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Chapter One

Sian bent over, she was out of breath and had a stich in her side. Near her she could hear Jez moan in anger.

'What the HELL was that?'

Sian looked up, 'What?'

'What? WHAT? We lost Sian! We bloody lost!'

'Calm down! It's only a match Jez!'

She looked up into his face and saw him go red, 'Only-only a Match? Sian, this game means EVERYTHING!'

Sian stared at him for a while, so far everything that was happening only convinced her more that she had made the worst choice of her life. Then there had been all that business with that pupil, Mercedes. To her surprise. She felt no Jealousy. One thing was for sure though, she knew that she'd had enough.

She turned to him, looking into his eyes, she realised that she felt nothing but bitter annoyance. She had strength, 'Let's talk about it later.' Before he could answer, she rushed round the corner and put her head in her hands.

Michael meanwhile had witnessed everything and he felt his heart tear in two as it broke to see her so unhappy yet soared with hope. He rushed round the corner, 'Sian?

Sian suddenly looked up and saw Michael, her Michael staring at her, concerned,. She wiped her eyes, 'Oh Michael I-I'm fine!' He slowly approached her, 'I-I'm….' She gave up and fell into his arms. It was bliss, all the agony and hurt had gone.

Michael rubbed her back, 'Shhhh! It's OK! It's all OK!'

She stared into his eyes and suddenly kissed him. She kissed him passionately and deeply. Michael wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her closer. Sian shuddered with pleasure, 'Michael.' She whispered,

'I'm here.' He replied and tenderly stroked her cheek.

She knew what she had to do.

'Sian! There you are!' Jez found her in the science lab, her turf, 'Are you OK? Look I'm sorry about earlier, you know how I can get.'

'Jez.' Sian looked at him calmly, 'We have to talk.'