NA: Supernatural isn't my own, much less Dean and Cas (unfortunately). This fic is a droubble and was based on the 7x17 chapter of SPN, so, if you don't wanna see spoilers, don't read it. In rest, reviews are always welcome. Enjoy!

He was just looking for someone who could help his brother. But, found much more than it. He founds his old friend. Alive, on one piece, saved. He couldn't believe. Despite all the hurt, Dean's very happy to see Castiel again, even he stands without memories. Perhaps this is even better... Despite of everything, the oldest Winchester knew he isn't the only one who was injured. He knew Cas also was injured. Cas also feels pain when think he betrayed him, Dean knew , how don't forgive? He felt the angel's absence. All these months thinking Cas is dead was terrible to him who considered the angel like his own brother. Then, yeah… Crucify him for think it was the best notice he received since Sam (the truly Sam) got out from the hell, he wasn't worried about it. To him, it doesn't matter anymore. They were together again. To the battles, to the fun, to everything… They were friends again.