A Cinderella story

Hey my names dakota. Im 15 yrs. old and im in the 10th grade. I lost my dad when i was six so i was left with my step mom and her three sons which are all older than me. Ive been to juvie about 5 times so everybody that knows is afraid of me. I just got out but im still on parole. Ive been playing softball since i was nine. Even though I'm 15 i have a job at my dads no sorry stepmoms dinner. "Dakota wake up" i hear Diane yell. "Yeah yeah im coming" i yell back. I walk out my "house" and go into my stepmoms. "Cook breakfast" she yelled. "No cook it your own damn self" i say grabing an apple and leaving. "You get your ass back" she yelled. "Make me" i yell back. I go into my mom and get dressed for school. I put on my Bob marley shirt, ripped skinny jeans, and my DCs. I grab my stuff and im out the door. I ran the. 5 miles to school which was nothing to me. By the time i get there the bell rings. "Damnit im gonna be late" i yell and run faster. I walk into homeroom and the teacher is intoducing a new kid. "Dakota so happy you can join us" the teacher says. "Yeah yeah yeah" i say and go to my seat at the back of the room. "Ok so like i was saying this is Ein Hunsinger. So Ein go take a seat next to ms. Dakota " the teacher tells him and he comes and sits next to me. "Hey im Ein" he said. "Ay im Dakota" i said. The teach turned around to write on the board. This is gonna be fun.