Chapter 3

Smokepaw was the first cat Tigerpaw noticed at the Gathering. There he is, she thought anxiously, go talk to him before it's to late!

Just as she thought that, he padded away, opposite direction of Tigerpaw.

"Great, just great," she sighed and sat down. Just a few moments later, there was rustling behind her.

"Tigerpaw," a cat hissed in the bush behind Tigerpaw. "In here!"

"Alright, coming," she meowed and slowly backed into the ferns.

She was surprised to see the gray and white pelt of Smokepaw. "What do you want?" Tigerpaw asked.

"I was just wandering if we could just forget the border argument," he asked her, his sky-blue eyes shining.

"Why?" she asked Smokepaw. "We've never met before today!"

"Well, it's kind of hard to explain," Smokepaw sighed.

"Either, you tell me right now," Tigerpaw threatened, "or I leave right now."

"Alright," he muttered. "I'll try to explain it to you."

Sitting down, Tigerpaw curled her tail over her front paws. "That's what I thought."

"Okay, so when I saw you today…I'm not really sure what happened," he started. "But when I saw you, I just had this feeling."

"Me too," Tigerpaw whispered.

"Really?" he mewed, sounding like a surprised kit. "You felt the same way?"

"Yah, it felt like we were-" she started.

"Meant to be together," Smokepaw finished her sentence.

"We should meet back here," Tigerpaw meowed suddenly. "Tonight."

"Would it be just us?" he questioned her.

"Well…maybe we could bring one friend each?" she asked Smokepaw, her aqua gaze gleaming.

"Alright," he sighed.

"Yay," Tigerpaw exclaimed. "I'll bring my friend Honeypaw!"

"And I'll bring my friend, Jaypaw," Smokepaw mewed excitedly.

"I call this Gathering to a start!" Darkstar yowled outside the fern bush.

"See you tonight!" she meowed over her shoulder as Tigerpaw slid out of the bush.

"Bye," Smokepaw mewed and padded behind her.

Tigerpaw went over to the group of ShadowClan cats and sat next to Honeypaw. "Hey, did you talk to any RiverClan apprentices?" Tigerpaw asked the golden she-cat.

"Yah, actually," Honeypaw mewed, glancing at a long-haired silver tom near the front of the RiverClan group. "I talked to Jaypaw."

"Cool, anyways," Tigerpaw muttered. "Would you mind coming back here with me, tonight?"

"Sure, whatever," Honeypaw whispered, as if in a trance.

"The moon!" a ThunderClan apprentice, Whitepaw, shrieked, "it's gone!"