~Cato Point of View

As crazy as it sounded, I couldn't wait to get married. Usually it was the girls that couldn't wait, and they would plan like crazy. But to be honest, I was as thrilled as Glimmer was. To be able to call her my wife- mine forever and a day, would be the best thing that ever happened to me.

When I told Glimmer that, her whole face lit up and she kissed me on the lips. Then I was rushed into the planning room. Now I wasn't permitted to see the dress for either wedding, but I was supposed to help with bridesmaid and especially the flower girl dress for Brena. I flipped through tons of different designs, trying to pick a good design for my little sister that would fit the design of the Capitol wedding. Finally, I found one that would be perfect. It had a skirt with what looked like petals on it, which reminded me of the time we had snuck out past the fence together one morning at sunrise. It was beautiful, and we'd found a meadow full of pure white blossoms, bathed in beautiful new-morning colours. We'd gone back several times, each time seeming more amazing than the last. I smiled and pushed the picture over to Glimmer and her mother. They both smiled at it, and Glimmer came over and kissed me.

"It's perfect Cato. There's a dress that matches that, even though it's a little different. Now we'll match! Brena will love it. She's going to look like a princess." I smiled and kissed her back. There was a reason I loved my fiancé, and this was one of them, how nice and sweet she could be, even though she was under a lot of stress with choosing and planning and such.

I slipped an arm around her that night, kissing her neck with a smile. She sighed and turned over, running her fingers through my hair.

"Thank you for being so nice and understanding through all of this. It couldn't be easy having to deal with me."

"It's not that hard sweetheart. I'm as excited as you are to get married, I'll just be happier when both weddings are over and we can be happy as man and wife." A grin spread across her face as I said that, and we both felt happier when our first night together in forever was over.

Glimmer Point of View

My first wedding was finally here. We'd slipped out of the Capitol that night, taking a private air train and arriving in One was the sun began to rise. Cato kissed me goodbye and made his way up the stairs to his own bedroom while I got ready. My dress and accessories were already in the room, and my Mom was soon there, helping me get the dress on and pinning blue flowers in my hair, which would be my 'something blue'. My 'something new' was a diamond bracelet which matched the waistband of my dress, and my 'something borrowed' was the veil, which Mom wore on her wedding day.

Mom had said she would take care of my 'something old', so I had trusted her to find something. And wow, did she. It was a pair of diamond earrings that had been my grandmothers. And not my adopted family's grandmother, my biological grandmother. My parents had gone and talked to my father, explained, and although he was still drunk and didn't care, he had no use for them and handed them over. I smiled sweetly at the thought of my granny, a woman I never knew, wearing these, perhaps on her wedding day or receiving them from her mother as an engagement gift. It was magical, amazing.

Brena spun into the room as Mom continued to help me, followed by Cato's mother. She commented about how lovely I looked, and then began to help Brena into her dress. Brena had picked out a satin, light blue version of my dress, only in miniature, and it matched as a lighter shade of the flowers in my hair, which was curled and pinned up below my gauzy veil.

I had one bridesmaid, my best friend from childhood, a girl named Lenia. She had rich red hair and brown eyes, and would be wearing a shin-length dress in light blue and carrying white roses. The backyard had been designed by both of our mom's, Cato's mother picking out plants and flowers, my Mom picking out stone pathways, a fountain, and trees. They'd transformed our small strip of land from grass to a beautiful paradise, and then they'd hung a gauze and chiffon tent over where we'd say our vows and the guests would sit. It was as if this had all leapt out of a fairy tale that I heard children had read a long time ago.

Once we were all ready, I waited nervously for the music to begin to signal my walk down the aisle. As my breathing and heart-rate increased, Brena spoke next to me.

"You look beautiful Glimmer." I smiled at her, and then the music began and my sweet little flower girl and lovely bridesmaid set off, with me following a few moments later.

I'd never seen such a look of shock on Cato's face when I entered the tent. He went from a breathtakingly handsome smile to his jaw on the floor, eyes bugging out of his head. I smiled pointedly, and he got the message, closing his mouth. Once I was at the altar, he looked me up and down, still in shock.

"You always look beautiful, Glim, but today, today you look completely and utterly breathtakingly gorgeous." I ducked my head and grinned as the priest began. It seemed to take far too long for him to get through his monologue, and I barely heard any of it. Cato recited his vows first, and then I recited mine. Finally, at long last, the priest spoke those magic words.

"You may now kiss the bride." He leaned and kissed me with such gentleness, but I felt like I exploded; there was so much love in that simple movement. We went off to the reception, and everyone enjoyed the cake and fruit. Brena ran up, but instead of wanting Cato to swing her up in the air, she hugged my waist tightly.

"You're my sister now!" Then she took my hands and danced around, my new husband joining us shortly. My mind reeled happily at the word 'husband'.

Cato Point of View, Two Years Later

I came into the bedroom after a shower one night, and my wife was lying in bed, her hands folded on top of the sheets, a far-off look on her face, very un-Glimmer-like. I sat down on the bed gently, looking at her.

"Glim honey, is something wrong?" She snapped out of her revere, and met my eyes, beginning to roll the sheets through her fingers.

"I...I don't really know. When was the last time we slept together?" I thought about it, trying to get through the fog of 'why is she asking and why is it important'. My mind tried to figure out the answer to her concerned question.

"I'm not sure. We were in Two for a week visiting my parents, and we stopped in One on the way back for several days, so it was probably about two weeks ago." I let out a low whistle. "Has it really been that long?" She nodded slowly, still looking worried. "Why does it matter?"

She bit her lip nervously, and I scooted over to her, putting a hand on her knee, waiting for her to talk. "I...I think I'm pregnant." Her wide eyes met mine, and I realized both of our faces must have been in shock. Not upset shock. We both wanted children one day, and we'd known that for years. But still, we never actually had agreed to try for a baby. This was unexpected, but still great.

"That's wonderful sweetheart! Why are you so worried?" She twisted the sheets again, and I wondered if she should talk to a woman, not me, about this,

"I...I can't get that thought about the crying mother from the Districts about three years ago. Can they still reap our children even though we're in the Capitol?" Her eyes were brimming with tears, and I folded her in my arms lovingly.

"I looked in to that right after we were married, and they can't. We're from two different Districts, and we live here now, so it's too much of a hassle to try and put their names in. Our child will be fine." I rested my hand on her still flat stomach, thinking of a question. "I thought it took a while to find out about things like this. How did you know so soon?"

"I'm several days late. Now a few days, that's alright, but it's been much longer than ever before. I'll still need to make an appointment with a...um, gynecologist though." She still hated talking about that, even all of these years later. She still hated going, and hadn't been for years. But now she would be forced to go, and as much as she hated it, she loved the child inside of her more.

It was months before we found out the wonderful news. It was a boy. We were both there when we found out, and I was so happy I smacked a kiss on her lips right in front of the doctor. He smiled, though, not minding. She was five months along, and we began to paint and furnish a nursery. Glimmer insisted on painting it blue with green trim, and we had white, simple furniture. She stocked up on baby clothes from both of our home Districts, and the look on her face as each day passed and she got closer to holding her baby was astounding. Even as her belly swelled, I told her she looked beautiful, and she did. Her skin glowed; her hair was rich with colour, and her eyes danced, especially once the baby started moving.

It was in the early morning one day, and we were both out in the garden. It was fall, and the trees were turning into bright reds and brilliant golds. I glanced away from my wife for a second, taking in the beauty of the early morning mist rising off the grass, the sunbeams hitting the dew and sparkling on the grass. Hearing a short gasp beside me, I saw Glimmer had a hand to her belly, and she seemed to be breathing heavily.

"Honey is everything okay?" I was immediately worried. It was close to the due date, only a week away, but the doctor said a few days ago any time in the next two weeks would be fine. She shook her head, a somewhat pained grimace on her face.

"I...I think the baby's coming. He was kicking awfully hard half the night, and now it went from kicks to cramps." That was all it took for me to grab a bag and get her to the hospital, where they told us she was in labor. I rolled my eyes at the man. No, duh! Anyone who knows anything about children would know that. Did you think we came here for nothing? But my dear wife's face was etched with worry, and I calmed her as best I could. I took a second to call both of our parents, and her Mom said she'd be there was soon as physically possible, but to take care of her baby while she got there.

She was there in about eight hours, and by that point Glimmer would be giving birth within the next two hours, according to the doctor. The air tram was fast, but the Districts were far away from the Capitol. At this point though, Glim didn't seem to mind.

Glimmer Point of View

I'd never been in so much pain in my life, but my beautiful baby boy was worth it. Seven pounds, eighteen ounces, with a wisp of blonde hair and sky blue eyes. And I thought I'd been in love when I married Cato! The nurse brought him to me wrapped in a fluffy white blanket, my mother and husband leaning over my shoulder. The rest of our families arrived throughout the day, all cooing over this bundle of joy. He was probably the cutest baby I'd ever seen, and I smiled tiredly up at Cato.

"He's precious, isn't he?" He kissed my head and affirmed it, then telling me to rest. I drifted off eventually, and I vaguely heard Fallon being introduced to his daddy. In that moment, I knew he'd be an excellent father.

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