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Chapter 10

Draco was stood outside the Room of Requirement. It was midnight and he was on high alert for any signs of Filch or any Professors that might be trailing the halls. He leant against the wall as he waited for Harry to arrive, they were supposed to meet at half past 12 but he'd gotten there early anyway.

Suddenly, a boy with blazing green eyes and raven-coloured hair materialized out of thin air. Draco jumped and opened his mouth to yell but his mouth was suddenly covered by the appearing boy's hand.

"Merlin, Harry." Draco said once he'd gotten his breath back and the hand had been removed. "Don't you ever do that to me again."

Harry chuckled and pulled Draco into a warm embrace. Draco sighed and sagged in Harry's arms. He felt so safe here. Harry took his hand and pulled him inside the room that was waiting for them. The room looked the same as before but instead of two chairs opposite, there was one sofa. Both boys flopped down on it before Harry leant against Draco's shoulder and Draco put an arm around him, pulling him closer.

"So how did you just appear like that?" Draco asked curiously

"Oh, I have an invisibility cloak" Harry replied, pointing to the cloak that was now settled on the low coffee table that was in front of the sofa. Draco noticed that that hadn't been there before. "I thought I'd best put it on as I didn't want to run into anyone… especially Snape. Though I didn't mean to scare you, sorry about that love."

"It's alright. But an invisibility cloak! That's awesome."

Harry smiled at Draco's interest.

"Yeah… It's helped me out at the best of times. That and the Marauder's map."

"Marauder's map?"

Harry pulled out what seemed to be an old piece of parchment and unfolded it. Draco watched as Harry pointed his wand at it and murmured a spell.

Words appeared on the front but he didn't have time to read them as Harry was already opening the map up. Draco gasped when he realised it was a map of the school.

"Wow! Look…" Draco said pointing at the map, "There's Snape, in his office. And there's Dumbledore!"

Harry chuckled as Draco kept pointing out people and gasping.

"Ha-ha, look." Draco said, more relaxed now "Pansy is in the bed with Blaise…" Then he frowned. "But where's Theo?"

"Erm…" Harry said searching the map. "Oh! He's here… with… he's with.." Harry stopped and frowned.

"With who?" Draco said searching the map

"He's with Ginny."


"Yeah, Look."

Harry pointed at what was obviously the Gryffindor common room, and sure enough Weaslettes's name was hovering next to Theo's.

"Did you know they were seeing each other?" Harry said

"Nope. Not a clue."

They sat for a bit, still looking at the map until something occurred to Draco.

"Hey Harry, how come I can't find us on the map?"

"Oh, because we are in the Room of Requirement. It doesn't show up on the map."

"Oh right." Draco said, a confused frown still upon his face. He had so many questions and he couldn't decide which one to ask. He decided to start lightly.

"So, err… How did you get this map?"

"Fred and George Weasley gave it to me in third year."

"Oh, did they make it?"

Harry smiled at him in an almost mocking way.

"No, my father and his friends made it when they were here."

"Wow really? Your father must have been pretty good at magic."

Harry nodded, seemingly deep in thought.

"He was also an Animagus."

Draco gasped for what seemed to be the 100th time that night. "Seriously? Was he born one then?"

"No. It's a…. it's a long story." Harry sighed

"Tell me. We have all night" Draco said smiling and taking Harry into his arms.

Harry told Draco all about his father and how they became animagus' so they could keep Lupin company when he turned into a Werewolf. Draco had heard rumours about Professor Lupin when he'd worked here and why he'd been sacked so he wasn't overall surprised in hearing that he was in fact a werewolf. He vaguely told him about his Godfather, but he refused to tell him his name which only made Draco more curious but decided not to push Harry.

"Harry?" he began cautiously, "Can I ask you a few questions, I mean you don't have to answer them if you don't want but I…"

"I'll try Draco" Harry said quietly still looking at the old map that lay across their legs

"Ok, well. Firstly, I was wondering… well… you know the memory I saw, the one with you in the cupboard." Harry winced but Draco was determined to ask this so he continued none the less. "Why do you still go back to that house? I mean, you could go live with the Weasley clan couldn't you? I'm sure they'd be more than happy to take you in."

Harry sighed "I have to go back there. Dumbledore told me that as long as I called it my home then I would be protected there – from Voldemort." It was Draco who winced this time.


"It's something to do with my blood, because my aunt and I are related or something." Harry said, waving his hand in disinterest in the subject.

Draco swallowed audibly "You don't still live in the cupboard, do you?"

Harry gave a short laugh "No, When that first Hogwarts letter came it was addressed to my cupboard, so my aunt and uncle decided to give me Dudley's second bedroom. They thought they were being watched and that they'd be in trouble for locking me in the cupboard. Dudley wasn't too pleased about it though. I still have that bedroom now…"

Draco tried to be relieved but he didn't feel it. He just wanted to bundle Harry up and take him away from this horrible world. Harry looked at him after a few moments silence and Draco realised he'd been staring.

"Um… sorry." He said quickly before looking away a little too fast.

"Don't be sorry" Harry said, leaning towards Draco so that their faces were nearly touching. Harry pushed the map off their legs and it fell half onto the coffee table and half onto the floor. But neither boy cared, they continued their staring contest before Harry leant in and pressed his slight chapped lips against Draco's.

Draco could feel the despair radiating from the other boy and he couldn't help but feel it too. He wrapped his arms around Harry's neck and pulled him deeper in the kiss. Both boys moaned at the raw passion of it. After a while, Draco gently pulled away and looked into Harry's eyes.

"I lo…" Harry began.

But Draco stopped him by kissing him hard again, his brain whirling as he thought about what Harry had been about to say. He wasn't ready yet, and he was scared. He cursed himself; he needed to stop being such a wimp. Draco pulled away again but this time Harry didn't speak a word.

"It's late… we should go." Draco said regretfully.

"Yeah." Harry whispered as he knelt down to pick up the map and his invisibility cloak.

Draco watched as Harry pulled on the cloak and quickly said goodbye as he left through the door of the Room of Requirement.

Draco collapsed on the sofa instead of following. Why did he always push the people away who loved him the most?