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"Does this make me look pregnant?" Melanie asked loudly. She put her hand on her hip; the perfect white strapless gown began to flow out right below her breast line. Carly pursed her lips together and squinted her eyes, folding her hand underneath her chin, "Mmm…what do you think?" she grinned.

Melanie stared at herself in the mirror, it was a pretty dress and it did look pretty on her, but the way that it hung over her stomach, it didn't do much for her. She didn't want to look pregnant, not yet.

"Eh pass," she said walking back into the dressing room. Meanwhile Carly went back out to the racks, she knew Melanie's taste, what she was looking for, what she wanted. So many beautiful, stunning pieces passed through her fingers. They were all lovely but none besides the last one even came close to what Melanie dreamed of.

"Find anything yet?" an older smiling sales woman approached her. Carly shrugged her shoulders smiling back, "Not yet! My daughter has something in particular mind…"

The white haired lady inched a little closer with a more beckoning grin,

"Well how may I help you?" she smiled.


Melanie gave up on the zipper when she finally just lifted the dress over her head. Why were dresses so hard to put on and take off? Like she actually had the patience for it. Luckily in the other room her mother was being shown a special selection of gowns that were appearing to be promising.

"She might like that one," Carly pointed to a long sleeved gown with sequins that wrapped around the upper half, and the sequins met in the middle displaying a soft swirl of sparkles. The dress was lovely, but it wasn't too much. Melanie wasn't looking for anything flamboyant, she'd been to too many weddings with tacky wedding dresses. This dress, it was very beautiful, but modest.

The young girl made her way out of the dressing, watching her steps as she was carrying the dresses, "Mom this is hopele-" she looked up, seeing the dress her mother was holding out, smiling.

"Whoa…" she said as she stepped closer towards the gown, it was so beautiful in her eyes. The way that the sleeves would wrap around her arms, the lacey cuffs, so grand and modest. She would die if it didn't fit.

"Do you like it?" Carly smiled brighter, Melanie nodded her head almost in disbelief. "Uh huh…" was all she could manage to say. Carly placed the delicate gown in her daughter's arms. Melanie took it to the dressing room without saying a word. She disappeared behind the door,

"That's going to look amazing on her," the saleswoman said. I know, Carly thought to herself.


The gown was on. Melanie stared into the mirror looking at herself. Was this really her? The dress was breathtaking. Money was never going to be an issue between Daniel and Carly's pay, as they were going to pay for most of the wedding. Chad tried to pay for everything but this was something that Daniel and Carly jumped at the chance to take care of.

"Thank you so much, Mom," Melanie said kissing Carly's cheek as she made out the check. Carly signed her name and looked up at her daughter, she wrapped her arms around her.

"I can't believe we just bought a wedding dress…" Carly spoke softly. She smiled pulling away from Melanie, "My sweet little girl is getting married…"

Melanie saw her mother's eyes, they were getting teary, "Mom I'll always be your sweet little girl."

Carly nodded her head as the friendly clerk slipped the dress into a bag with a hanger. Leaving the store with a wedding dress made the whole thing so much more real to both women. Carly always knew that her baby wasn't a baby but it was very different shopping for bridal attire.

"Do you think Chad will like it?" Melanie asked as they were walking to the car, Carly cleared her throat, trying her best not to cry,

"Sweetheart, you will be the most beautiful he's ever seen."


Bo called Carly later that evening to find out how the shopping went and he told her that he would help with anything that he could. Aside from her children and Daniel, Bo was really the only friend that she seen or talked to anymore.

"Well she got the dress that's wonderful," Bo replied to Carly when she told him how the shopping went. She went on to describe how they almost couldn't find one until the nice older woman showed her a special showcase.

Carly went on, "We almost had to end up ordering one but, you have to take the risk of it not fitting even if it is your size…" She continued as Bo listened to her sweet voice, he loved hearing her voice.

He had to stop his thoughts from time to time, old memories were returning and he found his heart beat faster when he heard her voice. You can't do this…he would tell himself. Carly needed time to be with her daughter again, he would fight his feelings if he had to, but he wouldn't stand in the way of a healing relationship between a mother and a daughter.

They talked for what turned into be over an hour. After hanging up with him Carly went to her bedroom to change into her nightgown when suddenly her mind threw itself over 20 years into the past.

Her mind reminisced to the winter of 1991. To Mexico, and their Mayan wedding. It was so long ago and she hadn't thought of it in years...she just attributed it to Melanie and her own wedding. At once memories started pouring in over her head, beautiful, sweet memories. Memories that she wanted to remember but it caught her so off guard. She shook her head and continued to get ready for bed.


That night she laid in her warm bed. Melanie looked so beautiful in her white gown. She couldn't help but smile when she thought of the look on Melanie's face when she saw herself in the mirror. Such joy. That was what Carly wanted to see…

She had much more on her mind than just the wedding however…but she pushed it all to the back of her head. She didn't feel right thinking about herself at the moment. Carly wanted to concentrate on Melanie every second until the moment she said "I do."

Her greatest desire was to be there for Melanie at any moment that she may need her, so she didn't have time to think about herself. Right now it was about Melanie. Melanie and Nicholas and no one else…even if were killing her on the inside to be so distant from someone she wanted to get so close to…

Only for now…she would remind herself, maybe one day those feelings can resurface…just not today. Not today.

"You can't do this..." she whispered to herself in the dark, "you can't feel this way...you can't..."

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