Death Brings Piece

Loud winds screeched outside as I sat in my room yawning.

"Wonder how long this will last?" I grumbled, blinking lazily. A blizzard was going on while I tried to sleep.

I watched the window freeze sitting on my bed starring at it. After a second, I rubbed my face as I rolled off it. Walking towards my desk turning on my lamp and grab a pencil.

Glancing at the window the blizzard was beating on. I started to draw a picture of Jack Frost and staying there for a good long hour.

'It's been going on since yesterday.' I thought, erasing a line.

I groaned. I leaned back on my cold chair and rubbed my eyes.

My parents went on a cruise to the Bahamas with the twins while I stayed home.

"They'll be back when winter ends." I mumbled, biting my pencil.

My parents didn't like the cold, not one bit always went to somewhere warm instead.

As for me I enjoyed cold weathers more than warm and preferred to stay behind. I liked being alone, when the twins were born; I've been the shadow of the home.

I was eight at that time when they both came home in my mother's arms and now that I'm 16, they barely notice me.

School isn't as dandy either. I mean that I don't get along with others and when I say I don't get along with others is not just being friends.

I had friends 'hence had', they just back-stabbed me for the cool crowd and made-fun of me.
Couldn't trust much people after that and got the label loner. Being alone all the time.

I didn't care.

Who am I kidding? It hurt, it just hurt and I let it go on.

My parents shrugged it off when I try to tell them about it, kept saying 'just don't pay attention to them' and other stuff I didn't want to hear.

Along with the teachers too and over time I began to not care at all. It just annoyed me how they push me aside like eraser shavings.

So every time I'm at school, I always say this to myself and feel better, just a little.

'If you care less, you will be a lot happier.'

So far it helps me through the days. So far.

School is canceled because of the blizzard which made me happy.

I don't have to face the kids at school so much and I'll be able to catch up on my reading.

Heh. Look at me telling you all this rather boring crap, I bet you skipped the stuff and continued reading or just stopped.

Well on with the actual story of where I have one hell of a dream.

I yawned again as sleep's claws were digging in on me. I looked up at the clock. "4 am." I mumbled.

I shut off my lamp getting up and it was completely dark. I crept to my bed using the dim light from outside and climbed on.

The blizzard finally dies down, the wind stopped blowing as hard and I could get some shut eye. I thought I was asleep when I found myself in an odd place. It was out right bright and had odd looking flowers.

"This is different…" I mumbled as I stood up and walked around. I saw a huge herd of colorful butterflies flutter by. I smiled as some landed on me. On my hands, head, shoulders, and face even on my stomach.

'If this is a dream, I don't want to wake up.'I thought, feeling at peace even if it won't last long.

As if on cue I heard loud stomping from behind and looked to see what it was.

The butterflies left, flying away in the trees and disappeared. The bright blue sky turned jet black.

I gulped when I saw the source of the stomping. It looked just like that monster from the movie clover field.

My eyes widened in horror as it crawled closer. I took off at full speed. Well tried because something worst was happening.

'I'm in a nightmare running in slow motion!'
I was scared beyond belief as it was getting closer and closer, crawling. I didn't even take one step!

It was ready to eat me as I closed my eyes. I jerked up on my bed, gripping the sheets taking short breaths.

I breathed heavily as I looked around my room and shook my head. The blizzard was gone and the sky was still covered with gray clouds.

I got off, heading towards the bathroom and wash off the sweat on my face with cold water.

Drying my face, I noticed the mirror as I saw my reflection. My hazel eyes clashing with another from brown to ash green. I was starting to get a headache. I moved to the bath and turn on the water.

'Might as well just take a bath while I'm in here maybe I'll feel better.' I thought, taking off my pj's.

Feeling drowsy from the rude wakeup call by my nightmare, I stepped in the bath.

After minutes and thinking gone by, I got out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around me and headed for my bedroom. I dressed into my grey shirt, shorts, knee high socks, and boots.

I glanced at the clock. "4 pm." I said. I dried my light brown hair feeling some type of relief.

Sitting back down at my desk and continued to work on my drawing, occasionally reading a book or manga, two more or so.

Chewing on my pencil to think of something else to draw, I looked at a One Piece manga and went to grab it when I heard my door creak.

"Meow." I saw my pet cat mew, walking over to me and brush his tail against my leg. "Dusk, how come you're here?" I asked as I picked him up and put him on my lap. 'Where have you been?' I thought.

I felt his cold paw's touch as he climbs my shoulder and curled by my neck. I scratched behind his ear, he purred and looked at my drawings. "Meow." Dusk said making a mark on my paper, I smiled.

Dusk has the tendency to disappear when bad weather occurs, for example like yesterday and no one notices but me. When he does I tried following him but manage to lose me and I had to wait until he comes back. I don't know where he really goes but always comes back sometimes by door or...window, I have no idea how he gets there.

"Meow..." He said as he poked my eye!

"What was that for?" I said, holding my eye as Dusk jumped down and ran out my room. I went after him as I smacked right into an open door...must have forgot to close it.

"Oow..." I groaned rubbing my face as I saw something white passed by me when Dusk jumped trying to caught it. 'A butterfly? Here? From my dream?'I thought watching it fly away from Dusk.

Then something weird happen as Dusk and I followed it, it phased through the wall...causing ripples.

'Okay, Freaky.'I looked at it, trying to figure it out but my head started to hurt.

"Dusk, don't follow it!" I said as he went through small door way, I put on my white sweater...hey I was in a hurry...and went outside to get my Dusk.

I saw the white butterfly in the distance while Dusk kept jumping at it and me sprinting after him. But men...were they far and fast. I ran through the snow trying to grab Dusk, failing at each attempt.

Before I knew it we were at a frozen lake, the sun's rays could barely pass through the tall trees. I've never been here before and I noticed it now. I walked faster to where Dusk went ahead. I quickly stopped at my tracks as Dusk stopped for a second and the white butterfly, leaving a white hue behind flying to the center the lake and stay.

The butterfly was just fluttering in the center. The lake was large but you could see the lining around it by the ground level. It was frozen, having a chilling breeze when the wind blew and my breathing was very visible.

"What is it waiting for?" I said but quickly pushed it away, when I noticed Dusk step on the ice surface. "DUSK! No!" I yelled for him as he walked on it, balancing on his claws and shivering looking at the glowing butterfly.

I went over to him and tried grabbing him by his tail but he got too far. "Dusk..." I muttered getting back up, slowly and I do mean slowly step on the ice.

I know it's frozen or even frozen solid but you can never be too careful as I walked closer to my cat.

"One step at a time, Rosa..." I whispered.


"Oh no..." I muttered as I ran to Dusk seeing the ice crack and shatter, I leaped and gripped Dusk close.

"MEOW! Meow!" He yelped, clawing my hands as we plunged into the cold water.

"Ahhh!" I screamed, when I felt ice slam my head. I sink into the lakes depths, losing air as Dusk's small frame went limp and all I saw was the white butterfly flutter into the water.

Everything became dark.


It's so cold… I can't bear it… its freezing. My body feels so heavy… I can't feel anything.

Am I dead?

I tried opening my eyes…I couldn't if I did and all I saw…is…darkness. Pitch black void but I looked down…seeing nothing but my once peach skin turn pale white…I'm still freezing…so cold. I tried to speak but my voice didn't sound. I can't hear. It's so silent speak or feel anything…I couldn't.

Am I dead?

I don't know where I am…

I am dead.

I saw something appear from far away. It came closer, it was white and images started to appear around me as it got closer. Images of people flashed by rapidly continuing with menace footage, the white fog engulfed me as I fell through it. I was panicking, I can't move, cement solid to the bone.

But the white light blinded my eyes as I smacked back into reality. My vision is blurred, I can see...

"..W-where…am I-I?" I mumbled…tasting dried…blood. 'Blood…' I thought. I felt sand?

The sun blinded my eyes making them hurt more. When they were adjusted to the light, I looked around.

'Where is this place? Didn't I fall into that lake?' I thought lying on my back, feeling like crap.

'Blood? How did-? What happened?' I kept thinking. When something smacked me in my face, I jerked up quickly and my eyes snapped opened.