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Prologue: The Letter

"Start now, please!" the teacher's voice rang out over the pupils. It was a free-writing exercise that they were engaged in. The teacher would later collect their works and properly finish them – after all, it wouldn't do for all the letters to lie around without envelopes, right? So the young pupils wrote. Kaito, one of them, was unsure at first about what to write.

Briefly, he looked over to what Aoko-chan, his new best friend, was doing. But she noticed his curious glance and pulled her piece of paper away. No help could be expected to come from there. He sighed. He conceded defeat easily, however. This letter-writing exercise was quite the personal one, after all. And he didn't actually want to pry.

Nevertheless, he found it increasingly hard to find a good start, he'd never before had to write a letter, after all, excepting the occasional one to his mum and dad on their birthdays or for other special occasions. His writing wasn't all that good, either, though his Kana certainly looked impressively straight for a second-grader. All the practice at home with his mother certainly had paid off. Although even despite this, he drew them extremely slowly. He didn't want to smear any or make them illegible.

Still, he hesitated. Just what should he write about, anyway? Well. A letter usually started with a "Dear …", so he slowly put that, along with the name, on top of the blank page lying in front of him. Good. He could do this. Kaito was a bit nervous, to be frank, about writing to that person. What should he tell him about? What didn't that other person already know about? It seemed a bit ridiculous writing to that other person, seeing as he was supposed to know everything that Kaito already did and much more.

What would it be like to meet that other person? What would they talk about then? He paused. That was actually a good starting point. Carefully, the young boy positioned the pen on the paper and wrote the sentence following after the beginning:

"Dear Kaito-kun of the future,

How are you?"


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