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Soooo SMUT in this chapter people! boyxboy so don't read if that offends!

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Celest ^I^

Light mewled pathetically underneath the deceivingly heavy body of the alpha. He could feel the sharp sting of teeth and then the rhythmic soothing rasp of L's tongue over the abused patch of skin; as if L were apologizing for his harsh treatment.

Whimpering once more he turned his head limply to the side and allowed his eyes to close until they were half-mast. He would have been embarrassed to admit how pathetically weak he was right at that moment and with his constant whimpering he would have died of shame if he was in his right mind.

Breaking his inner mantra, L ground down harshly into him and he had to bite back a yowl of pleasure as he realized just how aroused the alpha above him was. What shocked him more was the physical response he was having to L's manipulations.

Feeling the sharp prick of nails he winced as he was forced to turn his head to look directly into L's dark gaze. His eyes were completely jet black and he had a somewhat rosy tint to his cheeks. Light couldn't help the small gulp of nerves as he realized that the sharp pinch on his chin was actually L's claws.

He could see various parts of the werecat coming through in L; the sharpened teeth peeking out once again from his upper lip, his claws, small slant to his eyes, and the small tufts of jet black ears coming from the top of his skull as well.

A small stroke down his cheek from the deceptively sharp claw made him issue a small purr and he couldn't hold down the shiver that travelled up his spine. L couldn't help the small smirk come over his face at hearing Light's reaction to his gentle caress.

"What am I going to do with you my little kitten?" L murmured quietly seemingly to actually think about this question.

Light couldn't help the weak mewl issue from his throat and his hips bucked up into L's in impatience trying to urge the alpha on in making a decision.

L's eyes narrowed further at the display and he openly grinned this time giving Light a full frontal view of his razor-sharp fangs. Light whined again and tried to move his head to the side in order to bare his throat to L in submission, but the alphas grip wouldn't loosen to allow him to do so.

"No one can ever have you," L murmured quietly as he watched Light writhing below him. "I claim you."

Light didn't know what was happening to him; he felt hot and cold in tandem and it was driving his body nuts. Instincts and emotions were flooding his system creating a chaotic hell hole within as he tried to reason with his baser instincts. But the feeling of L on top of him pinning him to the floor, where a kitten should be in submission, and the fact that he was the alpha of the pride and with that came great power and responsibility, seemed to be drowning him quickly in an intoxicating mess of hormones.

When he heard L tell him that he "claimed him" he felt a sharp pulse of arousal zing through his body and collect in his abdomen and groin making him pant with need.

"L….please," he panted to L above him.

L cocked his head to the side slightly as he stared in fascination at the kitten. "Please what my small kitten? What do you need me to do?"

"L," Light whined again. He couldn't bring himself to beg for what he knew he needed so desperately from the large werecat. Unfortunately it seemed that L wasn't going to budge on this either and he remained patient, even though Light could feel the raging hard on pulsing above him when he bucked his hips up to grind up into the alpha.

"Light-kun, tell me what you need," L demanded of him once more.

Light bit his bottom lip viciously just short of breaking skin. He groaned slightly as the pressure seemed to build between them like a storm ready to break.

"Light," L growled angrily above him forcing him to snap open his eyes and stare wide eyed at the alpha. "Tell me what you need," L finished in an overwhelming growling timber.

Light's eyes rolled into the back of his head at the commanding tone his alpha used on him and something in him seemed to shatter into a million pieces. He became limp and passive under L and a whine so loud issued from his throat that had he been in his right state of mind he would have been incredibly embarrassed to have done so.

"I need you, L," he remarked quietly feeling completely broken, "take me, claim me, and make me yours so that everyone knows I belong to you and only you….my alpha."

L couldn't help the snarl that ripped through his throat at the total submission of the kitten below him. Finally, after days of constant feuding with the young kitten he had obtained complete and total obedience from him. It stroked his alpha instinct and blew oxygen on a fire that was merely kindling within him before, to erupt in a blazing inferno.

The urge to take, claim and make Light his was so overwhelming and consuming of his senses that he feared for a split second that his instincts would run away on him and he would lose complete control and maim the regal kitten before him. Because Light was regal; the submission was astounding. Kittens that were reared in the pride and ones that were turned couldn't show this level of deference and they knew the roles they were meant to play in a pride; Light had just trumped them all in only a matter of minutes. This was coming from the same kitten that had rebuked him at every turn, constantly questioned him and challenged, almost broke his door down and seemed to cause and create nothing but problems for him that he had yet to sort out.

Right then and there nothing seemed to matter except him and Light and the building urge to mate with the kitten.

He purred and leaned down to nuzzle at Light's neck and cheek. The kitten purred back and rubbed his face against L's to reciprocate the feeling and show affection. L's chest rumbled in satisfaction at feeling the kitten repeat this process. By doing this he was marking his territory; reaffirming the bonds between him and this kitten and that he had a claim to him by spreading his scent.

L leaned up to take in Light again. His face was flushed turning it a deep red and he was panting in labored breaths as he stared up at him with dark eyes that were almost as black as his. The moon was bathing them in its silvery glow and L suddenly lost his mind it seemed.

Smut Begins

There was the sound of tearing fabric and growls, whines and yelps as L began shredding the layers of clothing that lay between their bodies that were impeding him from feeling Light's naked skin against his own.

Once all the clothes were shed he leered at Light who smirked back at him and whined lowly in his throat; almost teasing him to come and get it.

Light gasped at the naked feeling of L's skin on his own. Somewhere in the far recesses of his mind he wanted to back out of this and fight the alpha off of him; but an even larger part couldn't help but want this. He wanted his alpha, he wanted him to thrust into his body and claim him as his and his only and he couldn't help but almost scream in frustration as L slowly tongued his way down his neck; stopping only to suck a large hickey into the side before he continued.

"L," Light panted out in a harsh breath of air.

L growled and tongued at one of his dusky nipples delicately with his tongue. Light whimpered and squirmed on the ground trying to entice the alpha to once again hurry.

Suddenly, it seemed like within the blink of an eye, L and Light were both hit by an intense urge. L gasped for breath as he became unbearably hard and he quickly moved up grabbing Light's hips. Light keened loudly at feeling L's strong grip on his hips and bucked lightly up into the alpha even though he could hardly move.

Blind instinct took over and before any of them knew what was about to happen L thrust in one quick motion into Light below him. They froze as L bottomed out deep inside the kitten. Light yowled loudly up to the full moon, and L growled victoriously as he felt Light's walls clamp down on his length and proceed to rhythmically massage his heated member.

'So hot, so good. Oh my god it's so long, thick and hard.' Light couldn't help the mantra running through his mind. He could feel a slight sting of pain, but it was very minimal compared to the overwhelming pleasure that L's hot, pulsating length was giving him. Somewhere, in some shut out part of his mind, he knew it was really weird for him to not be in any more pain; however, right at this very second he could care less. He keened as he wrapped his long, lithe legs around the alphas waist causing L to be sucked even deeper within him.

L growled approvingly as Light opened up beautifully for him; feeling the young kitten wrap his legs around him pulling him deeper and encouraging him to thrust. Taking that as his cue he leaned over, placing his forearms on either side of Light's head, and gave his hips a few shallow thrusts to work into the rhythm.

Light panted his mouth wide open as he moaned for more. He felt the gentle thrusts of L's cock within him, delicately massaging his inner walls. Throwing his head to the side he reached up blindly grabbing the alphas shoulders and feeling his nails bite into the skin.

The small burst of pain caught him off guard and he bucked harshly into Light causing the kitten to wail in pleasure at the brutal treatment. The sounds of skin slapping on skin, loud wailings and screaming from Light, and growling from L reverberated around the room seemingly to get higher and higher in pitch.

Light felt sharp spikes of pleasure travel up and down his spine. The place they were joined together acted as a grounding wire for him to try and get some sense of reality but each time he tried L would thrust and he would lose himself in the pleasure being generated between their two bodies.

Light suddenly felt a sharp sting where L was thrusting within him and then his prostate was hit and he froze. His body locking tight, he threw his head back as best he could and yowled as his body tightened around L's thrusting cock like a vice. Spasming around the hard length embedded deeply within him.

L roared in triumph over him as he spilled himself inside of Light; bathing the kitten in his essence. Now everyone would know that Light would belong to him, and belong to him always.

Smut Ends

Just before he fell down onto the kitten he caught a faint shimmering that seemed to be coming from Light directly on his heart. But before he could stop himself his eyes blurred and he collapsed onto the kitten below him in complete exhaustion. The both of them passed out still wrapped in one another's strong embrace.

Later when L and Light looked back on this moment they would both agree that everything was a blurred rush. Time seemed to have stopped, colours and sounds blended together and a heady atmosphere seemed to permeate the air. Everything ceased to exist except their two bodies entwined intimately on the floor of the chamber and their touch seemingly being the only thing that was beginning to bring them back to reality.

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