Summary: The Lady of the West finds a half-dead miko and a kitsune pup. Curiousity overcomes her. When Sesshomaru returns to his home, why is his half-brother's miko his mother's pet?

Author's Note: A drabble fic. Please review!

The Lady of the Western Lands had made quite an interesting discovery.

"Please…" A kitsune pup was clutching at the fine fabric of her kimono, begging her to save his mother.

What was most interesting was that the kitsune mother in question wasn't a kitsune at all, but rather a human miko. How interesting. Her golden eyes raked in the prostate form wearing an odd white and green, rather revealing, outfit, as well as the several wounds that were bleeding sluggishly.

"I will see what I can do." Idly, she wondered how much love the human miko was capable of.