you in the slightest Light, seeing as I would catch you before you could even make it beyond the door and fighting would just be suicide."

Light swallowed harshly. "How did you find me?"

L walked closer and Light took an involuntary step backwards inwardly cursing himself after the fact since L's mouth twitched in amusement. "It wasn't too hard. You're scent is quite….potent to say the least. If everyone wasn't up in the great tree tonight they would all smell you. Besides I knew that you and you're friends had been in here earlier but really with no concrete proof it wasn't as if I could say anything. I knew I had to catch you in the act; and Light if you don't mind my saying so you're very predictable. I knew you wouldn't be able to resist and would eventually come back."

"So what are you going to do with me now? Punish me?"

L's eyes narrowed as he took another step closer. This time Light refused to back up from the alpha and stood his ground. This put the two of them in touching distance standing under the cold moonlight beaming down on their heads from above.

"You do need to be punished, Light that is the truth," L paused as he took another deep breath and raised a hand almost involuntarily it seemed.

Light couldn't find it within himself for some reason to move and stood stationary as L carded his fingers through his hair. In fact Light did something that would mortify him in any other circumstances, he began to purr. Full on deep throat purring.

"You're skin and hair are so soft," L whispered quietly as he stroked his cheek, "and you're smell…" he inhaled largely just at the point of Light's ear, "is very sweet to say the least." He leaned back slightly and looked deeply into Light's eyes curiously but with arousal beginning to simmer beneath the surface. "What are you?"

Light merely gazed at him to shocked to answer the alpha in front of him. Suddenly something seemed to change in L as the alpha pounced on him right in the middle of the Death Note chamber.

Light looked up in bewilderment as L's hot, hard body pinned him down to the cool stone floor. The alpha was huge sprawled on top of him and quite heavy; the black hair falling in front of his face creating a tousled look and flickering over his black eyes filled with deep arousal.

L pulled his lips back in a silent snarl and ground his body harshly down against Light's. The kitten below him threw his head back and couldn't help the keening cry ripped from his throat at the harsh gyrations.

L growled his approval loudly as he gazed down at the panting kitten below him, baring his neck and lying submissively under him.

"Mine," L growled. Light looked up at him with his own eyes dark with arousal. "To take. To claim. My territory. My mate."

Light couldn't help but allow his eyes to roll into the back of his head as the growling timber of L's voice shook his whole body straight to his core. He whimpered pathetically and then let out a harsh yowl as L bent down and bit harshly in the juncture of his neck and shoulder.

"Yours," he whispered brokenly as the alpha purred.

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