Drarry Fanfic.

Chapter 1

Potter's face beamed happily up at him from the moving picture in today's 'Daily Prophet'. Harry Potter. The boy who lived. The boy who everyone expected to save the wizarding world. The boy who everyone relied on. Draco glared back; he didn't need to be reminded of him every single day. He and Potter had hated each other ever since first year, when Potter had turned down his handshake and humiliated him in front of everyone.

Draco Malfoy was sat in the Slytherin common room, green and silver hung from the walls with the familiar snake symbol upon them. He'd gotten up early as he'd had a hard time sleeping and wasn't in the mood to go to breakfast on his own. He put the newspaper down onto the table and got out his potions textbook. A few moments later, he heard Pansy's voice drift down the staircase.

"Draco, my darling!" she cooed, "You're up early!"

"I couldn't sleep" he replied, adding a yawn to make the point even clearer.

"I can see that, you look absolutely dreadful!"

"Thanks, Pans. You do know how to make a guy feel better." Draco sighed.

He had been friends with Pansy since they were children, and at one point they'd had a fling, but stopped when Draco had figured out he played for the other team. Pansy and Blaise were the only ones who knew that he was gay, and he wasn't planning on coming out anytime soon.

"Right, well I'm off to breakfast, are you coming?" She said, adding a head tilt sideways.

"Yeah sure, I'll be there in a minute"

And with that Pansy turned and walked away, through the common room door and into the dungeon hallways.

Draco got up and stretched; he put his things away in his bag and slung it over his shoulder. Today was Monday, which meant he had double potions first thing. "Oh, great" he thought. "Potions with Potter and his Gryffindor friends." He scowled and glanced at the newspaper on the table. Potter's face still beaming up at him, mocking his every move. He turned and stalked out of the room with a feeling of dread in his stomach already.

Breakfast went quickly; he found Pansy and sat down next to her. He didn't eat much, as usual. He glanced towards the Gryffindor table a couple of times, but he didn't see Potter, Granger or the Weasel there.

He walked to potions with Crabbe and Goyle, who were still eating food that they'd taken from the great hall.

"Honestly, do you two have to eat all the time?" He said frowning.

"Sorry Draco, we're 'ungry." replied Goyle, whose mouth was full with hash browns.

They reached the potions classroom just as Snape stalked out, his long greasy hair swaying around his face as he walked. He looked like he hadn't been to sleep either. They walked in, and Draco took his seat at his normal desk. Crabbe and Goyle sat on the desk behind. Blaise walked in, glared and sat down next to Draco.

"What's wrong with you?" Draco questioned

"You." Blaise replied, obviously annoyed.

"Oh?" Draco asked

"Yeah. You didn't wake me up this morning. So I overslept and I didn't get any breakfast." He said, pouting.

Blaise turned to get his stuff out and put them on the desk in a huff. Draco stifled a laugh.

"Sorry Blaise, I woke up early and obviously forgot to come get you" said Draco, patting him on his arm softly.

"Ugh, I can't stay mad at you, you do drive me crazy though"

"Yeah, well. I'm a Malfoy..."

He and Blaise were always having mini arguments about everything, but Blaise always gave up in the end.

Just then Potter and Weasley sauntered in, Snape glared at Potter and Draco smirked. Snape had never liked Potter and it made him laugh when Snape picked on him. Potter glanced over at Draco and their eyes met, Draco turned away, his mood getting even worse than it was.

Just when Draco thought the day couldn't get any worse. Typically, He and Potter got paired together on their new project on making a love potion. Blaise had been paired with Weasley and Granger with Millicent. "It wouldn't be so bad, if Potter was actually good at potions" He thought to himself, chuckling.

"What's so funny?" Potter asked, turning towards Draco with a knife in hand, he'd clearly just been chopping ingredients. Draco looked at what Potter had been chopping and noticed he'd done it wrong (as usual).

"You're doing it wrong" He said.

"What?" Potter asked

"You're supposed to crush them, not cut."

"Crush what?"

"Merlin Potter, are you really that thick?" Draco said.

Potter gave him a look but didn't reply, to Draco's surprise, he just got up and walked over to the cupboard to retrieve more ingredients.

"Strange" thought Draco, He brushed a hand through his neat blonde hair and looked back at Potter's own messy bird-nest hair. Oh how he wished he could charm it to at least not stick out everywhere like that. Potter turned around then, obviously having found what he'd been searching for and looked back at Draco. Their eyes met for a second time that lesson, but Potter narrowed his this time as he walked towards him. Draco was the first to break the stare. He turned back and started to add more ingredients to the cauldron.

"Were you staring at me?" asked Potter.

"No, I was just thinking about how much you get on my nerves" Draco automatically replied. It wasn't a complete lie. He did think that Potter was annoying, he just hadn't been thinking about that at the time.

"Right" said Potter, and started back to work.

Most of the lesson past quickly after that, and they didn't say another word to each other. It wasn't until Potter went to put the last ingredient that everything went pear shaped.

"Stop!" Draco shouted, reaching out to try and grab the ingredient Potter was clutching.

"Whaa-?" But it was too late, he'd already let it go and it fell into the cauldron, making a hissing noise as it touched the liquid…


Purpley-red mixture shot out everywhere, splattering Draco and Potter on their arms and face.

"WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?" came the loud noise of Professor Snape's voice from right in front of them. They both turned to look at each other, wondering who was going to speak first. "Well?" Snape asked impatiently.

"Sorry, sir…it was me. I added the wrong thing to the cauldron." Potter explained, waving his arms frantically over the cauldron.

"Is this true, Malfoy?" Snape asked, turning towards him.

"Yeah, but I guess I should have noticed before it was too late, so it was partly mine too." he replied.

He could tell Potter tried to hide a shocked face, he'd probably expected Draco to place all the blame on him, and to be honest he wasn't sure why he hadn't.

"Right, well. You two can clean all this up" He said, pointing at the cauldron and the floor. "And no magic!" He added, turning on his foot and walking back to the front of the class.

Just then the bell rang. Draco groaned as he realised he'd have to clean this up during break time. He saw Potter talking to his friends, probably telling them he'd meet with them later. He turned to tell Blaise the same but all he saw was the back of his head leaving the classroom. "Charming" Draco thought. As soon as everyone had left, including Snape, Draco rounded on Potter, no longer being able to keep calm.

"This is your entire fault. I have to miss my break because of you. Why do you always have to mess things up for me?" Draco said, walking closer to Potter so that they nearly touched. Draco was slightly taller than him, so Potter had to tilt his head upwards a bit so he could look at Draco's face properly.

"Calm down Malfoy. It's just one break time"

"It's not about the break."

"Then what is it about?"

"Nothing, it doesn't matter. You wouldn't understand anyway." said Draco, turning away from Potter. What was wrong with him? He'd been like this since this morning. Everything that Potter did just annoyed him even more than usual. He frowned at himself.

"Are you alright?" asked Potter suddenly, his voice sounding too close to his ear. His soft breath making the hairs on the back of Draco's neck stand on end.

Draco whirled around, wand in hand. He pointed it at Potter's chest, who obviously tried not to jump back in surprise.

"Ju…Just calm down, alright?" Potter said, backing away slowly, trying to discreetly reach for his wand in his pocket. Draco met Potter's wide, green eyes and could see his own grey misty ones reflecting in them. He'd never noticed how nice Potter's eyes were before. He sighed and lowered his wand.

"Sorry, I didn't get much sleep. Can we just get this done as quickly as possible please?" Draco said, his eyes pleading for a moment.

Potter looked questioningly at him, but knew better then to pry.

"Alright" He said eventually.

They cleaned up in silence, Draco noticed Potter stop to open his mouth to say something at least seven times, but each time he just closed his mouth again, frowned and carried on cleaning. Eventually, they finished and not a spot of purpley-red potion could be seen anywhere. Draco walked up to the door of Snape's office and knocked. Potter came to stand a few paces behind him.

"Yes?" Professor Snape said from inside the room.

"Sir, Me and Potter are done cleaning up." He said truthfully.

There were sounds of heavy footsteps and then the door swung open in one quick motion and Snape's beady eye looked around the classroom inspecting the result of their cleaning.

"Okay, you can go." He said finally, obviously a little sad that they had actually cleaned it all properly. "Oh, actually, can I talk to you before you go Potter?"

"Err...Sure." Potter had a solemn look on his face. Draco looked between them and had the feeling that something was wrong, very wrong. He didn't know why, but he just did. Realising he was no longer needed; he turned and walked out of the classroom and into the empty hallway. He looked at his watch. He had exactly 10 minutes before charms class started. It wouldn't take him that long to get there. He decided to wait round the corner for Potter. He had to know what Snape wanted. About five minutes later, his thoughts were interrupted by the sight of black messy hair walking down the hallway towards him. Potter's head was bowed to the floor, so didn't see Draco until he spoke.

"Potter." He said.

Potter looked up startled, his eyes were unfocused for a second and then they became re-focused as he seemed to remember where he was.

"Malfoy… I don't have time fo…"

"I just wanted to ask you something... it won't take long" he cut in.

"Err…fine. What is it?" he asked, staring Draco right into his eyes. It made Draco feel very self-conscious, which was strange since that never happened with anyone. Not even with his Father.

"Um…" said Draco, losing his train of thought. Potter's eyes seemed to have hypnotized him, shining bright green right into his soul.

"Malfoy… I seriously don't have time for this." said Potter, pushing past Draco, their shoulders brushing as he did.

Draco's mind whirled and he acted on impulse and impulse alone. He grabbed Potter's wrist and turned him round to face him. He saw Potter's lips move, saying something, but he didn't hear it. All he heard was his own heart thudding in his ears. He pulled Potter even closer and leaned down towards him. Potter's eyes were wide with shock as Draco pressed his lips gently against Potter's own soft lips. Draco closed his eyes at the feel of his own heart racing and the feel of Potter's lips under his own. He stayed like that for a couple of seconds and then realised something was wrong. He opened his eyes and understood. Potter was not kissing back. Potter was still in shock and looked like he was going to pass out. Draco pulled away and turned on his heel.

"Malfoy.. Wait." Potter whispered.

But Draco had already made up his mind to walk away, before he did anything else he'd regret so that's exactly what he did.