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Naomi was sitting on the couch reading magazine when Kaito burst in the room running away from Miku and Rin (both armed with leeks). Not far behind them was none other than Len chasing them as well. Naomi just stared for a few seconds before going back to her magazine; this has happened countless time's before so it was nothing new. They all ran around the living room for a little while before running around the house a couple times and back into the living room. Luca came into the living room and sat down next to Naomi watching them run around and around and around.

"What do you think happened?" Luca whispered to Naomi.

Naomi looked up from her magazine for a second a shrugged. She didn't know, in fact no one really did. It wasn't until an irritated Meiko stormed into the room and yelled at all of them to shut up. Everyone froze in place and looked at Meiko. Meiko walked over to Kaito and crossed her arms.

"Alright ice cream boy, what the hell is going on here?"

Kaito was about to gulp when Miku and Rin took the chance to continuously hit him with leek. This went on for some time before Meiko peeled both of them off of him and told them all to sit down and give a good explination to why they were running around screaming at the top of their lungs with leeks in their hands. Miku and Rin sat on the couch next to Luca and Naomi while Kaito remained standing and Len sat in one of the comfy chairs in the corner of the room.

"Well…." Kaito began. "You see-."

He was interrupted by Miku slamming her leek on the coffee table and pointing at Kaito. "The boy over there knocked up little Len!"

Luca gasped, Naomi dropped her magazine, and Meiko raised an eyebrow. This lasted for a few seconds before all three of said girls burst out laughing, which confused the others to no end. Rin stood up abruptly. "How is this funny! My twin brother is only 14 and he's already pregnant no thanks to blue boy over there!" she pointed her thumb at Kaito.

Meiko mock wiped her eye. "I'm sorry it's just…pffffhahahahaha!"

Len was as red as a tomato and Kaito was blushing as well while nervously toying with his scarf. It took a while but finally Meiko, Luca, and Naomi were able to calm down.

"So if Len is….you know what," Naomi began. "Then that means that you two were….." a disgusted look came over her face and she covered her ears with both her hands, "Ugh! I KNEW IT! I thought that was what I was hearing a few weeks ago! God damn it would it kill you to make sure that no one's home before you two decide to have sex!"

Both Rin and Miku looked at Naomi with shocked faces. "You heard them? Why didn't you stop them?"

Naomi crossed her arms and pouted. "I wasn't exactly sure that they were doing….you know what. Plus lets see you do it when you're in that kind of situation!"

Rin rolled her eyes. "I could do it."

Luca looked up at Rin. "Yes, but he's your brother. That's totally different."

Rin scoffed. "I guess you're right. But Miku would do it! Right Miku?"

Miku looked up a little embarrassed. "Well…maybe."

"What? Am I the only one who would burst in there to make sure that my twin brother doesn't get pregnant?"

At first no one answered, but then they all nodded. Rin exclaimed in frustration and gripped her blonde hair as if she were ready to pull it all out. Seeing how things weren't going to get anywhere at all, Luca stood up and walked over to Len and hugged him. "Well, I guess I should say congratulations Len! You're going to be a mommy!"

Len blushed and stood up to hug her as well. Again Rin and Miku saw their chance to hit Kaito with their leeks.

"Ow!" Kaito exclaimed. "Why are you only hitting me with the leek!"

Miku rolled her eyes. "Because~!" she walked over to Len and used one arm to half hug him and the other to rub his tummy. "I wouldn't hit Len! I don't want to hurt the baby!"

Len flushed even more and slightly pushed Miku away. "Miku!"

Miku looked at him innocently. "What? Am I embarrassing you?"

"A little bit!"

"Whatever!" Rin said. "Besides, weather I like it or not my future niece/nephew is in there." She pointed to said area on Len (which made him blush even more). "Besides as much as I hate it I also think it is so~ kawaii~!"

Len flushed again. "Rin~!"

Rin pouted. "What? It's true~!"

"Whatever." Meiko said while resisting the urge to face palm. "What are we going to do about our concerts? Once Len begins to show I guarantee that there will be gossip, not to mention the paparazzi would have a field day with this."

They all thought about that for a minute before Miku got an idea. "Why don't we just tell them?"

They all shouted "WHAT?"

"I said~ why don't we just tell the fans? C'mon~ they would love it~! Especially with all the yaoi fans that are around these days, why can't we just tell them?"

Luca sighed. "Look Miku, I don't think it's that simple. I mean with the press and everything-."

"Who cares what the press says? If they say anything bad or even slightly threatening we've got millions of fans all around the world to back us up!"

Naomi raised her hand. "She does have a point, fan girls do tend to be very scary."

Meiko raised an eyebrow. "How scary?"

Luca mouthed "You don't want to know."

Meiko raised her hands in defeat. "Alright, alright…..so when are we going to tell the fans?"

Miku raised her hand. "We could start with the fan website! Once it's there word will spread like wild fire and before you know it practically everyone will know!"

Rin nodded. "She's right; word travels fast amongst the fans. Come to think of it don't you think they should use fanism as a system of mail?"

Len shook his head at his sister's randomness. Well, it was more than obvious that people were going to find out. Luca messaged practically all the other Vocaloids telling them the news about Len and Kaito. They all gave them both congrat's but they were all a little nervous for how the future was going to be.

To be continued…

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